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  • M.H #2156575 » Posted in: We're all PRECIOUS in His sight

    Rooster House...... If I would've known...... When I was feeling alone..... That you would pick me up then drop....... Maybe I would've known about the lady.... And the baby..... and communication would have stopped.....hold on before your mouth drop...... Every time you tweeted I hopped..... I thought you was a friend to me...... But I didn't see you sleeping with the enemy...... I don't have hate or envy........ I just got upset cause you was close to me.....but where would I be...... If God didn't paint a picture of you so pretty?.....man I feel s************* Thank you for making me feel so damnmn, unpretty...... But hey you got what you want so get jiggy......I should've never open my mouth.......Because you already OWN a.......ROOSTER HOUSE

    • M.H #2156578

      Typo: feel so s*************

    • M.H #2156579

      Typo: feel so SHI.TTY.....

  • Donald Taye Dallas Tx #2156572 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Mr. Tyler Perry was writing to lead with you if you have any special consideration in hiring veterans or giving them an opportunity for an audition. Not only am I a veteran but I am very educated too and very bilingual(French and English). I'd be most grateful if granted this opportunity. Thanks

    • Prayers for all Veterans Nat'l & Int'l Prayer Warriors #2156624

      Donald.......i want to thank you and all the Veterans for risking your lives for this Nation. We truly appreciate the work you and million of others have put in and have gone through. Your message to Tyler was so sweet, precise and to the point. I pray for employment whereever God wants you to be. You have the crudentials so and you seem prepared so take it to Jesus in prayer and He will work it out. In the meantime, keep doing what you're doing encouraging people to love one another, do good and help raise our children, grands, greatgrands, etc. God bless you and favor for Him is in the mist for you very soon. Keep seeking God face and read the word daily for it will give you comfort no matter what the situation is. Love always!

  • Theresa Cummings Chicago, IL. #2156568 » Posted in: My online family

    Ms. Clara Kirk

  • Theresa Cummings Chicago, IL. #2156566 » Posted in: My online family

    I'm writing on behalf of Ms. Clara Kirk founder and CEO of Clara's House 1650 W. 62nd St. and Clara's Place 1656 W. 63rd St. in Chicago currently Clara's Place houses 13 families without heat and hot water she desperately needs $20,000 to pay gas bill these are shelters. Please contact her at or www.clarashouse.org thank you happy holidays and God bless.

    • www.clarashouse.org needs our HELP NOW! Sow a Seed of Faith Giving! #2156629

      TO GOD BE THE GLORY! Our hearts goes out for Claras House in the cold and windy city of Chicago. I pray many will see your message and with a heart of compassion donate to help get the utilities back on. To be in a building without heat in a cold and windy city is just life being outside. I am sure there are precious children included in these 13 families. My God how can this be happening year 2015 when the salaries of many are in the millions? This is a HUGE problem in America where too many people are well and way over paid and millions on top of millions are under paid or no pay at all. Shame on you AMERICA.....GOD IS WATCHING AND KEEPING RECORD OF ALL THE THINGS WE DO AND DON'T DO. JUDGEMENT DAY IS COMING AND WE WILL HAVE TO ANSWER TO HIM. Please to all SOW A SEED OF FAITH GIVING TO THIS ANOINTED WOMEN THAT'S BEEN HELPING PEOPLE FOR MANY YEARS SACRIFICING HER LIFE AND HER FAMILY LIFE TO HELP OTHERS. THE HEAT AND WATER IS OFF IN THIS BUILDING THAT HOUSES 13 FAMILIES. Please visit her web page and send a donation even if it's only a few dollars. God Bless and may God keep you all......IN JESUS NAME!

  • Alan Wa state #2156563 » Posted in: My online family

    Mr. Perry I know you must feel like the human Santa givin all the demands but I pray for everyone on this board to get some help. It's just so tough out there and you care. Going through my own delima I relieze just how hard things are for everyone Can u please consider me? Thank you for reading my story.... After a car accident wrecked my spine- damaged the discs in my neck, twisted my ribcage and herniated my lower back. It destroyed my confidence and self esteem- if you ever have gone through a rough patch you know my pain. I tried everything pain physiologists, physical therapy, pain management ,chiropractors, Mds, DOs, every pill-red,blue, green you name it. After going through 8 procedures last year and spending $130k on treatment I have run out of funds and am still needing treatment sessions Why should you help me? If you ever had a major illness or circumstance you completely understand what I am going through. If you ever had extreme stress/ severe pain you can understand. I am a good person who had bad situation without any fault of my own. I am just sending this out on a prayer. I also ask you to pray for me if you can't help me today. I have been fighting this for 5 years, fight with me I just need your help to get back to life. I am out of work and have no support. I also have a 15 month old daughter who has Mrsa that is depending on me. If can help thanks, if not I understand and respect it. I will pay this forward when I recover!

    • Prayers for accident victim Sow a Faith Seed of Prayer for Healing, Donation #2156631

      BY HIS STRIPES WE ARE HEAL! ALAN.........reading your message to Tyler is one of the most heart wreching one to read. Brother, you have truly been through something and still going through. I pray you can find as many Healing Verses in the Bible, read them each and every day crying out to God with Trust and Believing He will Heal you because you really need a MIRACLE. I will place your name and condition on our prayer list forever. Have you tried acupuncture and any holistic treatments? Alan write a letter to President Obama explaining your situation what you've spent on medical treatment and how you are still in need for treatment. You should be able to get disability which comes with medicare and medicaid so that you want have to worry about paying all that money and just concentrate on your healing. The Bible says: Anyone that is sick.....go to the Elders of the Church, getting anoint with Bless Oil and by Faith ye shall be heal. Request bless oil from your Pastor or a Church where you feel comfortable with and anoint yourself.....IN THE NAME OF JESUS DAILY. IF YOU HAVEN'T GIVEN YOUR LIFE TO GOD........NOW IS THE TIME. STAY ENCOURAGE . LOVE YOU.

  • Whitley louisiana #2156559 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Mr. Perry, You are so awesome and wonderfully blessed. I can't get enough of your shows. Your talent has me to the point where I'm so lost for words. I would love to write or even try to write my very own play one day so can you give me some pointers on how to even put a one together.

  • Marianne Green Modesto California #2156546 » Posted in: The Haves And The Have Nots

    This is probably my favorite show I would be embarrassed to tell you how many times I've replayed the episodes waiting for the next one it touches all problems in our country at 1 time it keeps me on the edge of my seat I'm getting mad because I don't get to find out everything in one episode lol please keep this show on the air Oprah made a good choice by bringing Perry riding in the her network if loving you is wrong is also pretty good my dream would be to watch this show live if that ever was possible the haves and the have nots number one show for at least as far back as I can remember for me

  • .... #2156544 » Posted in: My online family

    Francais jour de cheveux frite Jayne citron!!!!;)

  • Robin fields 45 catherdal ln apt1014 cuyahoga falls ohio 44223 #2156541 » Posted in: My online family

    Tyler perry my name is robin fields im handcapted i had a stroke in 2003 paralyzed my legs i can't stand long or walk far i have a walker but that doesnt help much all i do is stay home day after day i am on social security $733.00 a month my triplet brother lives with me to help me out god bless his soul im a Diabetic i take inslin 4 times a day plus metformin it stays under control im on oxegen i have anxiety depression im also loosing weight i weighted 256 now im 234. Loosing more congratulation on ur weigjt lose i go to Wal-Mart once a month. To get the things we need around the house randy my brother can't work no more he gets a small penision each month tjat helps out with food i have 4 daughters 13 grandchildren i great granddaughter i can't go no where all i do is sit at home my grandchildren wants me to go to parks picnics zoo an see them but i cant an it hurts me to tell them i cant i have a motor wheel chair no whete to get it no where i cry my self to sleep almost every night im 58 im not getting no younger an i would At least love to be with my family i have no frienfs only one in my Apartment an go to stores go alot of places tyler perry please if u could could u help me get a van not a big one i have seen them at drs offices they lift the chair in the van close door then take chair out of van with a lift it woyld mean so much to me if i could enjoy my self finally i woyld pay u back little at a time each month i promise tyler perry. I will if u can do this for me i would be so so gratful to u i watch all ur movies when there on medea makes me laugh an smile something i hardly do but tyler perry if u can't i will understand my name is robin fields 45. Cathedral ln apt 1014. Cuyahoga falls ohio 44223 my home phone is 234_678_0278 im always home but if im at a drs appointment my cell number is 330_786_8313 god bless u tyler perry. In jesus name amen thanks for reading

  • Fee Fee Dallas Texas #2156538 » Posted in: My online family

    I am watching back to back episodes of unsung.... you should watch LOL. Have a great weekend big country.

  • M.H #2156535 » Posted in: We're all PRECIOUS in His sight

    Okay, I seen the fruit was disgusting as usual. I can't even laugh at that. It looks like and what was this again. Sorry bout that. But anyways, yes, I am happy after what happened today and I wanted to know your point of view on it. Perry, I can't explain my experience here with your board but from my observation, It was most definitely a maze with laughter, tears,fear, anger, and confusion. And what I've learned from all of this is, I've always known myself and I was here to get to know you. What have I learned about you? You may or may not ask. We have lived similar lives but only one is real. Does it matter which one us is real? I don't know, we'll see. Goodnight My Hero Syndrome or Batman:-)♥◀♥▶

  • john owens 63109 #2156534 » Posted in: My online family

    This was on my page and I just thought I'd share it with you.... Author Allysha Jones Hamber 5 hrs · Edited · ANNOUNCEMENT!!! THANK U TO ALL OF MY FANS..... I was just informed that I was NOT chosen to continue in the TV competition by the TP studio team AS I was supposed to go bk to Atlanta this month BUT chose not to go because I just started my new job on Oct 27th and I am on 6 months probation. Our meetings in Atlanta were set up to take place during the work week and I couldn't miss work... No, I WASN'T GOING TOO!! I prayed so hard for the opportunity to work at Job Corps..to be near the youth I'd grown close to over the years... God ANSWERED that prayer AND BLESSED ME WITH A WONDERFUL JOB... Yessssss there will be some that will say I'm stupid, it's OK if you feel that way... I made this choice and no one has to live with it but me!! God said, "If you're faithful over little, I'll make you faithful over much! " Over the past few years, I've left the meetings in Atl with too many "ifs" and I wasn't going to risk a job where I believe I can truly make a difference in the lives of so many youth.... For maybe another "if." I've been blessed to have had the opportunity to get advice from Tyler Perry, show him my talents, my strengths, and get coaching on my weaknesses...what God has for. is for me and if it's meant, The door will open again... I TRULY believe that. So THANK YOU TO ALL WHO CHEERED ME ON, SUPPORTED ME AND PRAYED FOR ME...Yes... I thought about risking my job. YES, I cried...HARD! Yessssss it hurt like H*** ... cause I worked so hard BUT finally.... I'M at PEACE WITH MY DECISION NOT TO GO! I wanted to share this with you just like I shared the good ... This Isn't a "NO" from God... Its a "NOT NOW!!" I HAVE FAITH IN THAT!!!

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