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For Better Or Worse, Tyler Perry’s sit-com centers around two of Perry’s favorite characters from the big screen- Marcus and Angela. Marcus and Angela were first introduced to the world in Tyler Perry’s blockbuster hit feature films… “Why Did I Get Married”, and “Why Did I Get Married Too”.

For Better Or Worse is a not-so-subtle situation comedy that follows the zany and sometimes tumultuous relationship of the lovesick couple. Tasha Smith and Michael Jai White are back to reprise their roles in the half-hour show. Michael plays Marcus, an ex football player turned sports commentator who owns his own sports talk show. Tasha Smith also resumes her role as Angela, the edgy and outspoken wife of Marcus who is dedicated to her husband, children, and marriage. The show also follows the lives of those who Marcus and Angela call their friends. There is Joseph, Marcus’ best friend and business partner. Joseph is left devastated by his breakup with long-time girlfriend, Leslie. Tired of waiting for a proposal from Joseph, Leslie has moved on to bigger and better things while staying focused on her career and her undying friendship with Angela. Keisha, Marcus’ ex- continues to cause a world of trouble for the group of friends and colleagues. And Jennifer and Todd are still as crazy as ever.

For Better Or Worse is ground breaking television, and is one of the biggest TV shows movie mogul Tyler Perry has ever produced. The sets, high fashion, and the strikingly good looking cast come together to create a truly sexy and provocative half-hour of television. Viewers will experience a fresh approach to the traditional sit-com format that will provide all the elements of well-crafted storytelling and the raw intrigue of reality TV. For Better Or Worse explores the controversial and joyous moments associated with marriage and dating in a 21st Century world. And like always, viewers will leave with life changing messages that have become a trademark of the Perry brand of entertainment. Don’t miss the next Tyler Perry hit… For Better Or Worse.

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  • Beejcee Missouri

    Sure got that right! You and De Young. Todd I can tolerate to a point because he has been introduced to us as an intern, so he is young and silly and has room to grow. But Jennifer on the other hand has 2 children and one of them a young adult in college. She needs to chill! Keisha on the other hand is going to come back a bit humbled I hope since Angela busted her to Richard about the daughter.

  • DPW Dallas, Texas

    I am a huge fan of your work, however, I am very disappointed with the Todd and Jennifer characters on For Better or Worse. They are overkill! I want you to be a continued success but I am concerned with how their characters are written in the script. You are far far better than "slapstick comedy" and cheap laughs and that is what their characters have become. Please continue to be true to your talent of keeping it real. Keshia's story lines don't bother me because if you have ever worked or been exposed to family law "Gold Diggers" are alive and well and your stories about Keshia are spot on! However, Jennifer and Todd are annoying. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or need ideas!

  • Radiant Florida

    The audience laugh track is VERY MUCH ANNOYINGLY STAGED. Please change it or get rid of it! It makes the production appear to be LOW BUDGET and UNPROFESSIONAL' Please attend to this issue ASAP!!!

  • De Young Indianapolis, IN

    Hello Mr. Perry, I am wracking my brain to figure out why you think the characters of Todd and Jennifer are the slightest bit funny. They both do and say the most ignorant things and they add nothing to the show, in fact the show would be better off without them. They set Black people back by a 100 years! Neither one of them have any filters and will say anything that pops out of their mouths. They are the ones who make your serious story lines look like jokes. I'm sure you have a reason for writing their characters in this manner, I just can't figure out what it is. They are too d*** to draw breath.They are the reasons I stopped watching it on TBS. I thought that they would be gone when you brought the show to the OWN network, but here they are, alive and still stupid. While I admire your work, you need to rethink these two characters because you have really dropped the ball when it comes to Todd and Jennifer.

  • Nique Dallas, TX

    Mr. Perry, I see so much greatness in this show. First, let me say that you are absolutely unbelievable and I look forward to your next EVERYTHING! Also because you are the most well-know AA writer, producer, etc. I pray for your continued success which is also why I want to share my thoughts! Of course I'm not suggesting your creative talents aren't scrutinized by your team; however, based on my career-constantly analyzing-I wanted to share my analysis of your show that creates some distractions. First, I struggle with the laugh tracks. They are delayed and make the humor seem so forced & fake. In addition, some of the behaviors are so extreme, such as Todd & Keisha's. Their behaviors are more extreme than anyone, especially an African American male, will accept. Those two things alone takes away what your projects usually do...appear real. So real, I sometimes forget I'm watching fiction. Finally, and in lines with my past comments, I realize some of the flow rather in conversation or behavior, doesn't make logical or gradual sense. For example, Leslie could've easily stepped outside the hospital to use Angela's cell phone when Jennifer wouldn't let her use hers. Also, during a time like that, what real friend wouldn't let you use their phone? That's one example and yes, I know this is just TV, but I want your projects to be different. Without much thought, I find myself doing this alot...its just my make- up! I also wander if I should've went into TV to provide this type of feedback...identify when it becomes too unrealistic! Regardless, I love you, your work, and commitment to elevating our African American actors. Please keep it coming!!! You are truly heaven sent. I'd welcome an opportunity to share more from a true fan who wants your projects to be different in so many ways!

    • Beejcee Missouri #1878776

      Nique, I agree with your comment regaring reality. On the episode when Marcus, Todd and Richard brought Josph to Marcus and Angela's house. I understand why they still had on their wedding attire, but why did Angela and Jennifer? It appeared that we were watching two different episodes. Then Leslie and Chris show up in different clothing, it just seemed strange. Just my 2 cents!

    • Vicky Washington, D.C. #1878860

      I thought I was the only one who thought of that..It was very weird indeed!! smh

  • lizzi philadelphia

    Don't think the laugh tracks are helping. Waiting too long for responses makes it boring.

    • Lannypoo Chicago #1878963

      Agree! Agree! The laughs tracks and the pauses make the show seem low budget. Enjoyed the show much better on BET!!

  • sandra cowan United States

    Yes Tyler I have a problem it is that we cant c for better r worse because we dont have that channel OWN.So why u do that 2 me and I cant c that show no more.U know that I enjoyed everything u doso I hope u understand that I cant finish watching u shows.So I hope that it as good as the other stuff.So talk soon may god bless Sandra

  • Cody Idaho

    Mr. Perry, Love the show been watching since day 1 and now with the new season I have to say Leslie and Joseph need to be together.

  • Sunmola Adeyemo London

    Hello Mr Perry Is For better for worse going to be on DVD. We your London fans are missing out on too much.



  • Marisha Marlowe Kingsland GA

    I was wondering where I could purchase Season 1 of for better or worse or when it will become available for purchase. Unfortunately the cable company where I live doesn't and cannot get the OWN channel.

  • Daniella ormond beach,fl

    Is for better or worse on dvd and is ever going to be?

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