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  • M.H #2146022 » Posted in: My online family

    Jehovah is a Great God! In Jesus' name I pray for all that want to get right, Have help in doing so. Amen

    • S. H. #2146023

      I only know of one, that I AM sent to "help get right" but I cannot do it in cyber space when the "wrongs" that need to be "righted" are in the natural. God will guide us as He positions us for battle.

    • I Believe... #2146025

      Salvation comes only to those who recognize their desperate need for the spiritual life they do not have. Living water can be obtained only by those who recognize that they are spiritually thirsty. We should not fear but be "willing and courageous Vessels" used by Father God.

  • Shavonda Riddick United States #2146021 » Posted in: My online family

    Dear mr. Perry, I have been through alot..of course any one who writes u say that..I have been with the deartment of corrections for 18 years...still seeing the inequality of our people...I'm also a substitute teachet..l love kids...I try to enstill in the morals and respect that me b lacked at home..I want a better like for my kids...I worry alot..I'm working so very hard i.want the best for them..tyler I have watched you for many years and have many of your movies...alot of people say I'm following a hopeless dream..please give me the opportunity I can make the money..i.can bring alot on board to tyler perry studios. Please call me or contact me..I know u busy...can u give me a chane to show u...like someone gave you a chance..I admire tyler you have opened many closed doors and I want to walk through some of them...

  • RENEE WILSON South Carolina #2146014 » Posted in: My online family

    Good Evening, I pray that you are blessed and enjoying your evening. I wanted to share with you that I love love love ALL your shows and movies and respect you for who you are and what you've overcome. I wanted to share the link below with you and we Pray that it blesses you. Thanks

  • Hey. #2146007 » Posted in: My online family


    • I Believe... #2146024

      Salvation comes only to those who recognize their desperate need for the spiritual life they do not have. Living water can be obtained only by those who recognize that they are spiritually thirsty.

  • Barbara Outlaw United States #2146006 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Tyler Perry , Before Anything , I Want To Say That I Hope Your Enjoying Your Night. My Question Is , I Want To Know How I Can Purchase The Whole Have And Have Nots Tv Series. Times Have Been Ruff And I Havent Had Cable In A Few Years. The Last Time I Seen The Show It Was Season 1. So Wayyyy In The Begnning. I Now Have Cable Again , But I Dont Wanna Be All Lost. So Before I Start Keeping Up On Tv again I Want To Watch All Of The Seasons. Can You Help Me Out Please? Im A Huge Fan Of Yours And It Would Mean Alot , If You Can Help Me Get Caught Up. Enjoy Your Night. Sincerly Barbara Outlaw

  • let #2146004 » Posted in: My online family

    me find something to do, and get off this board, rebroadcast of Bishop Jakes at 9pm, good night Tyler, love you much:-), lovebug was annoying at times, but she is missed, and I like funny crazy people, so Key and that person that always talked about witchcraft and Oprah was really funny but crazy as h.e.l.l., BUT I UNDRESTAND, THIS MESSAGE BOARD WAS OFF THE HOOK, BUT YOU KNOW WHAT THEY, WHEN YOU LET BLACK PEOPLE TAKE OVER,( and not always true,:-)} OR RUN S.H.IT; SH.I.T. GOES TO H.EL.L :-):-) lmao, SO ,I GUESS ALL THOSE COMPLAINTS TO BISHOP JAKES PAID OFF:-):-), love you much, Tyly Tyler:-):-),just made up( Tyly) there, muah, Good night

  • Jai Warminster, Pa #2146002 » Posted in: My online family

    Good Evening Mr. Perry, I enjoy ever thing that you have done thus far. I know that God is using you to the utmost! Every play that I have seen...certainly have been a message for me in my life! I just wanted to know if you and Steve Harvey could get together and do something! Such as of course you as Madea,he as Mother Odell and either Eddie Murphy or Martin Lawrence as Big Momma. It can be called The Golden Girls Revised. Oh and not let me forget. ..please Ms. Hattie! I definitely would come to see it! Oh please Mr. Perry. I just want to say thank you and may God continue to do His will in your Life!

  • I #2146000 » Posted in: My online family

    was listening to some of TJM show, last week, and Jackie Reed had somebody from Atlanta, something....... Spirit, she is some kind of sex therapist or counselor, she said , sex in a relationship before marriage , clouds judgement, she said intimacy with out physical sex is possible, and there are over 600 sexual positions that she can show you, HOW ABOUT THAT ***:-), I would never had know that if I did not hear her say it, or did she mean 60, LOL,

    • Ahhhhh "Intimacy" #2146005

      you can touch, cuddle, slow wind, etc. all without actually having "physical sex"... but you already know that some "mental sex" is going on during intimate moments because people usually reach an o***** when done right (smile)

  • OK #2145998 » Posted in: My online family

    I have no kids, but this girl told me something that gave me an "ah ah moment", she said that when we were growing up, sports for kids were free, I didn't know that if kids want to play any kind of sports; they have to pay, (how sad and pitiful is that), she , said the system is now designed to fail , for poor, low income kids and families, she said that when she was taking her kids to sport, the other kids in the project would ask, to do, ( they have nothing to do BUT BE CRIMINALS,) they see others doing things, wearing things, people get tired of struggling or seeing their kids going without. they said there was once free camps with the churches/schools during the summer, but now, NOTHING, and to add insult to injury, : the system took "prayer out of school" and the parents ability to discipline their kids with out punishment. Sh.it, they trying to repeal Obamacare, they need to repeal the decision to remove prayer form schools and adult discipline of kids. AGREE???!!!

  • I thought #2145997 » Posted in: My online family

    Madea was for adults, with a sense of humor, not for kids, and where are the funny and crazy people that use to be on the board, now all on here are the ***s and the hates who are mad that Tyler want give them the time of day, and they are judge mental, smh, but if your really care about kids, become a foster parent or something useful in life and stop riding that man's ***(laughing) and his board:-):-):-)

    • The Truth Hurts? #2146003

      Don't take it so personal, everybody has an opinion just like a******* (LOL). Madea WAS for children as well (cartoon and play).. it was a FAMILY AFFAIR until life happened.

  • Hi #2145996 » Posted in: My online family

    Tyler, how are you these days, resting??!!! I'm bored, nothing to do. but eat, LMAO, my a** is big ( my belly (not as***) , I and guess if celebrities need personal trainers, people like me need a personal trainer, too,

  • hear ye, hear ye, new flash #2145993 » Posted in: My online family

    I went to Ben Hill United Methodist Church today, and they had a spokesperson from "Children's Home" in Decatur, GA, and they are in need of foster and adoptive persons, married, single, divorced , etc. ( no criminals, LOL) , presently they have 48 children leaving in hotels, the need is great, I remember when they would only allow married couples adopt or be foster parents. So, you lonely loving and caring women and men need to step up to the plate, because me and my babe (baby) got plans to adopt 2 or 3 in the near future:):-0):-)

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