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  • Donna Williams Fort Lauderdale, Fl #2203645 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Mr.Perry, I'm in desperate need of help school has started and my daughter have no school clothes or shoes to wear. I've reached out to several people family and friends but unfortunately no one was able to help because of their struggle. I'm not asking for much just help help to get my daughter in school this is her first year in high school. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I love you and God Bless❤

  • Migdalia Rodriguez #2203644 » Posted in: My online family

    Dear Brother Tyler, We all connected to the same father, Christ Jesus and see how faithful you are thru your works! I applaud you and our Heavely Father. Angels in Heaven rejoicing. Your light shines on earth! I'm a true believer of God's word...ask and you shall receive..knock and the door shall be opened onto you...seek God and He shall direct your path..We invite your to our fundraiser to help us install an elevator for our long term members who are our seniors of our church home and for the members and visitors on wheelchair. ♿ The Lord has given us a vision and we blessing all who want the opportunity to bless Gods House. I too am a builder of Gods House and pray that you can join us to make this happen. The elevator will lead to the sanctuary. I can be reached at bless us with your response.

  • You see #2203643 » Posted in: My online family

    On this side is love comfort & compassion. Never yelling. Softness & warmth. Attentive eyes and listening ears. Compelling to treat royalty in a royal manner. Waited quite a while and aint gonna let nothing or no one come between. Surrounded by devine approval. My intent is to uplift support stand beside and push when necessary. All in a loving manner. Although every moment won't be my best every moment will be blessed, together. We are to proceed as one. You lead & I will follow. No more singular sun rises & not another solemn sun set. Wanna run & play like two furry woodland creatures until I can't breathe and fall exhausted into your arms

  • Brendan's Mom Louisiana #2203641 » Posted in: My online family

    Sometimes you are lead to things, places or people for a reason. Just when I needed a spirit lift, I came across Madea's book, Don't Make a Black Woman Take Off Her Earrings. It made me laugh, cry & shake my head but most of all it gave me hope. My mother passed away the day before Mother's Day in 2005 , just before we got hit with Hurricane Katrina. She was the white Madea. I have tried to pass along some of that wisdom & live those values. Life has taken a downturn for our family recently & it was a blessing to read Madea's "advice" to get me back on track. I wish it was required reading or a class that had to be taken before people got into relationships & had families. I have become an advocate for criminal justice reform in Georgia & sure wish I could go Madea on some people. It amazes me that we treat animals in the animal shelter better than people who have become part of the legal system. When people are released they are pretty much on their own & society is not welcoming at all. At least a dog or cat has volunteers to work to find it a safe home or else it stays where it is. Maybe Madea should run for office & put some of her plain speaking into action. Thank you Mr Perry for bringing us Madea & please keep fighting for the real people who need a voice.

  • Cheryl Canada #2203639 » Posted in: My online family

    I am not a very good computer person! Our teen avers LOVE MADEA!!! As a result we try too find and watch all your movies!! We love the God messages! We are curious if we will receive the hallowe'en movie here! ( in Canada)! We have often wondered what would it be like if MADEA meets MRS BRown from Europe? She is Catholic ( and crude) maybe her and MADEA could make an adventure!! Thank you I hope you receive our questions! Love family movie night! Here in Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada!

  • Denise New York #2203638 » Posted in: My online family

    Dear Mr. Perry, I recently saw your commercial on TV about feeding hungry children, and I think it's great that you would want to help. I've been hungry and homeless, but it got to the place where going to the pantry wasn't even worth it. After getting home from one trip to the pantry, I didn't even have the ingredients to make a meal. My "pantry" items were pasta, canned fruit, and vegetables. I am saying all of this to say, rather than helping hungry kids with donations to pantrys and feeding centers, I think it would be wonderful if you could open up some supermarkets. Affordable supermarkets, with fresh produce. When I used the pantry it was to supplement what I already had. The supermarket was so expensive, I never had enough money to get what me and my children needed, so off to the pantry I went. I live in NYC. The only thing being built here are high rises. Poor folk are paying more and more for inferior food, and coming home with less and less of it

    • BB Townhall #2203682

      I had to think about your pantry experience. And it reminded me of a grocery store campaign to donate food by buying an already prepared bag of food in the store. The bag contained food without regards to meal planning. I know this campaign was done with good intentions, but your experience reflects the gap sometimes between the giver and the receiver. For you the pantry was a supplement but for others it is their meal. Perhaps you can write some low cost food menus for the pantry you visited. This may help them with menu and cost ideas.

  • Dana #2203637 » Posted in: My online family

    PLEASE READ Dear Mr Perry.. U need to check face book .. there is someone impersonating you... They asking people for money.. My Lil sister is so hurt cause she thought she was talking to u and that person needs jail time.

  • Jasmine Sandberg Calgary,AB, Canada #2203633 » Posted in: My online family

    Hey Mr. Tyler Perry himself! Wow! I love you! is the first thing I have to say! Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! I love your work and all the passion you put into everything you create. You always have me tearing up no matter what movie or TV Show I am watching. It is a dream of mine to someday work with you, but first I need to ask. Do you only accept people who are American Citizens to audition for anything that you are hiring for? I would love to apply. God Bless your heart! keep up all the good work! Jasmine Canada :)

  • Mary McLendon Charlotte, NC #2203628 » Posted in: My online family

    Mr. Perry- Have a great day, blessed weekend, and I will always keep you in my prayers. You are a dynamic gentleman !!!!

  • Keonia jones NYC #2203625 » Posted in: My online family

    Good morning Tyler Perry you are an amazing, brillant, genius. Your shows are exciting have me on the edge of my seat all the time I hate when the series of have and the Have Nots end I'm talking to the TV like Tyler Perry why your movies are uplifting inspiring you are the epitome of what a black male role model looks like love your work keep us laughing people crying keep us inspired love you Tyler

  • Mary McLendon Charlotte, NC #2203623 » Posted in: My online family

    Good morning Boss!! I'm praying to be a part of your workforce! Acting is my passion (mostly background) but I'm waiting for my first principle role!! I know its coming !!! Be blessed and I will see you soon !!!!

  • Wanda Pennsylvania #2203619 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Mr. Perry just saw you on Live With Kelly congratulations on your family! I did not know you had a son. When I googled it found out he was born onmy birthday ! Continue the great work! I don't have cable so I don't see any of your TV series. I have most of the plays and movies on DVD

    • C Monty #2203626

      The Haves and have Nots Own TV You Tube, Too Close To Home Own TV You Tube, Etc... Tyler Perry on Own TV You Tube

    • THIS FOR reality United States #2203629

      I try and did not find it MY MY..

    • C Monty #2203636

      Most Internet Services and computers are compatible

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