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  • kay Los Angeles, CA #2146956 » Posted in: For Better or Worse

    Yeah Angela!!! A new baby - that will show Keisha that Marcus and Angela are MARRIED with CHILDREN I love you Marcus and Angela!!! Show folks how to stay married - you can argue and disagree and then makeup - its called communication - that's how folks stay married I wish that someone taped all the times that Keisha taunted and pushed Richard - so that he can sue her behind and get his stuff back. But truthfully neither Keisha nor Richard can let stuff go - that's how people really get hurt. I wish Richard had done more to Keisha because he is going to jail without proof that she provoked him. Please let someone come up with tapes on her actions - please

  • Tunde David ASOKEJI Nigeria #2146954 » Posted in: My online family

    Dear Mr. Perry. I just got to view a video of you with Bishop T.D. JAKES. I'm amazed at your testimonies of the Christian values and testimonies bequeathed to you by your mum. I am a Christian music minister and songwriterNif resident in Nigeria. I am a Nigerian. I have three music albums that are doing very well with two others almost ready. I will be pleased to work with you if God is leading you my way, in the area of video, marketing or promoting my works globally. God bless you and thanks for supporting Bishop Jakes' Youth Centre Project. Yours by God's Grace, Pastor T.D. ASOKEJI

  • Jane #2146953 » Posted in: My online family

    Tyler I enjoy watching your shows; however tonight after watching for Better or Worse I was little disappointed on how you have turned Richard into an abuser of women. I had enough of the Keisha. It's time to let that go. Richard was a decent man who worked to have a business and you have brought him down to nothing. Why can't black shows, show positive instead of always negative. Keisha is bullying Richard and provoking him. It's not ok for women to do that and it's not ok for a man to hit a woman. I had stop watching this show, because it's a repeat, you never finish a story line. Decrease the violence and the sex in your other shows. Christian turned to your shows and plays because at the beginning you offered clean healthy family environment . I pray you will see and understand and give your fans what we know you can give. The housekeeper really makes this show.

  • Miz Melody South Carolina #2146952 » Posted in: My online family

    I am a survivor of domestic violence. I must say that I was truly thrown and blown by tonight's episode. I don't think that the show depicted the true cycle and reality of domestic violence. I'm not saying what Richard did was right, but I will say that he was provoked to the highest level. Abusers usually have a history of violence, and from my experience, I never did anything to warrant the past attacks. I didn't touch or provoke him physically or verbally. I was always on eggshells trying to avoid doing anything that would or could set him off. Although I enjoy and admire your work, I think you missed the boat on this one. I would be honored to help enlighten you from a retired victim's point of view. Love ya Tyler.

  • Valerie Blunt Gainesville, Florida #2146950 » Posted in: I really don't like people singing Happy Birthday to me

    Dear Mr. Perry, I just could not bring myself to LEAVE THIS ALONE. The Richard and Keisha story line breaks my heart. I thought we were TRYING TO END DOMESTIC VIOLENCE but yet you write a story line where the woman is doing the abusing and the man is going to jail. Sure this is what has happen but why build man's rage. In addition, there are still some young immature minded females that may perhaps think this is cool or the way things should now be and end up getting hurt badly or even murdered. Your story line allows Keisha to beat up on Richard and after being pushed as far as he can go, then he retaliates. End the end the show ends with STOPPING DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, IS KEISHA FINALLY COMING TO ANSWER FOR HER PART. (POKING HIM UPSIDE THE HEAD). AGAIN, I BEG YOU TO CHANGE THIS STORY LINE TO SOMETHING POSITIVE

  • M.H #2146949 » Posted in: My online family

    Good night.

  • Iris Johnson Dallas, TX #2146947 » Posted in: For Better or Worse

    Okay Mr. Tyler Perry, first of all, I would like to know just who is doing the writing for this show, because it appears that they are all over the place. I know this show is suppose to be a dramatic sit-com, but why does the story lines never tie in together? During this season, you have shown the Marcus has a daughter that has proven to actually be his, then the next week, there is no mention of her. Now this week, you have shown Angela to be pregnant in the 1st episode, then in the second episode directly following that one, you show her with Marcus and her friends getting ready to watch a movie with a glass of alcohol in her hand, seriously?? I am beginning to hear so many negative comments about this show and that is a shame because it really is a great show!! You have so many storylines that you can follow up on and blend in together to make this show so much more enjoyable and entertaining.. Please do yourself and your fans a favor, in your next season shows, please bring Marcus's daughter back in as a regular, show more of MJ, follow up on Angela's pregnancy (Which should really be enough for the whole season)..show some of Jennifer's kids from time to time, and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do something different with Kisha's character!! It is sooo irritating how you have her treating Richard and the rest of the guys at C-Sports!! No body who owns a third of a company should have that much power. And if you were trying to make a point about a man not hitting a woman..I agree with that 100%..I have never been hit nor disrespected by any man that I dated or married in my entire life, but I also have never provoked a man to disrespect me either. I guess you see it as okay for Kisha to poke this man all upside his head and talk to stupid to him and that is NOT a form of abuse? If you are going to play the "Abuse" charge, at least be fair about it. I don't condone Richard for hitting Kisha, but I must say, I cheered when he did!! He has been taking ALL the abuse from her for far too long..You could at least make Kisha's character show a little more compassion toward Richard. You really do this show and your fans an injustice with her character.. One more thing, I would like to stress, is PLEASE if you must have an episode with Joseph and Leslie getting married, please make it brief..Leslie's character really is not that believable either and she is irritating as well.. I am not sure if that is due to the fact that she can't act very well, or the character that you all have her portraying. Make her character a little bit more realistic please...Thank You!! Oh and by the way, please keep Angela and Marcus' maid - I JUST LOVE HER!!!!

  • M.H #2146944 » Posted in: Dream Small

    You love when someone lifts you. Well, n**** help me get grounded by showing me that your not playing with my feelings. Do you really see me before all your Fans? Come on now I ain't crazy. You seem like you're talking to me. Or maybe I love you so much to the point my eyes playing tricks on me? That's why when I got that thought of an old love I went for it. Cause I remember that being real. On here, I'm writing to you. You spoke today and once again I'm back in love with you. I detest that!!! Cause you are a Make-Believe-Man . And I'm just a Fan. Prove me wrong, please.

    • M.H #2146945

      Typo: Well,N.E.G.R.O

  • Shining Light MD #2146943 » Posted in: For Better or Worse

    Dear Tylet... This season of For Better or Worse is much too short. I love this show and look forward to each Friday night when it airs. Tyler, it's time for Keusha to pay up. Everything that she took from Richard, MUST be repeated to him---in FULL! Also, the future episodes must show Keisha being humbled and being forced to earn s living for both her and her daughter. She needs to be on non name brands; to shop in Walmart, Target, Ross and even Goodwill. She must also be made to sell all of her name brand clothes and shoes to Consignment Shops in order to pay Richard back. She had to return Richard's car back to him and his house. In addition, she longer had any connections with C-Sports...she no longer had part ownership. She also loses Keisha's Corner and her fans when they discover how Coniving she is, Keisha is the Abuser of Richard .,, she laid her hands on him several times and hurt this man to his soul. It's time for Richard to be vindicated . Soon is not fast enough! Thank you, Tyler . I love you! It's time to make things right.

    • Shining Light MD #2146948

      Correcting my typo above: Keisha must return everything to Richard that she has taken from him.

    • Kay #2146957

      I agree with you Shining 100%

  • Valerie Blunt Gainesville, Florida, 32653 #2146942 » Posted in: I really don't like people singing Happy Birthday to me

    Mr. Perry, I think that your story line for Richard and Keisha is very disturbing. It is my opinion that you are indicating to women that they can put their hands on a man and there should be no consequences. I thought that we were working to stop domestic violence not promote women to retaliate, getting even with the past behavior of men. I think this story line just encourages women. I have seen to many times where a woman stuck a woman and he went to jail never you mind that she hit him first and just as Keshia continued to strike him. I think that this is going to create issues with men because if they see what I see, this is what you get when you marry the wrong women, get beaten by this women, all of your hard earn accomplishments being striped away....and still you get .... on. I LOVE YOU AND YOUR WORK BUT I THINK YOU HAVE CROSS THE LINE WITH THIS STORY LINE. PLEASE STOP THE VIOLENCE, YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN VIEW THIS SHOW. PLEASE REVISED NEXT SEASON, I CANNOT TAKE IT ANYMORE. IMAGINE YOUR CHILD IN THIS SITUATION.

  • MJ Mobile, AL #2146941 » Posted in: Madea On The Run

    why you didnt come to Mobile

  • M.H #2146939 » Posted in: Dream Small

    When a man show me who he wants to be with I get mad but.... Did you show me that because you was mad? You sent emails for years. Sometimes I think they were left for me to find someday. Like you don't know who you're writing too but you know there is one woman out here who would collect all these letters and know exactly what you meant. Then again, it might just be my imagination. Are you up? Do you see me?

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