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  • M.H #2167646 » Posted in: My online family

    I couldn't sleep until I say this, Perry, I'm glad you have helped people for trying.

  • Ryan-Anthony Franklin Detroit, MI #2167643 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Mr. Perry, I've seen the commercial for The Passion hosted being hosted by you on March 20th. I was wondering if it's being streamed online? I'm interested in hosting a viewing party at my church and we cannot get cable or television access in our sanctuary to display it. Thank you so much for putting this on. I understand that you're from New Orleans and I want to thank you for hosting this magical event there. Having recently visited New Orleans I couldn't imagine what people went through. My heart aches thinking about it. I wish there was so much more I could to help them. There's so much that has gone on in this world it breaks my heart to see situations like the water crisis in Flint, MI, the Detroit Public School system, the riots in Ferguson and all this evilness in the world. I'm happy to see humble people like yourself taking time to remind people that God loves them. Anyways, thank you Mr. Perry and I hope to hear from you. Ryan

  • Lucinda Oxford, Ms #2167642 » Posted in: My online family

    I forgot to mention, I am a writer. The stories I've mention about you producing are my best ones, I do have other stories as well. God gave them to me. I wanted be use by God. It's not about being rich, it's about doing his will and allowing his glory to show up. I never want the people to see me, I want them to see him. This is not about me at all. I'm not here to serve myself, I'm here to serve him. If I tried to serve myself, I wouldn't know how to satisfy me or anyone else. God is the director of my life and he leads and guide me in all the right way. I pray to God between you and Denzel Washington I want to produce my stories. These stories need to be out to save our people from destroying themselves and others. Also to know God never fails and he loves them.

  • Saltonnia AKA "Salt" Mississippi #2167641 » Posted in: My online family

    Good even.... May I start with saying today was such a drag... not so good... :( ............ I am scheduled to go out of town leaving Thursday morning, and making it to Chicago Friday at 5 a.m..... the purpose of this trip is to go on a ski trip with my cousin, his girlfriend and a bunch of their friends.... it's sad to say that at my age this would be my very first real trip.... I've gone on church trip before... But not where I could actually enjoy myself because we was on a schedule.... There's..... it almost feels unreal and I almost feel like a little girl going to Disney World for the very first time.... The thing that is frustrating me the most is.... I really don't know what to wear in Chicago is..... different than here in Mississippi.... Here I am supposed to be leaving Thursday... thought I was going to be off tomorrow..... that got cancelled.. :( so now the two main things that I wanted to get it done last..... I'm not even sure imma be able to get it done. Then the young lady that supposed to be doing it is not answering my call my text all I needed to know was what time to be there after I get off in the morning, but before I had to go back in the evening..... today I supposed to have left back out to go to two stores that I had closed reserve for me..... But it started storming!! Like really!! Along with my job, dealing with my children, the house walkway getting flooded and then I'm not coming to dig a trench so we will be able to walk back and forth inside the house to the truck without our shoes getting completely wet, my truck, and in the last few days.... Trying to get everything done before I leave.... I'm exhausted... lol... on that note.... firsttt..... I hope your day went well..... :) Now I must say goodnight.. Has to be up early am.... :)

  • Gregory T Waller Sr. Detroit, MI #2167639 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Mr. Perry, Just wondering about a movie portraying the former ambassador Ralph J Bunche, and his efforts that helped Israel achieve statehood in 1948. There was plenty of drama and intrigue during this process, including the murder or assassination of the person Mr. Bunche replaced. All this while trying to bring peace to the Middle East. There are theologian and preachers who believe that Israel becoming a nation was the analogy of the fig tree maturing. With all the attention to Black History Month, what can be more deserving of notice than a Brother contributing to the world stage in line with the Bible?

  • Lucinda Oxford, Ms #2167638 » Posted in: My online family

    I have written several inspiration books. I have 3 of my stories based a teen life on life and death and abusive. They are very deep. I would like for you to produce my stories into a movie. I promise you won't regret it. In two of my stories pregnant teen and babies died at the end of the stories in tragic ways from drugs and A.I.D.S. The other story is based on young Christian teen deliver another teen from abusive home, it ended joyfully. Will you produce my story?

  • Smith Atlanta #2167635 » Posted in: My online family

    I thought HAHN was based on Savanah GA??? Why was there an ATL cab on the show tonight???

  • M.H #2167633 » Posted in: My online family

    The night is something else. Perry, your windshields is so shiny , would you like to take me to eat a slice of pie cause I have memory issues? Goodnight

  • Mariyn Cowser Milwaukee WI 53220 #2167630 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Mr. Perry...I am so excited about what will be happening for my great-great grand niece and me in April! We will be attending the 2:00 p.m. matinee of "Madea On The Run", April 9th . A'Zariah was listed as someone to have her Make-A-Wish granted but your schedule was just too full. When I found out about the play here in Milwaukee I said to myself, "This is a gift from God, take it!" We will be seated on the main floor as closed as I could get her to you. Will you do something for me...at the end of the show just say something like, "I am so glad A'Zariah Jane got to the show." Thank you for being YOU! Peace and All Good. Marilyn Cowser (Milwaukee WI)

    • Oh my goodness #2167649

      That would be the most beautiful thing, ever. I hope he does it for her. Simple yet fulfilling

  • Need advice on an executive decision.. #2167629 » Posted in: My online family

    Adopt or drop.. Conforming to the needs of others.. Doing this or doing that but not doing both.. at two separate ends of the spectrum..

    • The duality.. inability to make a decision.. #2167632

      Based on a fear that know one else sees.. Getting caught up in cute..

    • In All #2167634

      Thy ways acknowledge God and He will direct your path. Pray and fast about it.....

    • * #2167651


  • Monicke Boggess #2167628 » Posted in: My online family

    Please tell me you are looking for new talent I would love to audition. Look forward to hearing from you.

  • Me is Sampson, the giraffe in 1983, I attended college where the Ram was the mascot:-) #2167627 » Posted in: My online family

    not the turtle, and hey haters and naysayers and the cra..cra crazies, lol, MY RAMS ARE COMING:-), MY RAMS ARE COMING, MY RAMS ARE COMING and I'm not the one out of balance, just in bad..bad.. ground... a dry place, and a true friend is a CONFIDANT what...... imitations, immolations, and intelligence, then there are the constituents and the comradeS who are connected to where you came from and not where you are trying to go, and you build friendships around your history and not your destiny, tryign to reach tomorrow with yesterday's associations!!!!!!!!! ahhaha, laughing , laughing with Joy, Joy and Joy , Well Tyler, there was a message I that sermon for you, too!!! seeking friends and emotional concetions on the stage, and... other stuff, but the RIGHTEOUS WILL NEVER LET THE NEEDY (COMRADES, CONSTITUENTS, OR THE DEVIL FED OFF THEM:-) SO CALL ME MEAN, SELFISH AND UPPITY; nawl, I JUST KNOW MY......... GOD:-00)

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