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  • Tony Hillian #2010820 » Posted in: My online family

    Mr. Perry I am bringing a group of At -Risk Youth to Atlanta for a educational trip on January 22-25,2105. I wanted to know if you would offer a tour of your Studio for my group?? We will be attending the Battle of the Bands on that Saturday, January 24,2015. On Friday, January 23 we will be doing the our educational tour of the MLK, One of the HCBU college, and we wanted to add Tyler Perry Studios to our tour!!! Thank you in advance for your cooperation and consideration. Tony Hillian

  • Brigette Maryland #2010819 » Posted in: My online family

    I am so happy to hear that you are going to be a father. I believe that you will be an excellent father.

  • Tasha FL #2010818 » Posted in: My online family

    Dear Tyler, Is it true that you're expecting??? I'm so HAPPY for you and may God bless the two of you!! You'll make an oustanding father, by the way!!! With heartfelt love, Tasha

  • Sheree Curtis 1402 W 4th St Wilmington, De 19805 #2010816 » Posted in: My online family

    Jan 13th I was accused of theft, taken out by police and fired. At that point I had worked for the company for over 9 years. They said I stole a winter scarf on Christmas Eve. I told them that I was buying last minute gifts for my boyfriend and I checked the price of the scarf but I changed my mind and bought a camera instead. They told me that I didn't buy the camera that day, and claimed that I shoved the scarf in my bag. Even though I denied it profusely and had proof that I did buy the camera they fired me anyway. they refused to show me any proof of their accusation. I'm a single mom with 2 kids and that job was my only source of income and there was no way I would ever jeopardize that. I filed for unemployment and got denied so I had to appeal that decision. At the hearing I showed my proof and the company did not so I won that battle. I got a lawyer to fight and clear my name. I've been looking for work this entire time with no luck and my unemployment ran out in August. I'm literally going crazy with stress and grief trying to pay the bills and keep a roof over my kids heads. I've been to all the agencies trying to get emergency rental assistance however there is currently no funding available unless you are a Vet or homeless, which I'm neither at this point. Earlier this month I was finally able to clear my name in court and now my lawyer is working on a wrongful termination case. Unfortunately my kids and I won't benefit from that for at least a year or more. We are in desperate need of assistance, guidance and suggestions!!

  • Brenda McClain Conway, Arkansas #2010815 » Posted in: This Ticked Me Off

    If I had the ability to do this privately I would. I just saw you on Today, mentioning impending Fatherhood. As a huge fan of your talent and the heart your public sees, I am sad, disappointed that you are now having a child as an unmarried person. I am not a prude, but you can now, not be seen as an Example. I love you, but not your current actions. Sad for those with the desire to emulate you.

  • Angela USA #2010814 » Posted in: My online family

    Congratulations and Happy belated Birthday. The next time we hear you're expecting a baby, let it be said you and your wife not an on and off girlfriend. You say you don't want to be a husband but your spirit is screaming differently. You were sing 'Can you stand the rain' to somebody. You can't buy love, just because they sex you doesn't mean they love you. You have money everybody loves you until the money, things and influence is gone there gone. You're drifting far and far away from GOD come back to your first love. Start walking the walk that you talk. Will the real Tyler Perry stand up? Rid yourself of people and things that you know shouldn't be in your life, then the woman you prayed for will show up, but you got to let old go. The woman he has for you may or may not the business but with your guidance and the Holy Spirit you two will do mighty things together. Let's start writing from our spirit and not our flesh. And by the way I advise you to talk to women when you are Tyler not Madea. Lol God Bless

  • Samantha Peters Milwaukee WI #2010813 » Posted in: If Loving You Is Wrong

    Love it can't wait 2 c tha next show. ...thank u

  • M.H #2010812 » Posted in: The Upside and the Downside

    Perry, In you I see my all, my everything. Do you know how it feels to go after something and drop it because of hurt and pain? It feels like a loser. If my God says go after him and I don't want to cause of pain then I have to put my two tears in a bucket and say " I am here". I won't let you go. Man I want to feel that breakthrough!!! God promised me. And I'm gonna get. Jehovah saved us before my eyes. You have a baby...so what I have four the more the marrier. I got a promise with you. That's real! Do you believe it?

  • Victoria M. Miami #2010811 » Posted in: My online family

    This not a comment this is a cry help. I don't want money or a car I need a better job. I am black sister who is forty seven who is trying my best to take care of myself. I am praying that you know someone in Miami Florida that I could get a JOB please. I know I am not giving you must information but want to know if you could you help me

  • Running Out Of Options #2010810 » Posted in: My online family

    Really I have no idea why I am writing this, maybe so I feel like somebody will listen really I feel like I'd do anything to feel like an actual regular person so I guess im just going to start talking. Im 23 years old from Columbus, Ohio and about a year and a half ago I moved down to conyers, Ga with my grandfather to go to the Atlanta Institute Of Music and to help take care of him because my grandmother(The only person truly in my corner other than my mother) passed away in 2011. Even though I was here to take care of my grandfather basically he was shut down and not a lie at all he barely had anything to say in 6 months. Eventually he overdosed on pain pills and was in the hospital for 3 days. When he was released from the hospital he basically couldnt do anything for his self and since I was also attending school to become an Audio Engineer and expand my music I needed help so my mother moved to conyers, Ga to also help take care of my grandfather and things just spiraled from there. Not even a month after my mothers car was repo'd and we had little to no money, pawning everything we has at the time just to stay afloat and despite all of this I still graduated and became a Certified Audio Engineer. Eventually me and my found our own place and jobs, Im delivering and Mom slaves 10 to 11 hours typing for a business(I did not mention the tojobs names for fear of losing them completely and really having NO options at all). For a year we struggled at these jobs barely paying bills barely eating and car barely working but we were making it(I was also free lancing for Audio Engineering). But recently weve been knocked all the way back to the starting line matter fact as im writing this write now in about 2 hours we will be kicked out of our hotel with nowhere to go. Now I grew up in the church and went to a christian school for at least 7 years but I cannot lie the faith is dwindling we talk to the Lord we pray and pray and still are about to be homeless. My mother is 50 years old she should have to walk the streets. I guess im just asking for prayer maybe 2 people isnt enough for God to hear I dont know I just dont want to do anything drastic but frankly im sick of seeing my mother cry. Since I never met my father and never will since I learned he passed after being in prison I have to be the man which I feel nothing like at the time believe me theres more but I already am starting to feel uncomfortable with the things I have already shared because I am no type of handout guy matter fact it kills me when I cant do things on my own but I guess prayer dont hurt. I know the chances of you reading this are slim to none but If you do see this, prayer would be much appreciated. God Bless bra

  • Hey Tyler.... #2010803 » Posted in: My online family

    Wazzup bruh, hope the morning is going great and will you be spending time with us fans during If Loving You Is Wrong? Anyway my chick poppers n corn soon to be on....nothing on the loud snacking, I need to hear everything going on and down including Randall's heavy breathing session....lol! It's the big do on tonight y'all ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

  • MIA #2010802 » Posted in: My online family

    Beh, buongiorno a te miele. Spero che tu abbia dormito bene e siete ancora in modalità delizia notizie del bambino. Avere un giorno meraviglioso. Ti amo ❤❤❤❤❤

    • ? USA #2010804

      Translate please, we might want to communicate with you and Tyler may not understand your language either Blessings

    • M.H #2010808

      This language is like spanish and italian mixed so says my tranlator friend fo for the spanish community. Something about a baby

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