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  • laura United States #2074245 » Posted in: My online family


  • Tommy Lee Williams Jr. Washington DC #2074244 » Posted in: My online family

    Good Morning Mr. Perry, I really don't know what department I'm applying for. I'm a 35 year old entrepreneur, father, coach, student, DJ and visionary. My life revolves around influential people, hard and good times, struggle, pain, sacrifices and consequences. I want to explore my heart through film because its been bottled up for so long. Raised by a strong independent woman, I gained life lessons through her trying to raise a man. So I guess I'm applying for opportunity to be apart of your family because family is what I love. Hope this make it to you Mr. Perry but if not at least I tried, god bless...

  • Donna Franklin-Blackman Lithonia, GA #2074243 » Posted in: My online family

    Greetings Mr. Perry, Congratulations on all your success! Congrats on the new baby! I just have a general question for you. My son's name is JaSiah Trinity Blackman and he is 11 yrs old. He is extremely interested in acting. I have never had a child that was interested in acting on their own. Do you have or hold open auditions for children? If so, when will the next auditions be held? Thanks, Donna Blackman

    • Serena Atlanta GA #2074248

      Hi Tyler, I don't know where to start, but my family is in so much pain right now! We lost a very important person in our family this past weekend in TARBORO NC, due to a tragic death. His name was Geoege D****** Jr and he was truly a man of GOD! Please pray for not only my family but all of the other families involved who lost their loved ones. On February 28th 2015, 4 kids unexpectedly had their hero taken away from them. Their father George D****** Jr. was fatally shot at his place of business. Four kids ages 16, 14, 5 & 3 lives have been forever changed. George was well known throughout his community as a local barber and well known from state to state as a music writer, producer and artist. Our goal is to provide some support and assistance for his kids. George was a family man. He put time in with his wife and kids & while nothing outside of him being here can replace that, the plans & dreams he had for them should still be carried out in his honor. In his honor we can all help make this possible. Click on photo to go directly to GO FUND ME Legitimate Site. The site is set up by a family member and we made contact today.

  • M.H #2074242 » Posted in: My online family

    A box with no treats but it's sweet,Why would you look in it and not peek?

  • Aretha United States #2074240 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Tyler, congratulations on your baby! What a joy it is to be blessed with a child. I am the proud, single-mom of three of the most beautiful children in the world. Jaimee, 23, a B.A., in Communications from Temple University; getting ready to graduate in May 2015 with her Master's in Politics from Howard University, and recently accepted in their doctoral program starting fall 2015, my favorite and only son, Joshua, 21, a junior at West Chester University, studying journalism/communications, host, of West Chester Ram Sports News; and my surprise (I had her at 40, so you and I know it's never too late!!!), Miss Alainna, 14, as I call her, an 8th grade honor roll, field hockey playing, track running, peer mediator, play acting, all-around smart girl. I reside in a suburb outside of Philadelphia, called Abington, PA. Everyday I wake up I give God the glory and praise! I recently turned 55 in January 2015, and decided I would began to approach life differently, so, on my birthday, I ran up the museum (Rocky) steps, in my cute hills. As of this past Tuesday, I was an extra in the "Creed" movie, and now I am contemplating my next new adventure. I write this to let you know that I am supposed to be dead, according to the doctor's. I have been diagnosed with acute renal kidney failure, Type II diabetes, chronic hypertension, and on dialysis treatment 3 x's per week for 3 1/2 hours for the past 4 years. If you were to see me, you would never, ever think anything was wrong, and why, because The Lord has preserved me for such a time as this to be a beacon, light, testimony, in this very dark world. So, I am reaching out, and letting you know, Aretha Swift is ready for her next, new adventure!!!! Have a blessed, beautiful, God Kind Of Day!!! Genuinely

  • Victoria United States #2074239 » Posted in: My online family

    My child , lean your head upon My bosom . I know well your weariness , and every burden I will lift. Take my yoke upon you and learn of me : for I am meek and lowly in heart : and ye shall find rest unto your souls.

  • Sandra Donaldson Maryland #2074238 » Posted in: My online family

    03/05/2015 Hello Tyler, I have always admired your body of work, you have put out some great inspiring plays and movies that has help many of us. I want to share an idea with you for a project that I have. Without hesitation, I strongly believed that you can put wings to this project. The end result of the project will be remarkable. I know that you are a very busy person, and your plate is over flowing with other demands. However, please take the time to reach out to me and I can give you details of the project. I know you will make all of us happy, meaning your fans to bring this project to the big screen. Thank you for taking the time to read my email and I hope to hear from you someday soon. Please continue making inspirational movies. Peace and Blessing ~SD~

  • brenda nichols United States #2074236 » Posted in: My online family

    Mr tyler perry. Please just wanna share ur son. I wanna see aman so bad. You are #1 on my bucket list. I am a short little tyler perry fanatic. Your mind amazes me. I just want to see for myself what it feels like to look up to a man.

  • Sarah Roberts United States #2074235 » Posted in: My online family

    Love Me with your whole heart. I am the Lord, your God

  • Elaine Tavolacci. Where Eagles Gather #2074234 » Posted in: My online family

    Tried By Fire - Coming forth as Gold******* March 5, 2015******* There is a book in the bible about a man named Job. He was a blameless and upright man who had experienced a great loss in every area of his life. He went through a horrendous trial for nine months. The end of the story tells us that Job was rewarded with double of everything that he lost. Job said at the end of this trying time that he shall come forth as gold because he knew that he didn't do anything to deserve that injustice. He also understood that Gods plan for his life could not be thwarted or cancelled. When God gives you a promise, it will come to pass no matter what your circumstances look like in the natural. The Lord says, I hear your cry and I hear every prayer. As you call out to Me in the fires of affliction, I will respond. Though the trials seem to multiply, I am with you through them all. Just as the refining of gold removes impurities, those things in your life that are unacceptable shall be removed. In the same way that refining gold separates the pure from the less precious metals, I am removing the dross from your life. I am releasing you into royalty which comes forth from purity. Trust Me to strengthen you as you are refined in these tying times. Disregard the opinions of those who doubt My word. The opinions of others can not negate nor cancel out My plans. Just as Job, when you are tried you will come forth as gold. In the same way that gold is symbolic for a covenant in a wedding band, I am establishing My covenant with you. Do not focus on your past so that you will not be delayed from moving into your future. I will bring you through those difficult seasons and remove those things that are confining and restricting you from moving forward. Allow Me to free you from all doubts and fears which are imprisoning you. As you trust Me, you will be released from the restraints which are holding you in bondage. Shake off the despair and heaviness that tries to attach itself to you. Be careful not to go back to your old ways of living or allow the enemy to intimidate you by trying to steal your identity in Me. The enemy could not terminate anything that I have for you, as long as you do not yield to him. Learn how to love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, rather than be critical of them. Bless them that curse you. Listen for My voice, so that you will no longer be misled by the voices of unbelief. I Am the God of liberation, and as you refuse to submit to anything contrary to My word, I will deliver you from all the chaos in your life. You will be unchained from those things that are harming you. I am the supplier of all your needs. Trust me for your healing. Trust Me for your deliverance.

    • Elaine Tavolacci #2074237

      Trust Me for your financial needs. Trust me in your marriage. See yourself healed and made whole. See yourself prosperous. See yourself strong and able to stand against any adversity that comes your way. See yourself as more than a conqueror. See yourself as the blessing that I have created you to be. As you acknowledge the glorious future that I have for you, your life will be transformed and you will see My plans come to pass in your life and ministry says the Lord. *******Job 23:10-12 But He knows the way that I take; When He has tested me, I shall come forth as gold. My foot has held fast to His steps; I have kept His way and not turned aside. I have not departed from the commandment of His lips; I have treasured the words of His mouth More than my necessary food. *******Job 42:2 Job replied I know that you can do all things; no plan of Yours can be thwarted. *******Job 42:12-17 Now the Lord blessed the latter days of Job more than his beginning; for he had fourteen thousand sheep, six thousand camels, one thousand yoke of oxen, and one thousand female donkeys. He also had seven sons and three daughters. And he called the name of the first Jemimah, the name of the second Keziah, and the name of the third Keren-Happuch. In all the land were found no women so beautiful as the daughters of Job; and their father gave them an inheritance among their brothers. After this Job lived one hundred and forty years, and saw his children and grandchildren for four generations. So Job died, old and full of days.

  • M.H #2074233 » Posted in: My online family

    A big honey bee came by me. A thought for life.

  • Susan Roberts United States #2074232 » Posted in: My online family

    Stretch forth the hand of faith.

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