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  • Morales Sacramento CA #2121583 » Posted in: My online family

    I need help

  • Naomi Chapman Florissant,Mo. #2121581 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Tyler Perry ,Just wanted to say I Do admire You For what you're doing with all your Televisions shows , I'm not really into Television, But when I heard you had series airing , I was overwhelmed, I Have Not Missed Any Of The Shows,I don't answer the phone , or nothing , I isolate myself from everything no matter what's going on!!, Everybodt Knows Not To Disturb Me No Matter What,Including My Husband!!( That 's Me Time). May God Contined to Bless You In All Thay You Do & More.I' a A 66year Old Lady, And Ican Relate to Madea !! too , That's What I My Mother Too, God Rest Her Sole , Reminds Me Of Mother. Also I Just Read An Article On Your Visit To Bobbi Brown, I've been thru Hospice too, with Lost Of All My Immediate Family , I feel Their Pain Too,I'm Praying For All Of Them , As I sit here writing to you ,it brings Tears toMy Heart, You're Such an Inspiration, It Help Me to get Thru Another Day , With Laughter . Love You Tyler .Naomi.

  • Darah Betania Jeannette Massachusetts #2121579 » Posted in: My online family

    Let me remind you of what I mean by Muncheasan's Syndrom bi-Proxy: It is when someone who works in the the health industry mal-practices on their own family members by resorting to torture and then claims to be the ongoing source of their needed rehabilitation. Therefore the victims are deliberately made chronicly ill, which is represented to society as something that adds to their keeper's importance and to his/her medical journal, when in fact, the keeper of these offspring had made them sick in the first place, and use their position in an ongoing way to keep their victims repressed with their burdens. This goes on very often in this world, and it can take on physical or emotional manifestations...

    • Darah Betania Jeannette Massachusetts #2121580

      Society is more than happy to fall into deception; they favor the wealthy class and join the chorus of dumping on prey; they are attracted to phony prestige and bow before them while continuing to join in on oppressing their victims with ancient stigma perhaps earned as a youth. They don't need a whole lot of reason for choosing to enable these crimes against humanity, other than to save their own faces in society...

    • Darah Betania Jeannette Massachusetts #2121582

      So anyhow, I need the layng on of holy hands, as in "For Colored Girls"; when you feel yourself growing angry with your subjects it is something you ought to consider in a spirit of calm, when you calm down: The laying on of hands in prayer...(My spritual gifts have been squashed; because of my repressive situation there were so many career opportunities that I had to passby, but now I want you to lay on me your holy hands in your prayers, and ask me into your fellowship of trust and improvements). My daughter is finally emerging from her last year of childhood at age twenty-seven; which chronical age does not by itself make her an adult, but because she's cooperating with my request of her to acquire her very own income. I hope she's awarded the social security, as I have been, so that we may learn w financial safety to make better progress in future with you. She has had a background in dance and theatre arts more than I, but I believe life experience with the way of the cross could be your attraction too...

  • Beautyfull ga #2121578 » Posted in: My online family

    good afternoon..have a great day

  • Sylvia Felix Douglasville #2121575 » Posted in: My online family

    Good Afternoon Mr.Perry.Forgive me for my boldness,but the word of God says you have not because you ask not.What I ask isn't for me per say but it is.I moved here from South Georgia about a month ago.My 89 year old mom I had to admit into one of the local Nursing Homes. This is what I want to ask,it is my desire to one day open a retirement Community;however it has not come to pass as of yet. Mr.Perry,the facility were my mom resides needs some assistance.It was founded by a very Atlanta women to assist the poor and forgotten people in this community.I was wondering if you could assist them,they could use another Television in the community room and on the Holidays maybe a real celebration, it could be a tax write-offs ; would you consider contributing to this Nursing Home?

  • Darah Betania Jeannette Massachusetts #2121574 » Posted in: My online family

    So anyhow, while Aunt Teresa has stayed with an abusive boyfriend for several years; one who even threatened her elderly parents in their ninety's, she determined to stay with him at their expense and at cost to herself, since she then stayed away from her extended-family Christmas parties every year thereafter. My father is her eldest brother and was not very supportive or protective of her, and made her feel that she was just in the way, an added burden to his elderly parents, my grandparents. So if ever I complain on facebook captions about my father's false rumors, concerning me which regards petty or "loving put downs", Aunt Teresa moves right in on this opportunity to replace me, which she cannot. She lost her father to his elderly years, and decided to move in on my father, and push me out of the way, thus pay it forward on her losses! She accused me of trying to steal her fiance simply because I welcomed him to the family! She's a battered woman who is scape-goading on me, who she believes is the least favorite neice and that the family could do without! She cannot celebrate her V.I.P day without putting someone else out and running her summary executions! So her V.I.P. wedding day has to be at someone else's expense! She married her African-American hero, but made sure that I would experience her V.I.P. day as my personal loss, as though I had a fettish instead of a genuine admiration for the inner-man of the heart.

    • Darah Betania Jeannette Massachusetts #2121576

      So ya, Teresa, my father's youngest sister met the battering boyfriend, who broke her ribs on several occasions, in between having conceived a child outside of wedlock, and losing custody of Britney in her pre-teens to her father, and then reconvening with P.R. her Newlywed. She wrote me out of no where and told me that under no condition am I to replace anyone in my family who cannot attend. Then she stated "You are not invited!" I had no idea where this was coming from; I hadn't begged for an invitation that I even remember, because I take it for granted that there's always an open invitation for me whereever there's a vacant slot in a wedding predicament. My presence is not something I ever impose, because I do not even know my way around! I get disoriented driving in my own home-town. If my father and brother had planned to attend with me on the arm, they would have cleared it with her first; but she made it known to me her hard feelings about my presence in her family stystem, which also is mine! She didn't come up with a reason until hearing me for one entire week belly-aching to the rest of them concerning her mstreatment! That's when my father's youngest brother decided to let me in on his scheme in all of this, covering his own tracks! He was embarassed about himself in front of me, and encouraged Teresa's incentive for discrimination...

    • Darah Betania Jeannette Massachusetts #2121577

      P.R. was more than happy to go along with the scheme to cover for his new brother-in-law, because he doesn't know me, and it's no skin off his n*** to do without me! We're perfect strangers, so to him its no loss, that my father's youngest siblings are ousting me and my daughter since her twelvth year of life from the family-group. It's made hanging onto life harder on me and my child; its made saving our souls very difficult. But speaking of this, as you know, I claim to be a surviving victim of Muncheausan's Syndrome Bi-Proxy! My mother's final confession, concerning her victims got her stung by a bee, and she nearly died. It would have been an easy death that arranged for a confrontation with her maker concerning these things. But one of the things that won her a stay of execution, other than for my prayers for an appropriate, and merciful Purgatory was that her second eldest daughter served her as an enabler, her praises of our mother weaved into my mother's report, silencing the other five lambs. My sister, Therese was in the same weekend bitten by a spider, and made fairly ill, but is now recovering...(It's a warning!)

  • Stephanie P. Green South Boston, VA #2121573 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Mr. Perry, It's Stephanie. I am taking steps to activate my DREAM to join the TPS team. I have begun to seek acting trainings/coaching, Head Shots, Demo Reel and etc. I am developing a plan and maintaining faith you will allow me an opportunity to join the TPS team. My daily tweets on Twitter, TPS website comments, and submissions are pleads to join the team as "I BELONG ON THE TEAM." I recently got to the place where I realized, I am good enough, and on 3/17/15, during the "Too Darn Hot" party I gained the confidence and boldness needed to fight for my DREAM. The indescribable stirring within is unreal and I believe since the CREATOR of DREAMS placed the DREAM within me, HE will and shall bring it to fruition. Please allow me an opportunity to join the TPS team. Allow me to bring the water or etc. until you believe my heart and motivation is real. A Dreamer, Stephanie. HAVE AND HAVES NOT, PREMIERS TONIGHT ONLY ON OWN 8 P.M. EST. Congratulation TEAM. I will be watching and praying for a blessed season. Love you. Stephanie

  • Deborah Ashley Miami, Fl #2121572 » Posted in: My online family

    Hey, Tyler I love all your plays and movies. I'm inspired by you because in everything you do, you put your heart and soul into it. I love you for that, you've changed soo many lives all over the place. God is going to keep blessing you with more and more resources to write for all of us. I hope to meet you one day soon. One of your play I was going to see and went on the wrong say and missed it. I was soo upset I missed the play and you. I want to know when you are coming back to the Miami area. I would love to see you.

  • Richa Ross Yukon, OK 73099 #2121571 » Posted in: My online family

    Mr. Perry, My grandson was Shabastian, the crab in the Little Mermaid, in Branson, Mo Please check out his facebook " Christian Ross" page. His first paying show! I have tried to support him to this point and now they cancel the show. Maybe you can buy the show? So they can continue! Thank you for any consideration or just for reviewing this matter. I know you are a busy, busy man. Thanks again.

  • Shane Collins Alabama #2121570 » Posted in: My online family

    I just want to know when 'If Loving You I s Wrong' is back on! Also, I am seeking to work at the studio. It would be an honour. My grandmother is a Pastor and reallllly admires your work!

  • Victoria Brandon Spring Hope, NC 27882 #2121569 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Mr. Perry, I am a 64 year old female who loves all your series and movies. I am so glad to be getting back to The Haves and the Have Nots. I am also looking forward to seeing Love Thy Neighbor. I would love to see Hattie on The Haves and the Have Not's get a love interest and please, please, give David some balls and let him stand up to Veronica. What is wrong with him. How did he get to be a judge and can't control his home life. It is time for Veronica to get her come uppance and for Quincy to get his and let Candace get her son back. My favorite character is Madea. Anything with her in it I love. You are truly a blessing and to all. I wish you continued success and may God continue to bless you.

  • Sheila White Philadelphia Pa #2121568 » Posted in: The Haves And The Have Nots

    The Have and the Have not's is the best series Tyler has ever done. I can't wait for tonight 's new season. I'm hooked, when it's finally over I won't know what to do with myself.

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