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  • Hello Good people and Friends! ☺☺ Love bug SC #1994056 » Posted in: My online family

    How are you doing today? I had a busy bee day! Soooooooo many ppl going to college. But some of the prices for college books are ridiculous! I am glad I am not going. My brain might overload! I will if I have to for job advance though!

    • Please, don't mention cost of books! #1994060

      Two weeks ago I purchased three books for the Fall term which started yesterday and one skinny little paperback book of 361 pages (cover to cover) was $150.00. The buy back cost - I can sell it back to the book store when the term is over for a lousy $5o bucks!! Talk about a rip off!!!

    • Yes and I Love bug SC #1994063

      Feel for the students that have to buy a math lab access code packet that is thin as can be for a $115 for a year access! Online students are paying the same! No books so far are reused if the teacher request new book then no buyback! So most books they don't get money back. So sad!

  • Tanisha Jamaica #1994054 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Tyler, I love you as a person, you're so inspirational one of my dreams is to meet you someday. i dont know if its possible but i believe.

  • Linda Raymond Stockton, Ca 95206 #1994052 » Posted in: My online family

    Mr. Perry, I already sent a comment for today, but I guess the Lord wants me to invite you to come to Bedrock, I call it that, hah, hah, Stockton, California to the Bob Hope Theater and do some plays here. The people will surely come from miles around to hear and see you! It is amazing that all of your plays, movies, tv shows, we try not to miss seeing them!!!!! What can I say, we love you and would be honored to have you here. Maybe we will see you with Oprah, November in San Jose, Ca. That would really be nice, two Icons in one place, wow, I gets onanother level when I speak of how God uses ordinary people to uplift His people! Your words may nt all be biblical, but God usesyou to help us relate to our own lives, problems, situations. Monday nights,I do Realhousewives of the Gospel, its a prayer line an I make myself available to God, an the people of God. God, you, and others, have brought me a very mighty long way. Thank you very much!!!!! God bless you as you continue to give of yourself to the people. Stay the way God made you, for it makes you very unique. There is no other Tyler Perry in the world!!!!!! God be the Glory!!!!!

  • " THE INSATIABLE T.L.C. " Rantoul, Illinois #1994051 » Posted in: My online family

    Dear Tyler, how are you again, I am really hoping that you will indeed read this message from me & all the other 3 messages that I just posted ( 2 in the studio link & 1 here in all ) because like I said, I know you are a very, very busy man, with very little free time to spare & I wouldn't even bother writing you at all, but the subject that I was expressing on or telling you about was & is very important.........now if by some chance you do read or get to read any of my last messages, just know that I really do appreciate you taking the time out of your very busy schedule to do so. I really wish there was some way I could talk to you in person or on the phone, because some times in a message to another person, doesn't really express one's true self or the emotions another person feels at the time, it seems that messages in a way to another person, just look like a bunch of words that most people will read, will blow off or not even pay to much attention to & the person who has taken the time to even write such a message is treated in very much the same exact way, by the other person reading the message only because most people don't really want to be bother with a person message or with the person who is indeed writing it...........not that you are that way Tyler, but just speaking in general. But anyway, I really do hope that you someway you will find my last messages to you, because I did click the Post comment after I wrote each one. Well, have a great day Tyler & week ahead as well. Yours Truly " THE INSATIABLE T.L.C. "

  • Valerie Tupelo, MS #1994049 » Posted in: My online family

    Mr Perry, I know that you get many request for fund-raising appearances for different organizations. However, I decided to just ask if you might consider head-lining a fund-raiser for the non-profit organization in which I serve as executive director. The organization is CATCH Kids, Inc. The mission of CATCH Kids is to make comprehensive, high quality medical and dental care accessible and available to disadvantaged children who have trouble obtaining needed care. Currently, CATCH Kids operates 15 school, and community-based free clinics for children birth to 18 years in 3 counties in Northeast MS. As we are non-profit, we rely on grants, donations, and fund-raisers to operate this greatly needed service. Please check out our facebook page and web @ catchkids.org. Thank you for your consideration.

  • Key az #1994048 » Posted in: My online family

    God made me stubborn. for a reason it's NEVER my lose... back to work.

    • Deja #1994055

      Or the devil has you BOUND !!! Tied to the "ways of the world" and you can't do anything godly until you are set free!

  • Key az #1994047 » Posted in: My online family

    When sh.it hit the fan there are very few well know leaders that step UP! and OUT! And say "I am here in the name of the LORD willing and ready to help" "Let make this right before God" And you don't think that someone with BALLS! Like that! God not going to carry you behind any storm to help in his name?

    • I like that....... HOT, AND A MOLOTOV C*********** #1994050

      a few leaders that step UP and OUT , and say, " I'M HERE IN THE NAME OF THE LORD, WILLING AND READY TO HELP , LET'S MAKE THIS RIGHT BEFORE GOD"!!!!ight before God"

  • Bonita Jackson Rantoul, Illinois 61866 #1994046 » Posted in: My online family

    Dear Tyler, how are you doing, hope that all is well with you, I am trying once again to send you a message, the other 3 that I sent, click on Post Comment, didn't seem like they indeed got posted, so I don't know if you will see them or do you read them first & then post them, I don't really know & can't say how it works, I don't even know if they just got deleted, instead of being or going to be posted later.............I hope that you can indeed find my last 3 messages, especially since they didn't get posted right away, because I've been checking & still don't see them as of late, but if you in fact do happen to find them & get a chance to read them, please don't delete them without reading them first, okay, even tho I talked about the same thing all of them, I wouldn't have even written to you in the first place, if it wasn't really important to me on the subject that I was talking to or telling you about. Hope that you have a great day & week ahead. May our LORD GOD & our LORD JESUS CHRIST continue to bless you & everything you do now & forever. Yours Truly " THE INSATIABLE T.L.C. "

  • Renee Walker New York #1994044 » Posted in: My online family

    I was in deep thought today a little down and decided to check my email. Well, You brightened my day with an email you sent out over two years ago. You asked, how are you doing, no strings attached; just looking in on you. While I don't personally know you, it was just as if the message was for me. Thanks for cheering me up. I going share the joy by calling someone and perhaps making them happy too. Thank You Mr. Tyler Perry Renee

  • Key az #1994043 » Posted in: My online family

    Jesus Christ would also say to those that beleive in him take the knowledge that I proved with and go to work as I have and been doing. What Would Jesus Do? that is the question! Someone want this statement so bad! Behind that question is an answer... Eagles Gathered can talk about it, post about it, but when you going to be about it. Greatness in fading in the wind dropping of the face of the earth. The world is getting worse by the seconds God is watching to see who will step up and fight in his name. Anything other than your pride and your soul will be LEFT HERE!! That's HOW YOU GET INTO HEAVEN! Reading and posting words aint action, action make change and change show progress. A black president BIG DEAL! He bleed RED blood like the rest of US. Impress me with YOUR WORK! and I will give you all the praise you deserve...

    • Deja #1994053


  • Allison Reyes florida #1994042 » Posted in: My online family

    I love your movies and watch every movie you play and written. Your movies make me laugh and you are bless with the gift of making people laugh. I also admire how you have worked hard to accomplish what you have today. My son has been trying to get into the production and film business but I see how hard and long time it takes to get into the entertainment business. He just finish putting on a celebrity gala in atlanta last weekend which was a success and included the singing group the Jacksons. I see how you help young people who want to get in the entertainment business. He has been trying to find a job in his field for some time. His name is Darryl Inge and it would make me happy if you can reach out to him for job openings in your production studio. His email is making movies god has truly bless you with great talent From a fan and mother Allison Reyes

  • Eric Bridges Aiken, SC #1994041 » Posted in: My online family

    My wife and I wanted to give you the opportunity to try out our new Shea Butter Cream. It's called Dr. Andrea Bridges' Body Canvas. www.drandreabridgesbodycanvas.com

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