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  • I Love you Tyler.. #2073786 » Posted in: My online family


  • callie syracuse ny #2073785 » Posted in: My online family

    the moive is real good and funny medea cartoon we like it

  • I got to you have not told me that you love me..in a while...:(!!! no I happy..just kidding:)!!!! love forever.... #2073783 » Posted in: My online family

    Over to Fort Macpherson ..on Friday. . For personal business. ...i guess that I will see what this fort is about.... i remember. . Back in 1989?....me and my baby brother. .drove to Atlanta and back in 1 day.. because.. i had initially signed up from the Army Reserves. ..but a friend. Name Tracy convinced me with the help of a recruiter. .that I should go on active duty. ..but that was just the devil using Tracy to get to me..because. Tracy was prior military from NY. .he really did not know because if he ..he would not have talked me into joined the Devils den... but is what it is...their loss:)!!!!! Because these United States of America would be a better place to live. As of today...jokes really on them..ahah..ahah....is this fort z Macpherson. .the same building that I went to some 30yrs. Ago. I went to place in college park area... got lost...but found the building. .

  • JAMES DONOVAN. Where Eagles Gather PROPHETIC ENRICHMENT FROM THE THRONEROOM Colorado Springs, CO #2073782 » Posted in: My online family

    SHAKING OF THE CHURCH*******March 4, 2015******* I am moving in these days mightily by My Spirit, which is moving from Sea to Sea, Nation to Nation for I am shaking My church, My body of followers, to wake up and be led of My spirit to benefit My Kingdom on earth. For I am the great I am, the Mighty God. Those who set aside there own kingdom and deny self will see a increase, yes a double portion of My presence and anointing. For I am calling My servants to arise and shine and shake off the dust of the world and be led by My spirit for that is My desire for you to be My channels, my conduits of power. For I am raising up My army to possess the land, to take more territory for Me. A mighty army flowing in one accord, arm to arm fighting to promote My Kingdom on planet earth. Many shall be awaken from sleep to press into Me and I shall take them to heaven and give them marching orders for the battle of invading earth with heaven. As My corporate church, flows in unity they shall see a Mighty Move of My presence with a mighty outpouring of signs and wonders and miracles. A people who desire to be My conduits of love ministering to the poor, the needy the rejected and the sick, the widows, and the captives. I am raising up a body to flow in love with out pride and humility and to walk as I walked on planet earth. Yes with this shaking which will effect the way My corporate church functions, There will be a dying of self kingdoms. I am calling My church, My body of believers to go back to the book of Acts and meet breaking bread and ministering to one another. I am calling a people who will not run from Me but come to Me daily and pray and seek My face for then you shall see much healing, restoration and revival in your land. I am moving and shaking individuals and My whole body to press into Me in deeper intimacy, worship, praise and prayer to seek Me the one and only God of planet earth. I am raising up My army to flow in My double portion presence and anointing. So receive this shakening, don't fight it surrender come to Me the one who gives you power and authority to sound My Trumpet and declare I am alive and walking on planet earth through My army who lays down there lives to promote My Glory!

  • Bethanne Massachusetts #2073781 » Posted in: My online family

    Are you aware that American men are joining up with Isis? Do you know what kind of American men are joining up with Isis? I'll tell you. I've met them! Protestant men who do not honor Mary and who therefore cannot honor any woman at all are joining up with Isis. Did you see the production that James Caviezel co-starred called "The Stoning of Saraiha?" Then there's one even worse called "Osama". Its NOT about the Bin Ladens. Its a name that a little girl took when she disguised herself as a boy in order to attend school. Its loosely based on a true story and stories in the Middle-East. Anyhow my first introduction, as a young adult to Christianity was by a misogynist young man who'd miss-convey the sacred scriptures to me to mean that God didn't regard women as people and were placed on Earth to the disposal of men and male pleasure at all costs. Most American men live like they believe this, but many protestant male Christians actually preach this; the same join up with Isis in the Middle-East. Women crave to experience God's Love and that God is Love by way of a husband's embrace. But now that the expectations are becoming more and more confused (Repentance; Fifty Shades of Grey) for examples, marriages are less likely to occur in America. What the movies above could suggest is that once the contract for ownership and submission are signed we can ignore that the weaker vessel is a beloved child of God.

    • Bethanne Massachusetts #2073784

      Oh and as I reminded LeVar Burton just now: Alex Haley's original idea in Roots was to have women follow the wrestlers around weaving in and out of the dangerous scene. So I transformed that scene into a multi-ethnic ballet. Maybe they start out with Warthog costumes which they discard to become Nememsis and Nebula in their ministerial tell-tale dance of their future together in Spacetime...

  • Lynne Bolinger San Antonio #2073780 » Posted in: My online family

    Last message in re. Alex Cross

  • Lynne Bolinger San Antonio #2073779 » Posted in: My online family

    so, re watching and then venture to critical reviews. Wow. Haters gonna hate. I found it engrossing. I'm no genius but I DO have advanced literature degree and just retired from 40 years as high school English teacher. Usually find somebody who agrees with me. Don't blame "racism" for the slams... Maybe just a lot of readers that have preconceived ideas. Anyway, I liked it. I'm liking it again. Thanks.

  • M.H #2073778 » Posted in: My online family

    I just can't get over how much you feed people. I can't lie...you prepare great amounts of food for people. You give money like crazy!!!! All those people you gave to,boy......,your son has some catching up to do. I'm a bit stressed but I thought about that day and laughed!!! Nobody wouldn't touch that food cause. They didn't believe they was good e Nough to eat at your table . Until you came in to check on everybody.:-)

  • it is really... much love... #2073776 » Posted in: My online family

    Warm...A tornado is coming. ...take cover. ...maybe not so much here ..since it not in the tornado valley.... how are you? ??? Kind of quite on the home front:)!!!!!! which is a good. Peace. .at last:)!!!! ....."mirror on the wall is whose the fairest of them all" . I say........I, SAW, is the fairest of them All. And The mirror says ..so too.:)!!!!! what fun life could be if everybody was as Godly. ...I:)!!!!!! Right? Happy. .happy. .happy. and I am working on getting my SEXY ..back...That Will Smith ....is some kind sexy.....and look at this another one with a baby and drama...little young Chris Brown. .. with what......a 31 model.... SMH....but maybe he will grown up. He had red hair under that baseball. They are enjoying ...there youth. ....Me ..too many as an adult.. you how people have all stories ...of things that they as a kid or when they were in college. ... i remember .. .how when I was in high school. . .And over the summer ..my mother's friend's relatives came from Connecticut. . So. When I went back to school. The teacher ask..what did you do over the summer ....i said ....i went Connecticut. . know why would I lie like. ..i didn't have any to hide or be ashamed of. Live was good back.... i guess it was the devil!!!!! And other time that same BS happen... i told 1 of my friends that I was pregnant. ..but I was not. And know 30 yrs. Later I know that was the devil.tooo. but that they were trying to hide that they me going in the military for some foolish BS.. and they knew that Lisa would question me :why are you going in the military. See they didn't want anybody stopping. . Me They being the devil.. the beast of all beast. But. To bad.. because had somebody stopped me. They would not Terriors knocking on their back door. And them awful. IS IS Terrior group. But enough .... i really just by to say.. Hello Honey.. Hello. Baby. HEY SWEET HEART. much love......sitting in car waiting for 1pm. Class.

  • hello #2073775 » Posted in: My online family

    I have a man his name is Mr Perry.

  • Hello #2073772 » Posted in: My online family

    I Just want to know that i will respect your choice if you don't find hat we have healthy.

  • Jason Yera Deltona Florida #2073771 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Mr. Perry, My name is Jason Yera, I am a Handicap Aspiring Actor. My passion has always been acting since I was very young. I made a video for you on youtube and it has been doing very well. I hope that you like my video. I have been working very hard to achieve my dream. As you mention in one of your emails, the story about the well, I am going to keep digging until I hit water!! I am enclosing the link to my video. Thank you. God Bless You.

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