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  • Peter Oruka Odera Nairobi, Kenya. #2121850 » Posted in: My online family

    Love your productions and hopefully one day we will get to work together. Peter Oruka from Kenya.

  • Hey Tyler!!! lovebug #2121848 » Posted in: My online family

    How's your day so far? The sun is shining today! Just laying here reading. Too much bad news and all I want to hear is some good news. We need a good news only report channel! That would be my pick me up lol....good news around the world of positive things and positive progressions. What do you think?

    • oh well bout to catch a nap! lovebug #2121852

      Still be tired but I am going to drink a vitamin boost when I get up. I did not sleep so well. So hope you enjoy your day! I enjoyed your show last night and I couldn't get Comcast here so I just download the Beamy app and I got to learn it but like it. Ppl express their opinions by clips and scenes from the HAHN...cool! Smile! Good day!

  • muah #2121846 » Posted in: My online family

    Muah.muah!!!!:)!!!! And a new case. AT&T hooked me up with thus repair place:)!! Very pleased with them:)!!! And i left my laptop for them to devirus. . 10 am hair appt. On Friday:)!!

  • Shawn tyler Jacksonville nc #2121845 » Posted in: My online family

    Hey Mr Tyler. I just wanted to let you know I really enjoy all of your movies and plays. I really wish I could afford each and everyone of your plays n movies. I'm 27 yrs old and I don't know my parents. I grew up in several foster homes and managed to get a high school diploma. Your films has inspired me tremendously and to never give up in life.

  • Working ? #2121843 » Posted in: My online family

    Me too! Wink !!!

    • hey #2121847


  • Hannah L. NJ #2121842 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Mr. Perry, My name is Hannah and I want to thank you for being who you are. You are an inspiration to so many, including me. I love Madea, and it was only knowing that Madea lives on true and strong that I had comfort when Robin Williams passed. Thank you. Also, if you are interested, I currently work as a background actress and would love to work for you if ever you need. Thank you for your time. Hannah

  • Tyler Perry #2121840 » Posted in: My online family

    You are so good for my creativity !!!! Who knows maybe oneday I can hang your picture on my wall? " Right up there with Jesus! " Lol! And be another happy employee! Lol!!!

    • Hey #2121841

      Naughty you ,,,a lot happening in the sanctuary.No passionate kisses with the pastor's wife in the sanctuary...:-) please apostle we you to lead the prayer line on this one..hope you having a fab day..well its very hot where am @. I hope you have sunglasses on and sipping some pineapple and coconut juiced with ice cubes ,soothing moments.

  • Janai Crumity Auburndale, Florida #2121839 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Mr. Perry, my name is Janai Crumity I'm 15 years old and I was interested in getting a job within your company I saw it on your website, I'm a very big fan I watched all your movies loved them! Including your animated t.v show as well as the shows on OWN , my dream is to become an actress and I have different voices, I think you'd be impressed, thank you for your time Mr. Perry have a great day/night.

  • Anthony Jackson San Antonio, Texas #2121838 » Posted in: My online family

    Mr. Perry, I love your body of work! My personal favorite is the "Nave and Nave Not's" - very entertaining. First of all, I am not an actor nor do I have any aspirations of becoming one. I am sending you this message on behalf of a young lady I have seen in the San Antonio area that has been an inspiration to our community. Her name is Elisha Vaughn Zuniga. She is a very beautiful and talented young black woman in the San Antonio area that has inspired an entire community. From my interactions with her, I found out she owns her own beauty salon, is a Zumba/fitness instructor, a model, and has appeared in countless TV ads, and a national Wal-Mart sunglasses ad. I recently got the chance to see her in action, and I was blown away by her electrifying personality, and her sincere commitment to personal and professional growth. I am appealing to you on her behalf, because she mentioned you as her greatest inspiration. It is her life's dream to work with you! I am not asking for anything for myself, I am asking you to please consider giving her for a small role in one of your upcoming programs. Yes, I know that you get this type of solicitation probably everyday, but this time - its different. Elisha has done so much for so many, I just wished that for once - a good person gets a break! Mr. Perry, I know you are a praying man, please pray about my humble request. Elisha Vaughn Zuniga will be worth the effort. Thank you for your time and attention. If God leads you in her direction, I can forward you her contact information, and you two can take it from there. God bless you Sir!

  • Marilis Ross Lawton, okla. 73505 #2121836 » Posted in: My online family

    Mr. Perry, Yes sir.com. you have up an did it with if loving u is wrong. Luv the way u twist an turn things around. Keep up the good work.

  • Aleatra Rimmer Chicago #2121833 » Posted in: My online family

    Good morning me and my mom love you and can you put some of your movie on Netflix. I have three plays that I want to work with you on. That is my mother request your movies.please email me back when you get this message so that I can submit them to you love you and congratulation on your movies and plays , I'm am your big fan.

  • TEE RVA #2121829 » Posted in: My online family

    MR Perry, just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the show. I like how you brought out that a g** man do love a straight man. I had no idea. Candace seem to have met a real man. I hope he will show her how to love. Let him, be good for her and good to her. Veronica is mentally ill. Please get help for her quick before David says I AM DONE.

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