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  • Awe some God! #2060851 » Posted in: My online family

    Worthy is name ..We worship your majesty !Awesome God how great thou art you alone! Great are your miracles we stand in awe of your holy word Lord and worship you!

  • Blessing in the storm #2060848 » Posted in: My online family

    When the sickeness won't live my body ,,there is a blessing the storm... help me sing yeah ,,there's a blessing in the storm!

  • Give Thanks to God! #2060845 » Posted in: My online family

    I will enter his gates with thanks giving in my heart ...i will enter enter his courts with praise ! i will say this is the day that Lord has made ..i will rejoice for he has made me glad..

    • M.H #2060857

      Mourning Bird....disrespect runs a marathon....where's the healing for the harm....No where to run not even into an arm....what do I think is best.....should I sleep all day even though I'm fully rested.....where's the eagles nest....So I could witness...the eagle st.icking out It's chest....then I could bring it home to show who's the best.....fly my eagle and bring this baby to your nest....so they could realize they was always the best.....then everyday give them a word....for you know how it feels to be a....MOURNING BIRD

  • Its Holy Sunday #2060843 » Posted in: My online family

    Okay i 'll sing you a song .you how we do.The blood is Jesus shared for me... way back on calvary.the blood from day to day ....It will never loose its power..... My hands were made to worship you ,my heart it beats for you ...Oh lamb so true ...I surrender to you.. my heart give ...my love give ...my all...

  • Shirley Brownfield Tx. #2060842 » Posted in: Tyler Perry studios

    I don't know if you read all the posts but I really could use the praying of all that read the post before this one.Thanks and God BLESS you all. Happy Sunday God Is Good All The Time and All The Time God Is Good!!!

  • M.H #2060840 » Posted in: Taking Time

    After the law suits and everything they have gotten better with the poor.smh

  • Wow #2060839 » Posted in: My online family

    Well I am thankful to God for a beautiful day!And with you in my air can breath mmmmm Ma Cherie love you...

  • Shirley Brownfield Tx. #2060838 » Posted in: Tyler Perry studios

    Hello Mr. Perry I love your work you have brought light when I thought all hope was gone, I have 3 kids very smart ones at that, it breaks my heart to know that what hard times I go through I also take them through but you Mr. Perry bring hope that one day the hard times will end, the fact that God has opened so many doors for you and so many others I tell myself that God loves us too and that one day soon he will open doors for us and all the worries about how i will get rent, food or money to pay bills will one day end because I know Gods real and tha day he sends our blessing we will be eeady to receive them alot of your movies are some of my real life situations I don't ask for anything but for everyone that is part of your email list would please pray for us we need all that we can get, I don't know how true it is but they say the more people you have praying for you that God hears and right now its only me and my kids I have family but because they have more then I do we don't really talk, and anyone who loves their family can just imagine how hard it is to go through life without them on your side when there is no love coming from those that are suppose to love you no matter what you have or don't have but even without their love I hold my head high and strive to do better because we have God's love thank you for making movies at least I know that we are not the only ones that gose through it, Thanks will always love you for what you do.

  • Jules Este New York #2060833 » Posted in: The Haves And The Have Nots

    Something tells me that a lot of people are about to get busted (mostly Veronica, Melissa and Jim)

  • M.H #2060829 » Posted in: Taking Time

    You know what hospital that saves lives with money? In Florida! Florida hospital saves lives. Insurance . Florida has the best trauma center.

  • janice leland nc #2060828 » Posted in: My online family

    hello, when are you going put david & tamera mann in another play

  • Anita Oregon #2060826 » Posted in: My online family

    Hey Mr. Tyler Perry Good Morning I want to Thank You for always being a Man true to your word and Being there for There all ways through Thick and Thin no matter what The situation or circumstance is for Whitney Houston's Daughter I know your a Prayer warrior and I know while You are very very protective of her and I thank You for always being there for her I know you Have to take care of little baby Aman But You are There and You Care and and I know the Family appreciates That I know I would There Dear To Your heart what I know your heart heavy right now On this subject and your doing everything you can To be there for Bobbi Christina I know I you are I know You will defend the Houston Family at all cost because your a fighter and You will keep doing and being there until all the you have figured out all the options there is Hang In there Mr. Tyler with The Houston Family I am so glad There good friends of yours and whatever you do I know you will have done your best with all You can do with your until you have ran Out of all you can do Stay by her side and I know your there My prayers are with you Mr. Tyler Perry Thank You so much for caring about Her I know she's like a Daughter to You and I know you will be there for her at all cost and I know You will That's just you being You well have a blessed day and Know I am lifting the Houston Family Up in Prayer and Much Love To You and I know grandma Houston is very very appreciated that Your There for comfort and support. sincerely Anita You Got My support all the way Mr. Tyler Perry and please get some rest if You can even while taking care of your little Man also and being there for the Houston Family!

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