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  • James Leeds Ashmore California #2112007 » Posted in: My online family

    I do like you very much and I like your story very much. Would you be interested in helping me with a comedy act I want to put on. I'm currently calling it " Hello God... Is that you?" I'll be having a conversation with God on the phone. I'll be introducing to the world what we missed since day one. And why we haven't figured it out and because I asked God and he told me, then now I'm stuck trying to get people to hear what we missed. So I'm going to try and go on "Americas Got talent" with this act. The way I see it is that I've only got one shot at this and I'd like to try it out on you first. Sort of a test run. Then you could help me clean it up. The reason I haven't done any stand up comedy is because everytime I do with me friends I get them to pee their pants from laughing so hard. Then we see how this won't be a good idea with a room full of people all running to the bathroom. I don't want to be banned from going to any bodies theater. This particular act I hope won't be so funny. But it will give a powerful message. Then I hope it goes viral. Yes I'm on a mission to steer humanity in a safe direction. Better then where we are going now. And here is the key to doing this. It's called " incomplete emotions" we are an emotionally immature society. I've already introduced this to President Obama and the " Emotional Awareness Dept. " for our government. He has responded 6 times to my 16 emails. He is very interested in finding out just how I plan on implementing my plan. Charting new territory requires a great deal of guidance from above and I'm on this so much that I just can't stop. So... Would you be interested in hearing me out? I'd love for you to be with me on this. What do you say? Love you... James

  • Ralph McGill . #2112005 » Posted in: My online family

    Well I come here more often. Its breakfast time and my wife and I are drinking coffee from our his and hers Madea coffee cups. Keeping the peace .. I can only wonder what's next.

  • Jackie atlanta,ga #2112004 » Posted in: My online family

    Tyler, You are so right about the grass and the tree story. You are so brilliant, I love the show"If loving you is wrong", but why so few episodes. Really, it should run like a soap opera so you could watch it everyday. WoW, you put high drama in these episodes, makes you want to keep on watching them. Now how about another Madea movies, soon, please..................................any movie you make I will see. Go Tyler Perry.....................Your the Best of the Best. Your Biggest Fan from Atlanta!!!!!!!!!!

  • I just woke up out of my #2112003 » Posted in: My online family

    Sleep mad as h.e.l.l and can't sleep. I keep thinking about how my mother was not around, didn't take care of us, never showed love or did anything for us, but expects EVERYTHING from us. She talks about us, always have if we cant give her want she wants. When I was younger and was in school, she gossiping anout me telling peoole she thinks she better than what she is, while I was paying her bills. She brings her drunk friends in my house who started doing drugs. I say uou cant do drugs she she telks them thus why I dont like comi g to boughie people house and starts ridiculing me as they leave. Im mad as h.e.l.l.

    • her azz was out #2112006

      Drinking and hanging out for days when I was is grade school. I was home alone for days, taking care of myself and still hoing to school and being responsible. While sged out fetting high, she lost all of her belongings, she comes home drunk out if her mind, cant get in the house so she comes up to my school, totally wasted snd messed up. She's dalling down in the halls, all the teachers had to come out to see what was going on and get her out of there. I was totally mortified, embarrassed. You know how that feels for a kid. I totally became reclusive and stopped talking to ppl because now everyone knows my mother is a drunk. Now, I have to take care if her. Her irresponsible ways has totally controlled my whole life. Ive been trying to get away from her my whole life but I always have to wound up taking care of her and I resent it. She has totally ripped me of my life with her behavior. And she always act like shes the victim. Thst drives me up a wall.

  • Madonna sings #2112002 » Posted in: My online family

    This used to be our playground (used to be) This used to be our great escape This used to be the place we ran to This used to be our secret hiding place (Take Care)

  • Karen #2112001 » Posted in: My online family

    Thank you Tyler for everything you do. You are amazing. God bless you

  • Zach D Chicago #2112000 » Posted in: My online family

    We always want people to change, but we need to ask, and want God to change us. You can't control them but you can control yourself.

  • Breakfast #2111999 » Posted in: My online family

  • Dirk T Battle Creek, MI #2111998 » Posted in: My online family

    Good Morning. My wife woke me early. Glory to God. So I thought I'd stop by read a little and give a shout out. I'm thankful for the grass and the trees, the birds and the bees, but mostly thankful for those that genuinely care about me, like my wife, because that's rare. Tyler, you all those reading have a blessed day!

  • Maria .. #2111997 » Posted in: My online family

    Tyler... the only reason my husband on here is because he thinks I be here. It's cool he might actually learn something. He being a FAKE FAN!

  • cb Hartford #2111995 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Tyler! I just wanted to respond to your post about your friend who complained about her friends. I think I am going to start calling you "Pastor Perry"! For years, I did the same thing...expect "Tree" people to be "Grass" people and vice versa. You gave her great advice. I am much happier now that I realize everyone has their proper place and the right personality for it. PPS. I like your Madea merchandise, but what happened to "Ma to the D*** D-E-A!"

  • If Loving You Is Wrong . #2111994 » Posted in: My online family

    Hey Tyler, don't know what it is you do. But my wife must have your autographed pictures in our home And now a recent autographed poster of you in our bedroom. I know y'all haven't met. Let's just say whatever you put out we buy. Wherever you perform in our hometown you gotta know we going regardless of price. I love my wife. Now we got my poster up to.

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