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  • chat later #2093511 » Posted in: My online family

    Chat later.

  • Ggood I still love ..you...but not feeling it right now....i guess ....you would call it .a martial spat:)!!! #2093510 » Posted in: My online family

    Morning. ..Madea....so...you went back where it all started..(so you want back to your roots..umm) ... ...did you see your ex-girlfriend ,there.... I....heard.... she moved there.. .... what did I you call it.".that crazy love:)!!!!!!" I on this tough love thing .....again....not sure how long this time:)!!!! So still no kisses and hugs . I hope you can understand. ...you keep letting the Devil win.. this time it was you and not me. ..

  • Hey !!! #2093509 » Posted in: My online family

    Pssss where are you?

  • God Man, Hallelujah, I Feel God! #2093505 » Posted in: My online family

    Oh yes Lord, hallelujah! I am so glad and for Him, I will. As I've always told you and always will from the very beginning, You Are A To Worship God, Therefore I Do. God, hallelujah knew before time was that you were worth it, hallelujah. For Him, I will. God knew your priceless value far above rubies was worth saving. For Him, I will. God plugged it into the very fibers of your being and eendered, handed it back to you in feminity via His conduit of love, for Him I will, as Your, Your, Your, Your, Your passive participle. For Him! I will. Hallelujah! God searched, Ha!Ha! God, God, God searched. God. searched and could not find 1 sinless man to be the Lamb. Oh Hallelujah. To pay the price, ti be the ransom for the sin of man. So He alobe said, I'll go, hallelujah. I will wrap myself in flesh and pay the price that must be paid that no man can pay as sin's ransom. OH BLESS HIS HOLY NAME! For Him, I will. And so it is with you, in Him, I WILL. Oh yes I Will! God knew Your, Your, Your purpose, destiny is, was so great, my, my, my God that He reached down, way down and touched you with love, grace, and preserved you that the appointed time would come, catch you, subdue due, Holy Ghost arrest you that He would do a work in You. OH, FOR, HIM, I, WILL!!!!! That at the fullness of time. God searched HA! HA! Yes GOD and said: Who Can I Send!? Who will bear the criss deslising the shame for my name that my son would be raised, and render Greatness as I have looked for whom I may show myself mighty. I stand amazed at as I stood amazed as God revealed, pulled back the veil and said; Look Daughter, Tell Me What You See, This Is My Son, Tyler Perry. My rebuttal; Daddy, I See Greatness! Hallelujah! His rebuttal; You Have Seen Well! And because you have, Go! I send you, halleljuah as My Conduit of Power to birth Greatness. My rebuttal; Lord I lay my lufe down. I am not my own wherever you tell me to go, I go. Whatever you tell me to do, I fo. No matter how unorthodox, breaks protocal I'll say what you tell me to say. Hallelujah. WHATEVER! WHATEVER! WHATEVER! You tell me to pen, I pen. For YOU DADDY, I WILL. If stealing my e-mail account and exposing what I pen to your son to discredit my anointing, character, integrity, assingnment betwixt he and I WHICH IS NO ONES BUSINESS and clearly there was befire the foundation of the galaxies. NO ONE ELSE COULD DO IT! LORD, HALLELUJAH! FOR YOU! FOR YOU! FOR YOU! I will. Hallelujah! Lord, you're worthy and your Son, King, Mighty Man Of Honir, Valor is as well. For you Lord, humbly, unbegrudgely, i will.

  • God Man, #2093504 » Posted in: My online family

    You are not common, average, typical, the status quo, the norm. You are set presedence, you set the quality. You set the standard of excellence. You alone are Heaven's Best. I take full respinsibilty and I am solely accountable for employing the Whole man in You. Understand, accept and know what God has given you God Man willnot, cannot is not nor will ever render the same results for any other. God created, designed fashioned, packaged what You need to usher, draw and render Greatness from every place, dimension of Greatness within the very core of your radiant Greatness. I deliberately, intentionally pulled every bit of the man you are to the surface. That you may stand as the vessel, conduit, Ambassador, pillar of masculinity, epitome of male chromosone, Jesus In The Earth God Man, expressions of Greater Works, All to the glory of God. So I am honored, privileged, blessed among hand maidens to accept the call, charge, assignment to carry the cross dispising the shame knowing that meant you would render the oil if the anointing that many may be saved because the man, whole man, God Man was awaken simply to render God highly lifted uo and glorified for His name sake in the name that's higher than any name that'ts named whereby Man must be saved, Jesus' name, hallelujah.

  • Yolanda #2093503 » Posted in: My online family

    Yes its evident that you read your messages got you..kmsl...kool dude you are..thanks

  • Hey. #2093501 » Posted in: My online family


  • God mornin' God Man #2093500 » Posted in: My online family

    I reclined with you @ heart was summoned and awaken with you at mind. I pray that you have suffient beauty rest that your temple living sacrifice may serve you all your beautiful life. It's mornin', my love. God has so blessed us with another day to make Hispraise glorious and to worship Him in a lifestyle of obeidience in worship unto Him.

    • I Do Not Mince Words #2093502

      And every word shared in the countless emails disclosed and I pray conveyed a clear deoiction of the Greatness upon your life. And the King as the masculine replica of the God man you are and what God specifically designed just for you. And how what God created, shaped, fashioned for you, your rib pulled from your side after your own kind, after your nature. Was so done to bring you to a place of wholeness that you may recognize, accept, embrace and be satuated, permeated, smeared with such truth as it relates to the God Man you are. And what God has dobe in you to evoke, stir, motivate, inspire you to achieve your fullest potential as a God Man just as Jesus did in the earth. I stand firmly upon and behind every word in each and every e-mail forwarded to you. I render no excuses, I render no explanations for every wird penned to appeal to your masculinity that you may be awaken to rise and come to order, mind, body and soul. That you not question your worth, value as you may believe as I have believed in you. And see yourself as God originally revealed Who He Says You Are. There's is no "Secret" as it relates to my assignment, mission total submission, to being in a total disposition regarding the Power you needed to understand, accept and recieve that you pissess and have the capacity to display and execute as will. Because of the authority and power God gave uniquely to you to utilize as God so led and leads you.

  • Mrsbutter Newark nj #2093499 » Posted in: My online family

    Today's Daily Inspiration An ordinary day can become profound by realizing your importance to others and acting on it. Lord, may I be dependable to those who depend on me without complaints or resentments. Random Daily Inspiration Use your imagination to picture great possibilities. Lord, I will keep my thoughts positive and let my faith in You nurture and help them become my reality.

  • Yolanda #2093496 » Posted in: My online family


  • Yolanda #2093495 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi,Tyler I love you and I look up to you..I need for you too just say something back to me so I can know that u really care about your fans like u say you do..this is a test to prove how much u really care about us as fans..I wanna is it really true...so even if u just speak and say hi cat dog little fiddle the cow jumped over the moon what's up hows it going heffa or something...PROVE IT MEDEA

  • Ahyzia Tucson Arizona #2093494 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Mr.Perry I am Ahyzia a young student who has been trying to meet you for the longest through Kids Wish Network I have multiple sclerosis its been a struggle for me having a high blood pressure,seizures, brain biopsy and So much more but your movies gives me hope And encouragement I hope you keep doing what you're doing making people like me love and laugh