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  • Eileen Butterfly Hardy Bloomington #2182539 » Posted in: My online family

    Hey Tyler, I was trying to attend Steve Harvey's Act Like A Success seminar in Atlanta, May 13-14? not sure about the dates, but it is already sold out. How it sold out so fast I don't know, but I thought that would be good for me to attend, so I could get close to you and we could hang out for a while. I want to start a program for the children and seems to have a pretty good model to follow. He has the Army supporting some of the children and I would like to get some military involved in some of my children's programs. So with all your connections will please get me some information that I can use, that will help. Looking forward to your reply Eileen

  • MELISSA SHIVERS MIAMI #2182538 » Posted in: My online family


  • M.H #2182537 » Posted in: My online family

    This morning is beautiful. I have a Bob cat for a pet and she's pretty cool. She can scale up a tree extremely fast but very loving. Her claws are very sharp and I named her FeFe. Cool, huh? My kids love her. This cat can handle kids and not scared and sleeps good through noise. This cat don't care what's going on!!! Ha!

  • Glenda Steele Salisbury, N.C 28146 #2182536 » Posted in: My online family

    Good morning Mr Perry. Please please get in touch with me I would love to meet you an Mr Ty Pennington in person. It's vital that i meet you two. Please get in touch with me. Love you and GOD Bless you. I will be anticipating on you to contact me. Thank you. Ms. Glenda Steele.

  • Audrey Davis Salisbury N.C #2182535 » Posted in: My online family

    This was my first time seeing a live play, it was so amazing Tyler Perry you are awesome

  • Korrie morrow Chicago #2182533 » Posted in: My online family

    Instagram mr_king87. Facebook Korrie morrow my books are (just listen king speaks) and (just listen king speaks more intense) working on 3 about my life and need your help em

  • Kenneth Rogers Jr. Baltimore, MD #2182532 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Mr. Perry, I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for speaking about your sexual abuse as a child. It helped give me a voice. While in therapy I was coming to terms with being sexual molested by my sister for two years and the belief that men/boys can't be raped. My therapist let me know that I wasn't the only one and that there are other survivors. Your story along with the stories of others helped me know that I wasn't alone and that I can/should tell my own story. To help others, and myself heal, I have published a memoir called Raped Black Male. In it I discuss what it means to battle mental health issues, being a male rape survivor, what it means to be black, and what it means to be a real man (not all of us were made for basketball, football, and rap). I have always been a writer and reader. It's what I love. I've written and publish five books total (speculative and science fiction) and won two national awards (Next Generation Indie Book Awards and NABE Pinnacle Achievement Book Award), but this memoir has already helped others who are just like me whether male or female. These lessons of what it means to be a man and black are the lessons I teach my 7th grade English students, by debate team, and my daughters. I still go to therapy, and it's still a struggle, but your voice helped give me a voice that has already helped others know they are not alone and the issue can and should be discussed when it has remained silent and in the dark for so long. Thank you and God bless. Kenneth Rogers Jr.

  • vanessa reign washington/cameroon #2182531 » Posted in: My online family

    Prince's death wasn'taccidental. He was supporting the family of murdered teen Trayvon Martin. He spoke out along with D*** Gregory about the chemtrails poisoning black neighbourhoods. And he just won the rights to his musical catologue on 18th April. Amongst other things.

  • Emmanuel Jovon Hampton Ridgeville, South Carolina #2182530 » Posted in: My online family

    Clandestine Terrorism Emergency Hello, My name is Emmanuel Jovon Hampton and my social security number is: 251-83-7577 and I am reporting an international cyber terrorist attack, illegal military drone, satellite, and “rogue” cell tower activity, eavesdropping, citizens abduction/ hostage situation, hack and breach issue, technological homosexual lynching, ETC. This terrorist activity began in Nashville, Tennessee, United States Of America in 2013. Here is the address where the terrorist activity began: 1271 Antioch Pike Nashville, Tennessee 37211 United States Of America ******** HELP! I have been trying to reach President Vladimir Putin about terrorism happening in the United States and I need to leave this country with Jonathan Mark Inman! EMERGENCY! ******* President Barack Obama does not have a social security card and is not a valid United States citizen. Can you contact NATO or anyone to help us!?!?!?! Also the United States Military are creating fake identifications for family members and whomever they want, even children! Please help! ******* There are "Christian" faith sleeper cell terrorists in The United States Of America using rogue cell towers and phones!!!!!!! For more information please visit my Twitter page: Twitter: @EjaeWild OR www.twitter.com/ejaewild 141 Queen Drive Ridgeville, South Carolina 29472 United States Of America

  • Mrsbutter Newark NJ #2182527 » Posted in: My online family

    Today's Daily Inspiration "Use your difficult times to learn more about God's love and blessings. Lord, may I see Your hand working in every moment of my life and realize that, even in my darkest hour, things are far better than they could be, because you are blessing me with what I need to make it through." Random Daily Inspiration "If you look for things that make you happy, those are the things that you will find. Lord, help me remember how lucky I am to be alive and how much goodness surrounds me."

    • awe wowing good morning sir Tee t #2182529

      G to day feeling like a great glorious day already when i awake and look in the mirrors see a New women instead of the one yesterday wowing smiling Thanks to God for ALL his love mercies and understanding kindness SO beautiful.make it a great glorious day.peace. la

    • May the Lord guide my steps to happiness. #2182540


  • Vivian North park San Diego Ca #2182524 » Posted in: My online family

    God know's why I choose you to talk to. I've asked HUD for help for 6yrs now. Temparaly staying at 2227 Wightman Street Sd, Ca, 92104, need to be out by May 3rd 2016. Help me I'm not a waste case. I just need someone to help me. Will you? I want the apt on arizona and landis. I will pay you back for any help you happen to show me. Vivian Jo Romero Lee. I need your help.Sir can you bless me with your kindness.call me or write me reject me in person. I only make $10,812.80 a year so I'am below poverty range. darn I would trade you a pay check just once. either yearly or monthly.You game ? please get in touch with me soon, that away I know your real...... Later Vivian...... :)

  • Aimee Wilbur 95358 #2182522 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello,My name is Aimee. You have said you read all your fan mail,well if that is true I would like a short response from you. You helped me through a rough time,on September 1st,2009 my father passed away. I was truly devastated....but one of the few things that got me through it was your plays. Some of the plays I watched over and over and over again,an the songs in the plays I sang while crying til I couldn't sing anymore (I gave my self laryngitis,haha). You helped me see that as long as I have faith in god, I can do anything. With that being said I'm 24 going on 25 on June 16th,I dropped out of High school 2 weeks before my freshman year was over. My father always wanted me to finish school to be able to go on to become a singer. I love singing with all of my heart and soul. Singing is not just a obsession, or my passion...it's my life. One day I would love to be a famous singer and have you at one of my shows! You're beyond amazing,you (in my opinion) are a legend! Thank you for all that you do! Your words and songs help people more than you will ever know! I recently got my boyfriend into watching your plays,movies,and TV shows. He loves them and adores Madea! I pray that one day I will get to finally be able to come see one of your plays an meet you! Have a wonderfully awesome day,God bless you! Sincerely, Aimee W.

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