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  • keante ying honolulu, hi #1946302 » Posted in: My online family

    WE WANT A PLAY PERFORMED IN HAWAII! STOP PASSING US BY...PRETTY PLEASE. I've had to fly to Chicago to see my last 2 plays(my family is there) Not saying you're not worth the $900 plane ticket...but it would be nice to be able to see you without it lol. Love you!

  • You Tube ~ #1946300 » Posted in: My online family


    • O #1946304


  • Please watch ~ #1946299 » Posted in: My online family

    Fight Back TD Jakes. Powerful!

  • KIR #1946298 » Posted in: My online family

    Shoes off... bra off... clothes changed... couch... waiting... sleepy. .. no na all day.... Adults in ... Teens are out... A rainy earth day.. yay!!! I want to snuggle with chocolate tail. ...

    • Oops #1946301

      With cho. Chocolate tail.... l oL

  • kieshia indpls #1946297 » Posted in: My online family

    dear Mr Perry I am glad you are retiring from lions gate. they must have seen the same thing countless others have seen in you . good nite

  • Rakeem Duckworth Collins, MS #1946296 » Posted in: My online family

    Hey Role Model!!!I just got through watching Madea's Neighbors From Hell. Amazing show man. You did an incredible job and all the others. Listen, I have a testimony right now for you and how you have helped me make it over. From the time your second play came out, I have been healed from something. All because God allowed you to send a message to me in your work. I know it was one day, I was feeling like letting my life go, but something wole me up. Something said, Go watch "For Colored Girls." When I was about to give up on everyone becaus eI felt like nobody cared, God said watch "Aunt Bam's Place." When I felt like I was doing something I didn't want to do, Somebody said,"Watch Good Deeds." And today, when I am struggling through anything or taking my anger out on people, God said look at "Madea's Neighbors from Hell.I want to thank God for you." Mr. Tyler, if you're reading this or not, I want to thank you for the messages of healing me through the bad and feeling good at the end of every movie, play and tv show that I watch over and over today. I am a fan and always will be, as long as I live. I hope God bless me to meet the most gracious son he has created, you. Thank you again. As I say always to you, God Bless you and TPS:). Talk soon.

  • Tonja United States #1946294 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Mr Perry. My name is Tonja McGhee. I am 38 yrs old and I am a single mother of 4 beautiful girls. They are 20,18,14 and 1. I lost my job recently so I am in the Work Experience Program. Its a program for public assistance. I am an intern for New York City Transit Authority. They hire after you have been there for a while. They say between 18-24 months. I have been there 19 months so far. Im praying that they call me soon. I have so many things that i wanna do for my children and myself. Wanna move them out of the bad neighborhood we live in one day. Or afford to get them the things that they need. I love your movies, plays and shows. They are so uplifting and inspirational. I ask that you keep me and my girls in prayer. Thank you for listening and God bless.

  • Pharme242 USA #1946293 » Posted in: Tyler Perry studios

    Very nice site!

  • Kimberly Lawrenceville,Ga #1946292 » Posted in: My online family

    Dear Tyler, if I could have the opportunity to give you a hug and a kiss on the cheek, I would! Not because I think you are handsome and got the hots for you because you are , but it would be because of the amazing kindness you stowed upon the family in need and paid for the apartment for the rest of the year! You truly rock like no other, I love your grace! It is my dream to do just as you, i love it!! Many blessings to u!!! Xoxo

  • MARY CLARK. Where Eagles Gather #1946291 » Posted in: My online family

    Faith Tabernacle***** Humility***** April 23, 2014***** humility –humbleness, modesty, unassuming nature, meekness Walk in an attitude of humility. Do not let your demeanor speak anything but kind humility. I am your God. I gave up all to come to earth and live as you live. I walked a life of humility willingly. I want you to do likewise. Be a blessing to others. Embrace others with your kind words and actions. Let others see My humility in you. This is bound to get the world’s attention, beloved, for the world walks in arrogance and pride. The world is not accustomed to seeing one who is so blessed walking meekly and lovingly, striking a chord of love with one’s actions. Benefit yourself, benefit Me, walk humbly before your Lord God Almighty just as I walked humbly before mankind!

    • Amen . #1946295


    • Humble I am!!! SC #1946309

      Some qualities are natural. Others acquiring! But all because of you LORD!

    • linda w #1946371


  • Pharme633 USA #1946290 » Posted in: Tyler Perry studios

    Very nice site! cheap goods

  • LTaylor Austin, Tx #1946289 » Posted in: My online family

    Mr. Perrry, you've got to get more of Veronica. She is a diva 4 real...p.s. Crystal Fox act her behind off...I admire all of your work. However, The Have & The Have Nots is Your best series yet! Please continue to keep up wanting more. Much love.

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