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  • Mildred Owens Chicago #2112694 » Posted in: My online family

    YOU told her right you can't expect people to be like you or like the tree if you are going to be with your friends except them for who THEY are don't try to change someone YOU just in up changing your self thanks Tyler love you friend to the end keep writing and making your shows AND I will keep watching but still your friend to don't change for NO one and don't expect her friends to change

  • Carolyn Burton St.LouisMo. #2112693 » Posted in: My online family

    Mr, Perry I am asking for your help cause I am homeless and recently had open heart surgery. And I can not work .I came back to STL from Arkansas cause I had no help from anyone because I have no family there.I had a car accident on this past Sunday ,May 30,2015 and it was not my f ault but it did re open my chest .I am living in a motel out by STL airport trying to find mea place to livey problem is I have bad credit snd no one wsnt yo rent to me.Will you help me snd thank you for reading my e-mail, I neef a safe resident w ith no little or no steps. Carol Burton

    • I hope things get #2112695

      better for you. In the meantime, be grateful for the motel. Some people are under bridges and such. I know you're tired and you're just ready to live in a comfortable space of your own. It will get better. -Cat's Eyes-

    • I hope that Mr. Tyler Perry #2112701

      Is so wrapped up in love that it show up written, So Deeply and Happyn In Love On His Forehead, Do Not Disturb!!!!!

    • Face It All!!! #2112703

      Fred Hammond

  • ESTHER chicago #2112689 » Posted in: My online family

    Dear Mr. Perry; you are right; We can't change others, only ourselves.A person's expectations of others is only a failed area in our own life. We can only be examples of living right.The grass turns brown without water.People's lives turn upside down without proper nutients; love ,joy ,peace and charity.uncontrol emotions drives a man's behavior.Not learning from our mistakes lead to more. Be blessed

  • Anikka Forbes London (United Kingdom) #2112688 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Tyler, Having just read your 'mailing list' why you mad... I just wanted to express that the way you went about explaining IT to your friend was great!!! We can only be responsible for ourselves and actions... that is it. Accepting and Respecting people for how they are is paramount, regardless of wither you like how they are or not... the main thing is, is to remember we are all different and you should either accept a person or people for that or simply remove yourself from them!! I can relate to your friend 100% but never once said "I wish they would change or wish they were different" why because I am ME and they are them... simple!!! I have no time to entertain any Family, Friend or Foe if there is negativity, Fakeness or I felt were no longer worthy of me... therefore I simply removed myself from them all. We all have a choice as to who we have and associate with and anything not positive... needs to be Removed.

  • Cat's Eyes #2112686 » Posted in: My online family

    Good morning, Tyler! I hope you're having a fantabulous Friday. Do you have plans for this amazing Friday? Something just feels good about today. What can we get into today, Tyler? :-) I don't know how you plan to spend your day but I hope it's full of peace and joy. Drink a good ole cold sweet ice tea for me. :-) Have a blessed day! (((Hugs))) -Cat's Eyes-

  • Antoniette Tarver cheyenne, wy #2112683 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi my name is Antoniette Tarver. I just need prayer more than anything. I lost my place of residence and soon enough I will lose my car as well. I got laid off and on this side of the country its not easy finding a stable job. I am past the point of desperation. And I have no one to lean on but god. I've tried every avenue I could think of and all has failed. I stay at the community shelter if I can get in or at friends house. I'm so tired I feel like giving up most days. If there is any who can help or at least say a prayer for me I would really appreciate. Thank you

    • I hope things get better #2112687

      for you. God is able to change your situation and I'm able to pray for you...so I did. I know it gets rough but don't give up. -Cat's Eyes-

  • Thandeka Thusi South Africa;Johannesburg;Soweto ;Dubevillage #2112682 » Posted in: My online family

    Mr Tyler Sir Hope you good ,i received your email about your friend who is constantly complaining about how people keep on disappointing her and so forth ,as you you asked what i think of the advice you've gave her it's the truth and you told her what she needed to hear not what she wanted to hear and that makes you even more of special and loving friend you are . You know like i have mentioned this before i guess i also needed to hear that hey,last year we were talking the the diamond source designers for my engagement bend then it out of the blue i hear that my so called fiance father of my child soon husband to be has went to another woman's house asked his colleague's family for the hand in marriage while in a meanwhile i'm sitting at home thinking that we are still going ahead with our marriage plans yet little i knew that he was plying me for a fool for close to ten years . just last month my daughter was admitted to hospital and he came with his fiance and i sucked it up so now he's busy showing off their wedding rings on whatsApp and it's killing me inside and but i'm glad that you shared with me what you told your friend and i can't change him and what he is but to accept everything and do what is write for my daughter . Thank you Tyler .

  • Thank God United States #2112681 » Posted in: My online family

    May it be well in our souls.

    • thank you so much for your intercession #2112691

      i love you dearly.

  • It is well! #2112680 » Posted in: My online family

    God has you covered ! He is hiding you in the shadow of his wing! Remember beloved no weapon will prosper ! God got it!

    • very delicate sensitive times, must be sharp & ale #2112692

      Thank you for keeping our names before the Lord. I love you sincerely.

  • Vickey Gaffney 924 Kipuka Dr NW Albuquerque,NM 87120 #2112676 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Mr. Perry. I want to share a dream that I had a few nights ago. I put it in writing and I pray it helps someone. It's called And Suddenly. AND SUDDENLY It was a bright and sunny morning. We were all at my parents house getting ready to go out of town and suddenly the clouds turned grey and the wind started gently blowing. I thought to myself hmm there's a decision to be made. Immediately the dark clouds replaced the sun and lighting pierced the sky. T****** came charging in like cannons sounding off during war. The gentle blowing wind turned into hurricane force winds and suddenly I knew this was a tornado and there was nothing we could do. I yelled to everyone - get down on the floor and cover your heads. I could never follow my own instructions as I felt compelled to watch. The wind was uprooting trees and electrical polls all around us. Cars were being picked up and dropped down in other neighbors yards. Debris was flying everywhere. I just knew we were going to die. And suddenly I saw the trees in our yard curl up their branches like fists, stand their ground, and sway in a different direction than the wind was blowing for they were under the command of God. The storm completely stopped like a snap of the finger. Nothing ever fell in the direction of our house. Not even a window was broken. Our cars were parked in the drive way and our house was still in tact. And suddenly I knew what God was trying to tell me. God is an "and suddenly" God. When you call on the name of the Lord during times of distress and you feel you can't go on and suddenly someone calls or texts you about their problems, you say to yourself, my life I isn't so bad after all. When as my pastor would say your money is funny and your change is strange and your bills are due, you give it to Jesus and suddenly before you know it, someone comes by and pays you the money they owe or you get a unexpected check in the mail or your job gives you a surprise bonus. Each one is more than enough to pay your bills. God is with us through every trial and tribulation silently watching to see if we will notice although our despair. The lesson, if ever learned is waiting to show that God is faithful and he really does care because his love is unconditional. And suddenly you find yourself on the other side with more than you could ever think or dream for God is an "and suddenly"God.

  • Greetings Mr. Tyler Perry United States #2112675 » Posted in: My online family

    We are more than happy to accommodate Ms. Bills choice selection. Will keep you informed of final choice updated. Enjoying your productions.

  • Cillia United States #2112667 » Posted in: My online family

    Tyler Perry, I think you should do something on the bible. Show the world the true story and that we're living in the last days. I personally think if you do one, it should be the first five books; Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy and the last book; Revelation. Some people don't understand that we have been living a lie and Our heavenly father words have been twisted and turned to satisfy others wills and wants. It time for this world to know the truth and open their eyes. **Research the 12 tribes of Israel ''Israelites'', Tribe of Judah, YAH/Yahuah and Yahushua/Yahusha, and The truth about the Tree of Life. * -type YAH into the name database* *They need to know that Our heavenly father, YAH, Only ask us to keep us Covenant, LAWS, and SABBATH holy!! Do your own RESEARCH!!

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