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  • kellyjoe usa #2018304 » Posted in: Temptation: Confessions Of A Marriage Counselor

    Getting my Ex back was something that i couldn’t imagine will be so easy. I’ve known Cynthia for years, When we finally got together, things were so weird so we broke up in January 2008 In June 2010, we got back together and we were together until march 2013 of which she told me she was not interested in the relationship again, for a reason she didn’t say, and which i don't know. During that time my mind was completely at a state of unrest, I wasn’t eating, neither was i sleeping, talking to anyone was even more difficult, I cried, I was so depressed and stressed out that I was scared and was even planning to end it all but a friend of mine named Alex Richard who passed through same situation advised me to contact Dr. Chikala to help me because I Love and care about her so much and I just want us to be together again, i contacted him although i never used to believe in spell casting but i gave it a try and and he cast the spell and to my greatest surprise everything was alright, Cynthia called me and started begging for all she has caused me. It made a positive result and today we are happily married and blessed with two wonderful kids. To you all out there faced with the same problem or similar to this, you can contact Dr. Chikala on his email address on he will help you. Once again thank you Dr. for bringing back my love. Thank you.

  • Kastein FL #2018303 » Posted in: My online family

    Children :/ if you tell a lie make sure I don't have a witness in the car!! Woosah :)

  • James 3:17,18 Lovebug, SC #2018302 » Posted in: My online family

    17 But the wisdom from above is first of all chaste, then peaceable, reasonable, ready to obey, full of mercy and good fruits, not making partial distinctions, not hypocritical. 18 Moreover, the fruit of righteousness has its seed sown in under peaceful conditions for those who are making peace.......TO HAVE PEACE IN OUR LIVES WE HAVE TO LOVE THY NEIGHBORS BY USING THE WISDOM GOD GIVES TO GET ALONG WITH EACHOTHER. LETS LOVE AND KEEP THE PEACE TO HAVE HOPE FOR OUR FUTURE WHILE WE ARE HERE. ITS NEVER TOO LATE TO START!!!♥

  • Mrs Needa Atlanta #2018301 » Posted in: My online family

    Checking in...............

  • Sandra Baltimore MD #2018300 » Posted in: My online family

    Hey YOU. Just stopping by to say hey there......GONE GIRL was a blast. Talking about twisted story line. It was so good to see you ACTING playing your role. Gone head mr.Lawyer. Pro Bono?....I need some help. Just in case you can't help me, I'll just have to call my King JESUS....you know HE is the man. GOD bless you....ALL!!!! Love forever, buddy.

  • M.H #2018299 » Posted in: Dont' Stop Believing

    Nosey Rosey, butting in to help others. Thanks for being nosey.

  • Kirsten Butler #2018298 » Posted in: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned

    Mr. Perry the show was amazing and I love Cheryl Pepsii Riley too but my family and I always enjoy the music and we think it would be nice to put out soundtracks from the plays.

  • Kastein FL #2018297 » Posted in: My online family

    Galatians 6:7-Be not deceived, God is not mocked, for whatsoever a man sows tha shall he also reap.....that just jumped out at me :). Let's sow good seeds!!

  • Mrs Rita Gregy Califonia #2018296 » Posted in: My online family

    TESTIMONY ON HOW I GOT MY CHRISTMAS LOAN FROM A GENUINE LOAN COMPANY LAST TWO WEEKS.....Am Mrs Rita Gregy by name, I live in California, United State Of America, who have been a scam victim to so many fake lenders online between March last year till October this year but i thank my creator so much that he has finally smiled on me by directing me to this new lender who put a smile on my face by not scamming me and also by not deceiving or lying to me as others did to me but however this lender whose name is Mr Anderson Klint gave me a Christmas loan which amount is $50,000 united states dollars after my agreement to their company terms and conditions and one significant thing i love about this loan company is its fast service and also its God fearing attitude for not been like other fake lenders online who scammed me before now by asking me to bring fees upon fees without getting the results of all those fees payment that i made to them but all the same ,i still give glory to God that my storm is over now and am now that busy woman that i used to be and also my business is now growing here in my country because i now have much capital to do my business properly before the year runs out without having to go and meet my bank for any assistant .Thank you Mr Anderson Klint for this dream that come through and i promise to try all my best to refer your loan company to others who are in need of an type of loan currently just as the way i once was .. thanks so much over and over a again and may God guide you all . here is their email to contact them if you need loan too ...Email: so happy i promise you all that you will never regret any bit of contacting them for loan because they never fail,your story will also change as mine did,Once again thank you all for reading my testimony...

  • Angerter Maria Usa #2018294 » Posted in: The Single Moms Club

    Good day, I just stumbled at this your post and I must say that I was in a similar situation some few months ago and I really needed some sort of loan to renovate some apartments my husband bought so we could renovate the buildings and put them up for rent, we searched and searched but no luck, I even got burnt sending about $4,500usd abroad to secure a loan, but was introduced to some sort of a private lender Mr Anderson Klint and i was skeptical at first because i had to contact them via email and i just did out of curiosity and was surprised when they replied that they could be of help, and could loan me $80,000usd i needed. I almost turned down the offer when I was asked to pay the sum of $480usd as an insurance fee to insure my lump sum loan of $80,000usd.I was told it was the only form of security they needed to secure the loan. My husband advised that i pay it because to him it made sense and if we were scammed like the other loan dealer he could manage it. I was asked to make the payment via western union and that really made me worried because something told me it wasn’t going to pull through, but i was shocked after i made the payment on 15th of SEPTEMBER 2014, I got my bank account wired with a transfer of $80,000usd which I cashed on 20th of SEPTEMBER 2014 and work is ongoing at our sites. I was given a 5 months grace to start paying back my first repayment which is spread over 10Years. It was later I understood why they needed to insure the money by me before letting me have it, in case I cant meet up to my obligation the insurance company takes up the liability to pay back. I am happy that by next week our project will be ready and we would start making our money and can start paying back my loan.Am so happy at last Mr Anderson Did it for family You can contact them via their , and I can assure you that there’s nothing to fear about, they will deliver like they did to me, but its just a suggestion/recommendation. God bless you. Angerter Maria

  • dorothy Athens, GA #2018293 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Mr. Perry, You are a great actor, and my family and I really enjoy your work. However, I am writing to ask for help for my 22 year old niece. she has breast cancer and no means for real treatment. she needs top care for herself and her two year old son. Can you help or give advice of programs that may help fund health care for cancer patients? Sincerely, Dorothy

  • Hey Ty boo! Lovebug, SC #2018292 » Posted in: My online family

    How are you doing this evening? Not feeling good today. Didn't go no where. Do you think you can be born with bad timing? ..I go through things at the most awkward times. Admiring you makes my day though! Keep shining your light and recharging your battery (heart)...Everything wants to be loved.....and everyone! ♥

    • As always Ty boo! Lovebug, SC #2018295

      I love you no matter what anybody thinks! Don't look back! Don't forget me Ty! Jehovah and Jesus is the way! Prove yourself only to God above.

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