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  • Ella Johnson Baltimore,Maryland #2202808 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Mr.Perry, I am enjoying the program so far. I must say you have another winner on your hands. I will be watching it just like the others. You have a gift of writing the most amazing shows and they are all about real life. God Bless you and continue to do what you do.

  • Alexis Curry Alabama #2202806 » Posted in: My online family

    To Whom it may concern, my name is Alexis Curry and I am 22 years old. In 2003, I was diagnosed with Brain Cancer (Craniopharyngioma). I received surgery, chemo, and radiation at Children’s Hospital of Alabama in Birmingham, Alabama. Although, my tumor was years ago, I deal with the side effects day in and day out. I developed Type II diabetes, gained 150 lbs., within weeks after surgery, panhypopituitarism, arthritis, low bone mass, acromegaly, cirrhosis of the liver, full blown menopause, and the list goes on and on. However, I am contacting you because in 2013, I had to have all of my teeth extracted and receive dental implants, due to low bone mass and the damage of chemo and radiation. My bill reached $50,000. My parents have taken out loans, etc.… and have gotten my bill down to $15,000. However, I am still in great financial need. There are not many programs available to help young adult cancer survivors. Although, I still struggle with health problems, I yet persevere. I am currently a Junior at a 4 year institution, studying elementary education and obtaining funding from vocational rehabilitation services. Once, I receive my degree, I plan to teach children who are in the hospital, due to sickness, and unable to attend school at a Children’s Hospital. Thanks. Sincerely, Alexis Curry

  • M. Howell #2202804 » Posted in: My online family

    I'm really enjoying the show, too close to home but my request is that you do not let it fall in the lines of the TV show called scandal, your extremely talented as so far I like it, I'm sure in the weeks to come that this show is going to be my new guilty pleasure, love , love love the presidents wife ! No one can play this role better than her ! Good job !

  • Denise Messamore Fort Smith, Arkansas #2202803 » Posted in: My online family

    You are truly an inspiration. My hope is that God will use my talents like He has used yours. You are a blessing. Thank you.

  • Rose merica #2202800 » Posted in: My online family

    AT first I thought...I wasn't going to like this show!!! I was thinking "oh here we go again another potus, scandal, murder, whatever picture/show....but man 22 minutes into this show am I am loving it...boy...I really fooled myself.....but its sad tho because I see my personal likes are so biased...I believe I have been brained washed....well hey....I ain't ficking to bats myself up cause I old now, and prakcally all my lifes all I have watched is whites people up there....so I think I likes I love to seem them better than the blacks doing the same thing....same like they are just so much more actual and factual....they natural look like...pecially that one hunk of a chunk white boy with the long hair...Lord ham and cheese...I bet he would looked good in the movie...Good Deeds...pecially that motorcycle scene....Lord Tylers you showl can pick em....my GOD my God...!!!! do you know that is the very first time in watching TV's....that I saw somebody casually talking putting lotion on..that was so cool!!!!.......Looks like theres lots of pictures with hubby and wifey as power couples....hmmmmm what is cinema tryna say I wonder? I wish to GOD somebody would make a excellent scripted movie teaching black young men to stop gating beat down by the cops/bulleted to death....and how to stop getting shots at their own kind and having to go to the emergency room, to get surgery and come out crippled for life....they alls in cahoots....police shoots to kill and doctors operate to make drug dealers lame....thank GOD for Tylers Perry....to help us escape!!!!...(((((((caint wait for your cartoon network/lineup....honey madea aint bout to be put out to pasture...she just being cool waiting on trick or treat....!!!! Lord life is so good ain't it!!!!!

  • Darryl Smith #2202798 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Tyler ! My names Darryl and I'm a recent graduate from SCAD Atlanta. But ever since I graduated I've experienced my first fight and battle with depression. I'm still looking for work and am in need of any type of help possible as student loans begin to creep around the corner. Could you please share my go-fund me? I'd immensely appreciate it...

  • Linda Clayton Atlanta GA #2202797 » Posted in: My online family

    Have a record breaking night. Blessing.

  • Katherine Jones Fort Wayne In 46806 #2202796 » Posted in: My online family

    Dear Tyler Perry this is Catherine Jones I live in Fort Wayne Indiana I'm writing to you because I've been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer I'm an African American female 62 years of age I'll be 63 October 23rd I'm not able to work I do receive disability which is not much and I am in need of help I have to eat differently now veggies and fruits and is really costing me I do not receive Food Stamps and I would appreciate it if you can contact me back this is not a scam I thank God for today I am able to eat food I do have a healthy appetite and I know everybody has their ups and downs right now I'm just asking for some help you can check me out I'm not a problem person I do know the Lord will make a way God bless you and your walk I love all your shows I can't afford to watch on because I can't afford cable TV my house has been broken into twice and we just can't afford anything else they took our TVs laptops so I'm just hanging in there I would love to move but I can't afford it I would love to have their house with the backyard I can grow me a Garden God has really been good to me I'm on my second set of chemo praying that God would shrink this tumor that he will get the glory the phrase and the awesome testimony fighting breast cancer thank you for your time I live in Fort Wayne Indiana 2904 G** Street zip code 46806 thank you and have a blessed day

  • donald waters college park GA #2202794 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Tyler, My kids all grew up watching your plays, shows, and movies. As a family we cherished those family time moments enjoying your shows..... I also applied for a job on your work page. I pray that you get a chance to read it and I get the opportunity to speak to you regarding a possibility to be a blessing with you.... Thank you for your time and consideration, your brother in Christ Donald Waters

  • One thing for sure #2202793 » Posted in: My online family

    I dont ever want to be with anyone else besides the one Im with. People are crazy, abusive' sadistic have addictions. I know for certain I will never have tbe trust I have with him with anyone else. I know everything about him. Dont have to worry about him turning on me. And, I certainly love havig someone to hang out with who I trust and enjoy being with. It's awesome. I know I'll never find that again. Heck, it took d*** near a lifetime to find this one. And, I believe we are divinely connected. Our souls are destined to be together.

    • Never really felt that way #2202795

      About anyone. You just feel like this person is "home." A strange sense of peace and comfort. Has nothing to do with s.e.x or physical attraction. A familiar comfort. Like we've always been connected.

  • Matthew Brutus Homeless #2202792 » Posted in: My online family

    Dear MR. Perry, I desperately need your help. I am homeless and have been living in the streets for 8 months. I would like to better my self by attending school at Buffalo State University and major in Marketing and Advertisement. My father disowned me and I occasionally stay at the homeless shelter. I humbly and respectfully request a loan of $30,000 for school. I have no one to co-sign for me. Please contact me at . School starts on Monday August 29, 2016

  • E'Laine South Jersey #2202789 » Posted in: My online family

    I got you Tyler, and I'm waiting to turn on TLC at 9p to watch the 2hr premier of To Close To Home. Keep doing your thang young man. I'm always proud of the strides you're making and the paths that you are creating. "And still I rise" Much love, E'Laine @almondravyn

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