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  • Are you woke? by..Jon B #2193443 » Posted in: My online family

    sing to me babe......lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala......someone to love.....someone to trust.....someone to know.......yeah baby......someone to hold...

    • hey!!!!!!! #2193447

      how are you?

    • I wanna be able to #2193456

      call out of work tell them I won't be in cause I'm sick in love. (Keith S.) Fa real, doe

    • Deja #2193458

      Smiling @ "Sick in Love". Many people call out of work for stranger reasons than that.

  • Charles and Beverly Taylor 68104 OMAHA NE #2193441 » Posted in: My online family

    Hey Mr Perry my husband and I will be in your great state in july our anniversary July 23 and would like to visit your studio if possible my grandson will be on stage for the opening performance of the rap group coming to you state its our 5th anniversary and we been dating for 5years also so a total of 10 years together hope to me you in person and shake your hand please that is one thing that would make this anniversary complete.... If possible thanking you in advance the Taylor's ...

  • Tammie Hills 1030 County Road 312 Brazoria,Texas 77422 #2193428 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Mr. Perry please understand that I know of no other way to get this message to you at this time. In 2012 our mother passed away. I have 5 sisters, shortly thereafter my youngest sister founded Educate7 a Scholarship to honor our mother's legacy. Educate7 is a 501(c)non-profit community organization that provides 7 scholarships to high school graduates in Brazoria County. I am asking if you would please donate to our cause. There is more information online @ Educate7.org. Educate7 also is a way to keep our mother's legacy alive. Our mother was a true pillar of our community she was a divorcee whose small country 3 bedroom home would over the years would become home to over 10 or more men.women,and children. While working when she was younger she was shot and left for dead, she walked over a mile for help. Our mother also suffered 3 heart attacks, she had triple bypass surgery, she was a diabetic, she was on dialysis. She was a fighter. She was also the District Missionary for The Old Fashion Church Of God In Christ. When we lost her my sisters and myself and so many others of course were devastated and now we are trying to help others just as she always had. Please help us with Educate7 and keeping our moms legacy alive. Thank You. Please contact me anytime day or night. My name is Tammie Hills

  • Gloria Ingram East St. Louis IL #2193426 » Posted in: My online family

    Dementia- My cousin is going to Dementia. It is sad for me to see her decline. Mr. Tyler she doesn't remember much. But when one of your movies comes on her EYES just light up. Little House on a Prairie and your movies makes her day. Thank you so much for making funny movies for all of us to enjoy. From Gloria Ingram

  • Gooxnight #2193421 » Posted in: My online family

    Beautiful people.

    • hey!!!!!!! #2193423

      have a goodnight!!!!!! a beautiful day......i'm motivated and excited......about life......Hey!!!!! I LOVE YOU.....

    • If you don't mind me asking... #2193424

      ... what is it about life that's got you excited tonight?

    • I'm excited because I got my drive back.... #2193429

      after three years of nothing and a bad nervous breakdown....losing my job, children and home.....I'm able to see thing clearer.....even though it was raining today.....I have been in a good mood .....I got my children back and the respect is coming back too.....I got my own house (renting) but I got a roof over my head....got a car .....and i'm gaining the respect of my husband back.....My life as i knew it is slowly coming back.....I been home all day.....but I feel good....counting my blessings I guess.....life is what you make it.....and mine is getting better....we're taking small steps ....but we are moving forward.....THANK THE GOOD LORD ABOVE.......I can smile again......Overflowing with LOVE AND HAPPINESS......once again although I'm always alone.....I'm seeing the old me.....happy......praise GOD......Life as i know it is GREAT......

  • Delores (Dee) Baltimore, City #2193417 » Posted in: My online family

    I love the have and the have nots. But, I wish I could play in one of Tyler Perry movie or play as a guy because people already think I am a guy any way so I might as we ll get payed for it. Mr. Perry is a muti-talented man and I love everything he does. I to was homeless for quite some time and wish I could share my stories of the stuggles I went threw growing up in the streets of Washington, D.C.

  • Miriam Jolliff Bloomington, Indiana #2193410 » Posted in: My online family

    Will you or do you plan to put Indianapolis or anywhere in Indiana on your future your schedule?

  • Cynthia Mack California #2193402 » Posted in: My online family

    Have you seen this guy? Love your new show on own by the way

  • Marella Detroit, MI #2193388 » Posted in: My online family

    I am wondering why you are deciding to kill off all of the interesting characters that we've come to know and love. First, Wyatt's sister, and now Wyatt. Also, Maggie was killed...Who's next?? Please bring Wyatt back and stop killing off characters.

  • Ruby Chew #2193385 » Posted in: My online family

    I hate that Wyatt won't be with the show anymore. Maggie was good for David.

  • Janna simpson #2193382 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Tyler. Watching the HAHN. question wouldn't it have been realistic for CPR to have been preformed on Wyatt, instead of the actors just talking over his body? I feel sorry for Katherine. I cant wait to see what happens with her character. Are you killing off all the white people, after all they are the Haves?

  • It was cute #2193381 » Posted in: My online family

    your friend in (Nia) Uncle Buck said, she's one gospel song away from a Tyler Perry play...she was trying to stop a high school teenager from dropping out of school and running away with her boyfriend. Wish someone loved me enough to run away with me. Got a passport w/o stamps

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