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  • Timothy bell Jackson ms #2122748 » Posted in: My online family

    Mr. Perry would you help a struggling brother out I'm getting married Saturday July 11 I'm in a bind would you call me please

  • latavia Chicago #2122747 » Posted in: My online family

    I've been trying to reach you for years, please contact me asap

  • Marlana Mallet Houston, Tx. #2122736 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Mr. Perry and good afternoon to you. My name is Marlana Mallet. I am a fan of you and couldn't think of anyone to get the best advice, so I come to u. I have an amazing story I would like to share with the world that is unlike any story I ever heard. Taking that into consideration is why I feel I can trust you. I am a native from Lake Charles, La., I am 36 yrs old and a single proud mother of 5 amazing and beautiful children. I have reached a moment of completion and my story is at it's end. Through the journeys in my Life, my number one supporter, protector, and now my everything; GOD. He is first before everything! I hope this message gets to you and you find interest and time to reply to me on where do I start, I have no clue. God Bless. Sincerely Yours

  • Charlay Marie Columbus, Ohio #2122731 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Tyler Perry, My name is Charlay Marie, 26 year old author of Under the Peach Tree and When Willows Weep. I am also showcasing The Holy Shop, during the 3rd Annual Columbus Black Theater Festival this July 11th, at 2pm (@ the Columbus Performing Arts Center). I am reaching out to you because if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have found my passion in directing. I thank you for allowing the Lord to use you as a powerful instrument in the African American community. I can only hope that one day I can be as successful as you are in empowering African Americans all around the nation through my books, plays, and movies. The reason I have decided to write to you, every single day, until the day of my play, is because I believe that by the power of God, this message will reach you, and you may find pleasure in doing what I will ask of you. Tyler Perry, will you please come to see my play? I would love to have you come and support. I am not asking for a job. I’m not asking for a huge donation to help kick start my career; I’m only asking for the chance to allow me to put a smile on your face by watching my stage play, The Holy Shop. I’m sure you’d have to sneak in and be incognito, but maybe you could come disguised as Medea’s great grandfather! Ha! No one would even notice you sitting in the back! I will pray constantly that this message reaches your eyes and that you will attend my play. Please, Tyler Perry! Please be a blessing to me by allowing me to be a blessing to you! Sincerely, Author Charlay Marie

  • Linda Clayton #2122724 » Posted in: My online family

    Good morning I hope for you a place of rest and peace for your soul. You always give so much of yourself do take time for restoration for the renewing of your body, mind and soul. So that God can fill up your cup once again to over flow on His people and land. May God keep you in prefect peace. I Love You Family.

  • Mrsbutter Newark Nj #2122723 » Posted in: My online family

    Today's Daily Inspiration "Peace of mind is the greatest asset we can have for happy healthy living. This an inner victory which only comes from knowing God intimately. Random Daily Inspiration "Whatever plans I have in mind, lord I surrender them to you. I will do the best I can but in the end, let your will be done."

    • Yes Jesus! #2122726

      YES GOD!

    • @ I love you #2122769

      I never use this word, but "WOW", is that love or what:-)!!! OR delusional obsession:-)!!! lol

  • I LOVE YOU #2122720 » Posted in: My online family

    That's just the way it is. No! There isn't a definitive deciding jesture on your part that contributes to this conclusion. Contrary! Lately...I was born (bequeathed) bred to be with you. I used to wonder why "my" things NEVER! Happened to anyone that I knew! The weirdest of things even the simplest of things. Being on this journey with you (or how ever you say it) has shone a tremendous amount of light (ah ha). Can you identify another that would have endured??!! Without going into detail...my love, now, only exists for you! My WHOLE life has been about you! If I'm wrong it's one heck of a coincidence! I can't move forward without you. I've side stepped but not forward. I can see it but I don't know how to change it. Destiny! is Destiny! Apparently. I'm tired of alone+crying (don't make no flowers grow). "Just the 2 of us We can make it if WE try. Continuing because I Believe in YOU & ME

    • oh my God it is true, #2122721

      What omg

    • M.H #2122722

      Tyler Perry would love reading this. I hope he speaks to you.;-)

  • M.H #2122718 » Posted in: My online family

    Us as the little people, we have so much to tell and so little to hold on to. I go out here and buy a DVD only for it to end up scratched and not be replaced by the company. Why don't companies replace a DVD that has been scratched by your children? Because it was your fault for being tired! Your fault for trying to find hope somewhere in something so you could feel good in your miserable, poor, broken down home. I made investments but what is an investment if you have to spend more money to replace what gave you hope because of what you thought. Are there any one -time exemptions anymore?! I heard mistakes makes great but how can we correct a mistake if we have not been given a second to get it right? I don't know about any of you but in to make great investments and receive my fair portion. All I have to do is remember what I would have to sacrifice to get it. May everyone journey be blessed. Good day

  • Chetta Las Vegas, NV #2122714 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello and beautiful Sunday to you Mr. Perry. I woke up this morning and started as I have not in a long time, with the Word. You are one of the reasons I believe in dreams coming true. You are living proof that life can exceeds the minds greatest aspirations. You always include God in everything you do and thank you for that. It provides a reminder for those of us that are lost and looking for their way back. I would like to write songs for your productions, as what I write is heartfelt, just as everything you do. Even if I never get the opportunity to, I wanted to just thank you above all else for being you. God truly blessed the world with you. Please continue inspiring and rising. Be blessed Mr. Perry. Sincerely, Chetta

  • M.H #2122712 » Posted in: My online family

    My Last Morning Thought........As I'm taking in the morning I seen the sun still doing it's job after so many years. Don't look a year older. The sun has a clean area and doing great. The didn't need to be poor or rich to have such an important job and to be young forever. I looked at all the sun's blessings for just being the sun. I became jealous of the sun because of this. But I noticed something else about the sun, The sun was teaching me. Why get jealous at the sun if It's teaching me something to live and have everlasting life. MY LAST MORNING THOUGHT FOR TODAY is.......Appreciate the sun and learn. Good day

  • Anita Brewer Greensboro #2122711 » Posted in: My online family

    I am white but can be black. I have a character and a daughter who can plays these parts like the pimp daddy show I saw yesterday with Vince Vaghn and Will Ferrow. I have already created many many rap songs for my daughter and country humor for me. I am able to take a classical piece of literature and make it humorous and even thought we could have kids perform various parts for points and prizes. My styles are from the heart but can be silly and contagiously original. My daughter can too. She is a mimic and I am a mixer. Give us a bowl and you got the new fixers. We are better than Joan and her daughter Rivers and both attractive. PLUS I AM broke and living at home with white stoics who love Sheldon and the big bang but wont help this soon to be 49 year old NEEDING some touch ups. Needing some touch up. I know what looks good and I need some touch ups. My account has less than 100 and I am tired of being a nurse aide which is another funny story line we could do. Please call me so I can get dolled up again, wear wigs and laugh. My gradnson is a natural too. WE ARE IT........I can create game shows and use Hans Christian Anderson or Michael Jackson. I want to have a show ubt you can help with that. Comedy Central needs Tyler Perry and Anita Brewer can blend it and wind it and rewind the send it. Please call me ! I prefer Polyester! OH yaya! And lots of kids books too. We can even use your stationary splashed in my bath water of 2 inces deep due to Daddy Said So! Daddy says move your cup. Anita Moves her cup. Mother says ssh. I say Go! I am ready to meet you and will bring my computers with me. The one thing I do lack is being updated with these computers since mine are filled away in the air and i cant get them down. WE would look better than Kelly and the gap teeth, need i say more. I JUST GOT TO GET SOME TOUCH UPS .......SOON...then I look 38 again and can work out before and after the show and i dont have a husband telling me what to do and kids are grown. Kids are grown. I really do need this chance and will only get better. I did all the voices in lacy Lumps but got tired. I can do many many voices since my voice is husky. I would put a picture or two on this but dont know how so if I dont hear back from your profile of happiness, Ill have to just show up and we can go from there. Call for the girl next door and the Twist of 7 generations. ANITA L. BREWER ....PLEASE SET UP A TIME TO MEET ME. AGAIN OR EMAIL ........thanks for hearing me........I am very sensitive and need this deeply......

  • M.H #2122710 » Posted in: My online family

    Good morning Perry.

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