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  • if that love you Tyler, you now me, honest Ingine:-) #2146708 » Posted in: My online family

    is the 'real" Lb, waving, and honey life must go on , change is good and important for grown, you can't stay "stagnated", look at Tyler, building a new studio???!!:-) and life for me, has changed: I got a new career, I'm becoming a chef, with the help of God, because personally I would never had actually made that move, talked about it, but would have never, because my mindset is one of academics , I'm an academia , and for me being a chef would be something extra, a side gig, but with God's guidance and after asking for help( and I put my heart in it), I'm becoming a chef and it is right in line with one of my dreams. So, I hope there is change for you Lb, sorry to heard about South Carolina, and my a*** gained alot of weight( a big change, LOL), and Tyler want lend me his former personal trainer, so I guess that I will have to do it my self !!! Take care Lb, hanging out on this message board was not healthy,( and in all honesty, the frequent flyers are ****, sitting at the gate, hoping for some action, LMAO ) and Tyler is a big boy, foolish at times and besides, mistakes build character, like they say: what don't kill you makes you stronger, and I think at one time , Tyler was getting too big for his "britches" hanging out with the hollywood losers, and God had to bring his a*** back to reality , too:-)!!!!!!

    • S. H. #2146712

      "Change Is Good"

  • Hello Tyler Lb #2146706 » Posted in: My online family

    Just wishing you the best and hope you are doing great, feeling great, looking great, and eating great! Bought us some fruit today...pluots, grapes, and tangerines. Eat healthy!

  • I #2146703 » Posted in: My online family

    decided to stay home and use the computer lab until 10pm. bowling alley for the public at the new site, (hahaha).

  • Sylvester Maule lumberton nc #2146702 » Posted in: My online family

    Thanks for accepting me hope u are havin a blessed day please find it in your heart to contact my Facebook page and spread the word about my fundraiser foundation about transverse myelitis so i can get back walkin again and be with my son much love may god bless you changing peoples lives for the better your help would make a difference go to crowdrise.com and go to find an event and then type sly's prayer for a cause i really need your help your donation would mean everything to me ive been in and out of the hospital for three years crying and begging for help you are such an inspiration to our culture and God's gift to the world please call me soon im prayin to god i believe in miracles they happen everyday

  • terry dorsey bay area #2146699 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello, My name is Terry Dorsey and I am a stand up comic from Chicago now living in the bay area. I have been working hard at being a great entertainer and making people happy. Your story is my story just have not had the chance to write the happy ending yet! The really crazy part is that everywhere I go people tell me how much we look alike, even my own mother! To make this a little stranger my birthday is, wait for it, September 14, 1979. (check my profile on facebook) Coincidence, I think not! I have already asked God for permission to return to the stage and he blessed me with a great community here in the bay area. I feel that I am men't to be great even though my situation has not been the greatest lately. The only thing that seems to be going well is my stand-up. I aspire to host a talk show and I know that not only can I handle it but that I could be great in that format. You have so much power in the media and who am I but the guy who resembles you. Its kinda like being in the worst Disney movie ever. Watching some who resembles you accomplish all the things you imagined you would one day be able too and not having the means to make things happen for yourself. I really do not know if you will actually get this as I know so many people reach out to you everyday but if you do I hope you at least consider a conversation with me. I am sure that one conversation between us would spark something great. T.D.

  • Sherri Clark Richmond,Va. #2146697 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Mr.Perry,You are truly an amazing man.I wanted to know where do your ideals come from.I was wondering will you do a movie or play about, Madea finally go's to church, or Madea gets kidnapped, that would be hilarious,just a thought.Congratulations on your little one may God continue to bless you all,am no one special just one of your many fans trying to find her way threw the hurt and storm.Love you guys,amen.

  • Tee San Diego, CA #2146696 » Posted in: My online family

    I was told by my daughter, after my last theater performance, Mom you are the best actress out there, you should text Tyler Perry (like I have your #...lol) and tell him to give you a chance. Then my other daughter said Mom, who knows, he may be giving out chances today and look... you missed it cause you didn't take a chance. Oh well for you, don't complain when someone else gets YOUR chance. REALLY!? I laugh because these kids are ALL ME! And I say similar things to them regarding life and happiness. I just want to give you kudos on everything you have accomplished and to whoever gave you that 'one' chance. I pray much success over your life, smile and continue your journey!! I love that you are humble, kind hearted and approachable to many! Thank you for paving the way, and for giving chances!

  • Dahvee' L. West Homerville Ga. 31634 #2146694 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Mr. Perry, as you can see we live in a world that's hateful, disrespectful, and don't love God. When you love God, there's no hate in your heart at all, only love. If people say they love God and act this way, the truth is not in them at all. We love you Mr. Perry, all your moves and shows are the best ever. Your work and ideas are truly amazing, working with you or beside you would be an honor. I am a 52 year old, who never stop dreaming, but when you meet me, I look 42, lol' we will meet one day, that's my belief. I want an opportunity to work with you and share my ideas with you... I want a life style where I can give back to my community financially, I do give my time doing community work, but I need that financial back bone... Our community in need of many things, I believe working for you or with you will bring that financial back bone to our community. I am not asking for anything but an opportunity to work for you, Mr. Perry. Thank you for your time and I pray that you understand. Thanks. Dahvee' L. West

  • Eddie Astoria, NY #2146693 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello to you Tyler, pray all is well because you a good man with a good heart. To hear your testamony assures me that the test were great in this journey and without a test there would surely be no testamony. I was once a faithful man but lately I have lost all my faith brother, the reason why is because one thing after another continues to go wrong, nothing what so ever is going right for me. I ask God why are you allowing this to happen to me, at times I feel that that God has abandon me and I feel alone. I ask you when you kneel to pray please say one for me.

  • Anthony McTear Atlanta, GA #2146689 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Mr Perry I am seeking a new career field in TV or Film. I had a successful career until 2007 when the market crashed. Since 1997 I was a Mortgage Contractor and traveled to various cities working on various projects. Recently moved back to Atlanta after moving to Houston for a year to be near family since they are getting older (that didn't work out very well) I am looking for any position behind the scene in a studio environment. I have not had any success in finding employment since I have been back in Atlanta. This is something that I have wanted for a long time a JOB that I would enjoy going to. This would truly be appreciated and you would have a dedicated employee. Thank you

  • Carlos Coney Florida #2146688 » Posted in: My online family

    Hey, This is Carlos Coney your friend from earth. I been calling your phone, you must have changed your number again. Email me your new number, I just opened the Community Center and I really need you to come sign your autograph for the community center's fundraiser. Man your autograph can help us help everybody and some. Email me TP

  • My. #2146685 » Posted in: My online family


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