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  • Dorothy Robinson Fayetteville N, C 28306 #2155376 » Posted in: My online family

    My husband is 65, he went blind in 2013 from glaucoma. In February of 2015 he found out he has cancer. He has surgery on top of surgery .He is so ill I want to leave him. I don't work because I am the only one to take care of him. Do you have any encourage words for me. I needed some help.

    • Prayers for Dorothy & Blind Husband One Nation Under God #2155384

      My God......IN THE NAME OF JESUS.....right now Heal and Deliver this woman and her husband for they need you right now Father! Dorothy......i want to ask you a question......if this was you in your husband shoes would you want him to leave you if you had no one else to help you? Have you tried contacting agencies to have help come in to assist him while you go and run errands, some me time and parttime work if that's what you want to do? The Natioanl Association of the Blind might be a help to you and your husband. I know a Savior that is a doctor in the operation room and a lawyer in the court room......Dr. Jesus Christ! Please take time to read the word asking God for wisdom, knowledge and understanding of his word concerning your life and your husband life. Reach out to your Church home and take your husband if possible, if not ask the Pastor to come to your home anointing the two of you with bless oil with your believing in God.....ye shall be heal. Your names are now on our prayer list and will stay there. Expect a Miracle from God and start Praising Him Now!. love you.

  • Brenda Monroe United States #2155375 » Posted in: My online family

    I came out of my depression mode I'm take it one day at a time. This is not easy for me l cried for day's and my daughter call me from college in Mississippi and said mom u are human we make mistakes. I know u always wanted us to have the best in life. But it's ok cry u are a strong woman and u will bounce back by me hearing that from her l had to get out of my depression. Being in 7 foster homes l just want the best for me and my family it that so wrong.

    • Out of Foster Care into Jesus Care God Global Youth Outreach Mission #2155378

      Hello Brenda..............God is still good.......all the time! I can't imaagine going in and out of 7 foster homes, but hear me out. I was rasise by a realtive because my mom died and i was beaten for many years until i left after high school. We are in constant prayer for foster care system, foster care parents and foster care children. Try and find at a health food store it's call (SAMe) it's really help with depresssion, anxiety. If it's a little pricey for you try (st. johns wort) and (chammoile). Change your diet and eat more fresh and frozen foods. Don't listen to negative talk from no one and don't read negative material. The Bible says: we have all sinned and fallen short. Try reading the book of Psalsm 51 where David cried out to God and became....A MAN AFTER GOD OWN HEART! DAVID wasn't no Saint at first, but what made him so great with God.....David knew how to repent and move on from his horrible sins and he wrote the book of Psalms. Brenda, you are extremely bless because your daughter is attending college and she is facing peer pressure and all the things facing our youth today.........she needs you to be strong.....look how strong she is and encouraging you to. Try and volunteer somewhere that interest you and you will feel like you're making a difference. Pray and ask God what He wants you to do and to be for the rest of your life. God Bless!

  • OMG Peace #2155370 » Posted in: My online family

    Geez you really been woring it out. Look at that 6 pac. You doning the dang thang. Wow I'm realy impressed! ~ ;-)

  • Michelle New Bedford, Massachusetts #2155367 » Posted in: My online family

    Mr. Perry God Bless you! I have something to tell you is someone with your name in Facebook that person like a comment that I make in your page and I get so happy tell my kids and in seconds I received a message at my Inbox telling me that God bless me thank you for the support and I wrote back saying thanks you but they wrote to me again asking me for money for a charity that you have. They tell me that help you and I told the person thinking that was you that in this moment I can't send no money cause I this very moment am homeless am stayin in my moms some days with my sister I don't have money to give but when my situation change I help. That person tell me that want to help me and told me if I work for you then you pay me 400.00 a week but I need to find more people to get money I check the page and that "Tyler Perry" has only 8 friends that's why y found that the page was fake and I confront the person they delete me as a friend I report the page. Is sad that people play with other people fillings. I was so happy cause I'll be praying for a miracle and everything was a lie. Thank God I was alert and catch that person and I hope you tell your fans about this cause they can make you look bad if someone send money o they use them.for get money under your name and company. God bless you excuse my mistakes am Spanish I doing my best to write good

  • Brendell Lawrence Bronx, New York #2155366 » Posted in: My online family

    Good evening tylerI just came from your play Madea On The Run in Brooklyn, New York. I loved it of it course. Me my sisters, mother and best friend was also there. I loved how you couldn't stop laughing because of a lady in the audience was laughing so hard that Madea could just barley remember her lines. That is what makes a play. Keep it up!!!

  • Tosha Bosworth Kokomo indiana #2155365 » Posted in: My online family

    Sorry to bother you my family love your plays and movies they have helped alot..but i know a vet in dire need ..he has one week or he loses his up coming place . Dout this will do any good we have tried everywere else so i guess whont hurt. He was wrongly kicked out his place and he has someone that will pay for his rent only if he gets the down dept for it by the first of Dec. I know many people think thats not that much but it is when an accident (the reason he got kicked out not his falt) causes him to have reaccuring seizures. He is in the process of filing for disability and fighting the landlord and more he cannot come up with it ..we are tring to help him but im a single mom of 2 struggling myself..i am sick over this and just pray someone can help some were.

  • Brenda Monroe United States #2155364 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Tyler Perry I'm 47 single mother of 3 kids 1 that is 28 grow a daughter that ia 19 2nd year in college in Mississippi and a son in 12th grade that will be graduating 2016. I just came homeless 1 week ago I'm leaving in a shelter in Washington DC. I'm trying to be strong l went in a depression trying to deal with this the best way l know how. I'm not used to this. I feel bad cause l let my 2 kids down jumping out there thinking l could afford 1450 a month for rent l had to let my 2nd job go cause they said l made to much 51,000 l thought I could make it put l couldn't. Knowing l have one in college another child about to graduate and go to college. I did u make it. I'm trying to keep my head up.l for my kids this is the first time ever that I wouldn't be cooking thanksgiving dinner but I'm am still bless cause l still have my job. Can u keep us in your prayers.

  • Wellness in God #2155358 » Posted in: My online family

    Hey. you know me and you have been through h*** ....and I trust you and i believe the distance is our main issue.I kinda off thought because you said you could go anywhere you wanted maybe you werent serious.about me because you havent been to see.that got me thinking..and Learning to build trust. You look fabulous with your wait loss and I am also striving...to get in shape..but there is that keeps a relationship is communication..am not exclusive to you even if i was lead to you maybe ,I have seen some changes around my health anytime I say am coming to you,so that makes me realise that you are the one.i have only ever been in one seroius relationship,am not a p*** star,but I believe in you and me.I was advised by a guy near greenbriar mall that the one thing i would need to meet with you is to make sure i am invited to yours and not jsut show up without an invite. Also with church I have been advised that i should stay away from that three cord situation because that would be idolatry thats why some of the pastor dont see me in their church because of the power training i did..i know they want me but he said I would be committing adultery and have had a few threats even in church because of the gift.hope you read and let me know how you feel.

    • Hey #2155360

      He is speaking to me himself regarding who to hook up with becasue of the intensity of the anoiting ,so am not leading myself,I have to run that by him due to the intensity of the anointing and am not trying to be standoffish with some of this guys but i have to be careful,because the right one can handle...they level.did you see hurrican Patricia in texas...hope you having a fabulous evening...

  • bev e st louis #2155356 » Posted in: My online family

    come to the Midwest in the spring

  • Charlene Charles Mississauga, Ontario #2155355 » Posted in: My online family

    Good Evening Tyler....hope you are doing okay...thanks for sharing your weight goal with..us.. I am going to get healthy and strong..(like you recommended)..smile I need to to this for me and my Family... God Bless Have a great week Char

  • Rose Love Jackson, TN #2155354 » Posted in: My online family

    Please contact me! I have a great idea for a show and God is telling me to give it to you !!

  • M.H #2155350 » Posted in: My online family

    I love that picture!!!! You Made It without the showing of your body and with God alone!!! Amen!!!!

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