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From prolific, writer, director, producer Tyler Perry, The Haves and the Have Nots is a new television drama that follows the complicated dynamic between the rich and powerful Cryer family and the hired help who work in their opulent mansion set in Savannah, Georgia.

From the outside, the Cryers are the enviable face of success and wealth, but behind the veil the family’s dysfunction threatens to destroy their world of privilege. Cryer family patriarch Jim Cryer (John Schneider) is a powerful judge whose double-life, including tawdry affairs with high-priced escorts, puts his family and political ambitions at risk. His wife, Katheryn Cryer (Renée Lawless), is the ultimate matriarch portraying a loving and dutiful wife, but she is willing to do anything to protect her family’s status. Their son Wyatt (Aaron O’Connell) is a troubled angry jock who cares little for his own image and finds himself in and out of rehab. His sister Amanda (Jacyln Betham), a struggling law student, tries harder to live up to her parents’ expectations, but unknowingly has befriended a scurrilous young woman, Candace Young, with the power to ruin the entire family.

Hanna Young (Crystal Fox) is the Cryer’s maid and the matriarch of her family. Despite having no money, she has found other types of wealth through religion and virtue. She prides herself on her dutiful son Benny (Tyler Lepley), the glue who helps keep the family together. Hanna does have one dark secret, however, her estranged daughter Candace (Tika Sumpter)—a manipulative opportunist who will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

Other characters in the series include the Cryer’s chef Celine (Eva Tamargo), their wealthy friends Veronica (Angela Robinson) and David Harrington (Peter Parros), and son Wyatt’s rehabilitation counselor, Jeffery Harrington (Gavin Houston).

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  • JB

    What kind of car was Veronica driving when she picked up Jeffery?

    • shirley summerville sc #2040123

      it was a range rover

  • carol monroe va.

    I don't she shot Wyatt, I shot herself...

  • carol monroe ashburn,va.

    I think this is one of the best shows on t.v. my husband and I love it..but why do we have to wait so long for it to come back on....

  • E. Bourne Dallas, TX

    I agree with most of the comments. Mr. Perry, you are a much better writer than that! I think you're concentrating on too many shows right now and not giving HAHN the proper amount of writing time it deserves. A cliffhanger should have us writing, calling, emailing, yelling and screaming at you for making us wait 6 months. I truly hope you start the next season with a "bang" and I don't mean with Amanda's gun! You have a great storyline, the best characters and a terrific show. More action is all we need. Thanks. P.S. Please give Jeffrey a backbone next season.

    • carol monroe ashburn, va. #1984600

      I so agree with you

  • Christine M

    I tried, I really tried with this show, but I can no longer subject myself to this inferior content. Amanda's transition from simpleton to lunatic was not smooth and not believeable. Please explain how as smart as Candace was, she would opt to meet Jim in a dark park and get herself kidnapped. As shrewd and calculating as she was, that stupid move was not consistent with how she normally handled herself. Not believeable! Hannah... (sigh). This character is the most undignified, loud woman with no sense of decorum. I mean really! Falling out on the ground in court, begging on her knees, not knowing how to act in social settings. I can't with this character. In fact, this is some of the worst writing I have ever seen. I took this off my DVR and will no longer watch this drivel.

    • Angel NY #1984661


  • Rosa Jacksonville, FL

    Tyler: let me say I love the show's concept. Last nights show left a lot to be desired. I so agree with the other comments. I believe you to be a talented writer however you are now repeating yourself. Last season you had Candace kidnapped, so why would you end with Jim being kidnapped really. The g** storyline we get it. This seems to be promoted heavily. I admire Veronica for speaking her mind. You made us love Hanna at first now most of us think she is a sad example of what a Christian should be. Candace , character is so unreal. I have no idea what happen to the actors last night. They did not perform well. I know I seen and heard the same lines that were used before with the David and Maggie episode what 2 shows ago. I am rooting for you. There are viewers like myself that pays close attention but when things get to unbelievable we back off. ( Benny storyline for example) he is now super man. Where is the professor, you left him hanging. No one die that we know of. I so knew that we would be right there not knowing. What worries me is will it be a repeat of the professor. Seems that way did we not just do this. I look at this show and have really great ideas. I hope that somehow those ideas will emerge. It is just logical thinking. I am not excited to start the new show. I think I will wait and see if all the loose ends can be put together on this show. Please get other writers to assist you. I am sure this show if handled properly will keep us coming back but if we keep moving in the same directions some of us will jump ship. I am committed to keep watching because I know this is the first of its kind for you and practice makes perfect. Take this six month and get ready to make us eat our words. Best of luck Tyler. Our feedback can only make you work harder. Keep doing what you do.

    • ANGEL NY #1984662


  • Courtney Smith Nesmith SC

    Tyler Perry I Am A Big Fan Of The Haves And Have Nots !!!! I Saw The Last One And I Didn't Like The Part Where David Was Drunk And Went Into Maggies Drunk Self Room .. My Advice Of The Next One Is To Let David Go Into Her Room To Talk About Veronica And How To Handle His Situation .. Then Afterwards Let David Go Back To His House And Give Veronica A Piece Of His Mind To Let Her Know How He Feel Then Let Him Tell Veronica That Maggie Has Been Trying To Have Sex With Him So He Wants To Come Home .. Then Let David Ask How Could He Possibility Makw Her Believe Him And Let David Be Crying While He Express Himself !!!! Please Please Please !!!!!!

  • Jeremy West Monroe, Louisiana

    I really like this show. It's an addiction for me. Also, I know Tyler Perry isn't a soap writer, but I kinda wish the season finales had a more dramatic turn. For example, maybe Veronica could say to Maggie, 'now you listen to me, LITTLE GIRL. I've dealt with you and now I'm finished, but be warned: much like a rabid dog, the effects of my b*** far outweigh the bruises from my teeth.' And in a drunken state, David and Maggie get into her car only to realize the brakes fail and they go over a bridge. Meanwhile, Celine, Kathryn, Jon, and Amanda are arguing about Celine's son showing up when someone falls off the 5th story balcony they are on. Maybe Quincy decides to get rid of Candace and plants a home made bomb in the house WE THINK is occupied by Candace, Hannah, and Benny when it explodes. Or in a one night stand, Jeffrey finds out he was exposed to the HIV virus. Those are just my thoughts. I really do love the show and can't wait for the return in January!!!!

  • MJ FL

    Greetings! Mr. Perry, the season's finale was EXCELLENT! Since the show is on hiatus for 5 months, you could at least treated your fans to a 2 hour finale. I said this in another post, why, why, WHY MAKE THE FANS WAIT SOOOOOO LOOONNNGGG???!!!??? I hope and pray that there won't be so many hiatuses next year!!! GREAT JOB! Peace...MJ

    • angel NY #1984495

      You thought that was an excellent finale MJ? I am shocked! You and I are usually on the same page. LOL! I thought it sucked! They have officially lost me as a LIVE viewer! I have tried to hang in there and watch the show live, but I have reached my breaking point after that nonsense last night. Moving forward, I will DVR the entire season before watching! I will continue to love the show, but I will watch it on my terms! Tired of the shenaningans and network nonsense! I will not be a puppet on a string for their ratings! BYE TYLER!

  • JT

    Was this the season finale I waited for? This episode was the weakest since the show returned in May. Now, I have to wait 6 months for storylines that may never end. First, the Amanda storyline is awful. She buys the gun to kill the professor who raped her then decides she wants to kill her family. David entering Maggie's room was no surprise and not nearly so scandalous that it needs to he part of the season finale cliffhanger. And, the actor who plays Quincy was absolutely unconvincing in his confrontation with Jim. As for Jeffrey, the only good thing about his scenes was that Wyatt acknowledged what his friend was doing to save him. Lastly, Hannah's belief that Quincy did not kill Candace's son is based on what?! The fact that the season is ending. The second part of this season has literally been a waste. Insteadof Tyler moving the storylines forward, he bores us with endless repetitive dialogue, bloated senseless scenes and spineless characters whose fate just don't really matter much. The edge of the show is gone. The sparkle that set it above the rest of the OWN programming has greatly dimmed. These episodes could have been condensed to a two-hour series finally. The pacing of the show is that of a soap opera -- the problem is soaps are broadcast five days a week. Dallas, Knots Landing and Dynasty never dragged the same four storylines on and on season after season. I know this is a no-critize Tyler Perry zone, but the season finale made me happier that the season was over than made me excited for January's season premiere. At this point, I'm thankful for DVR because spending 60 minutes every Tuesday night to watch about 8-12 minutes of entertainment has become a bore. Maybe during this hiatus Tykerbcannhire a few talented writers or a creative consultant to help restore some of the excitement this show had last year.

    • JT #1984467

      ***Two-hour season finale.....

    • angel NY #1984497

      AMEN TO YOUR POST! At this point I feel we would have been better served to just have a HAVES AND HAVE NOTS movie that ran for 2 hrs (like a lifetime movie) and be done with it! Anything is better than the time and aggravation involved in trying to be a loyal fan and watch and support the show live!

    • JT #1984515

      Thanks Angel. I just don't understand how Tyler could believe the episode he wrote, directed and executives produced last night was anything close to an entertaining series finale. The dinner scenes at the Cryers were too long and boring. Even the fight David and Veronica had about Jeffrey was dull and did nothing but set up a reason for the audience to witness David's Last Temptation. The kidnapping scene was an absolute joke as was Amanda running around the house with that gun. And for all we sat through these last ten weeks, only a few days to a week ticked off in HAHN's world, yet Benny goes from being brain dead to lively and robust with medical effects from a serious head trauma. Last night wasn't a season finale but just another dull episode. I like the show but it is becoming totally unwatchable. Hopefully something will change next season. I'm smart and have no intention of wasting time with this new Perry drama -- especially since I'm sure its created, written, directed and executive produced by Tyler.

    • Renaye Inglewood, CA #1984642

      I totally agree @ kidnapping scene. You can't make me believe that Jim Cryer's house does not have security, yet he walks outside and a whole army of guys come running towards him from everywhere, throw him in the trunk, and then 20 of them run behind the car as it drives off? C'mon, that is just about impossible! And if someone would kidnap Wyatt, Amanda, and Jeffrey it would be the best thing that happened to the show....they are so awkward. The scenes between Wyatt and Jeffrey are painful to watch. I think the three of them are new to the acting game, and bless their hearts, they need to take a break and go to acting school. Let's hope Tyler focuses on this show and comes up with some story lines that are worth waiting for. C'mon Tyler, we are rooting for you!! P.S. NO MORE MALONES....PLEASE!!!!

    • Bryce Montpelier #1984663

      Okay, this show was great, but the season finale is not what I had hoped for. I wanted Veronica to accept Jeffrey and Kathryn to divorce Jim, but neither happened. And can someone tell me who died? I've had multiple responses from people I know. The order is from most said to least said....Its surprising. David, yes David. Whose to say the one that dies is not the one shot by the gun. The gun could have been to the ceiling. And why do I think David is dead? Well, At the hotel, he acts EXTREMELY abnormal, and he acts sick. I think he was about to have a heart attack. And if he isn't dead, then Maybe Candace is. While warlock's gang has Jim, she may have walked right in his house, and Amanda may have shot her. And also, I wish Jim would have been shot. He is the reason for all of this. Kathryn deserves SOOO MUCH MORE then that thing. Wyatt and Amanda are that way because of their pathetic mistake of a father. And if Kathryn is dead, I hope Amanda will go with her as well as Jim. And Poor Landon, who has to let go of Jeffrey because of Veronica. Veronica is so horrible, she needs to be shot more than anyone else. I feel sorry for Hannah, Benny, Candace, yes Candace, Kathryn, Wyatt, and yes Wyatt because he confessed but Jim had to be egotistical. David is such a great husband to his Mistake. Veronica needs to fall and hurt herself. Kathryn needs someone better, and Jeffrey needs to be free because he needs to be himself. Everyone's traits are different. But again, I hope David isn't dead, because Veronica is nothing but the stupid 'child' that she is without him.

    • ANGEL NY #1984668

      AMEN AGAIN JT!!! I love Tyler Perry, but I feel that his association with OWN is problematic. It seems to me that when he was on TBS ALL of his shows were better. For Better Or Worse, House of Payne etc. etc. He used to wow us with multiple new episodes in one night and the writing seemed to be so much better. Since he as arrived on OWN, it seems that he may have fallen prey to Oprah's alternate universe and now the writing is not as good, the shows are not as good, and everything they seem to be doing to get ratings are doing nothing but pissing off the fans and driving the ratings into the ground. I have said before on here that when the ratings had reached an all time high (end of first part of season 2) they did a really stupid thing (in my opinion) and took a hiatus. Not only did they take a hiatus (giving viewers time to forget about the show, move on, and become addicted to other shows like Scandal) but they allowed ratings to fall back in the 2 million view range when they had reached an all time high of 3.59 million viewers. This season hasn't even come close to previous ratings and this has been my fear all along. It is so nice to see good television, the presence of so many African American Actors and a night time drama, but Tyler really needs to watch Scandal and see how Shonda Rimes gets down! On Scandal....we were actually GLAD when they had the season finale because our hearts and our lives couldn't take the drama anymore!!!! We (the fans) needed the doggone hiatus!!!! Not so with Tyler!!! I think he is doing too much! And then to try to shove a new show down our throats! I have no interest whatsoever in that show and I will not tune in to OWN again until Jan 6, 2015. I refuse to get sucked into another show with Tyler which will have unpredictable programing, long hiatuses, and weak storylines!

    • JT #1984727

      I'm with you, Angel. As I said as well, I won't be watching that new drama. I don't want to waste time on any more Perry dramas after the last ten weeks of HAHNs. It's just amazing how bad these last episodes have been. Veronica, Jeffrey and David are so one dimensional that it is nauseating. While so many fans seem to be annoyed over the g** storyline, I find their disgust sort of comical. The crux of Tyler's g** storyline is having his g** character being emotionally abused by his bigoted mother. Where's the drama in that especially when Jeffrey is doing everything Veronica wants. How ironic that Wyatt hit and killed that girl yet we are made to root for the murderous hero while the stereotypical g** character is being tormented by his controlling mother. Speaking of Veronica, how does she orchestrate Quincy's release from prison with her husband running for lieutenant governor. Her association with Quincy would be all over the news. Amanda's psychosis is just an awful storyline. Plus, couldnt we see Wyatt actually have a relationship with Amanda. He was so concerned when he thought Candace was making Amanda hook. Yet now, she shows no real connection with his mentally I'll sibling. So the joke of the day....how many thugs does it take to kidnap a candidate for governor. What an awful scene and why couldn't we see a confrontationbetween Candace and Jim? Instead Candace spent the last three weeks playing a victim. Tyler minimized Tika's role this season -- maybe because of the James Brown movie but Tika Sumpter is the show. Wouldn't it have been interesting to see Tika come to the din er party while Quincy was there? I don't know how Tyler and Oprah thought last night's awful episode was a season finale. And Hannah believing her grandson is alive aand honestly who even cares? She never confronted Byron. Benny? What can't I saw about the implausibility of that storyline. I just don't understand the last 10 episodes followed by a six month hiatus. Sadly OWN and Tyler are killing the goose that laid the golden egg. I have a feeling HAHN is DOA.

    • Angel NY #1985122

      JT you and I must be twins! You took all the words right out of my mouth. My biggest fear from the very beginning was that this Tyler Oprah empire would ruin this show! My biggest fear has become a reality. Two of the wealthiest African Americans in the universe....yet slaves to ratings!!! I just feel that the fans don't count anymore. If this were a production on CBS or something, I wouldn't expect anything because I know what they are all about....and it d*** sure isn't us!!! But Tyler and Oprah seemed different. I think many fans feel a different type of connection with Tyler and as such we actually expected him to care about the fans. Prior to joining with Oprah and her alternate universe ALL Tyler cared about were the fans!!! He didn't care about anything else but making plays, movies, tv shows....and above all keeping his fans HAPPY! Not anymore....and it is so sad. I am just growing tired of writing posts and talking about this c*** because it is all falling on deaf ears! All Tyler and Oprah care about are ratings, and all Oprah cares about is promoting her network by any means necessary. I am loosing all excitement over HAHN, and by January....I am sure I won't care about it at all. I too agree with you about the whole Tika Sumpter issue!!! Candace is the show....at least she WAS the show. She is the only reason anyone is watching (as quiet as its kept) To down play her role, minimize her, in an effort to allow others to shine is the biggest mistake this show EVER made. If you added up Candaces total screen time since May it probably totalled about 5 minutes!!! That alone was causing me to lose interest! I was a devoted All My Children Fan for 40 years!!!! I thought HAHN would be something I could get addicted to, rely on, and enjoy for many years to come. Obviously....this is not going to be the case. Gone are the days when a show would just come on and stay on! Soooooooo disappointed in Tyler and Oprah! If this show was a relationship.....I would end it today!

  • Carol Virginia

    I really liked this show but the season finale was not realistic a bunch of black guys run up to a judge ( running for governor) mansion that should have some type of security cameras and kidnap and assault him for a woman that's not paying doesn't make any sense. That these gang members would risk life in prison. Tyler the show was much better when you could look at it and say this could have happen. It was like a comedy

  • Gail Morris Hillside, Il

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this show and under normal circumstances would be planted in from of the TV however, I had an emergency and missed the finale, can someone please tell me what happened

    • Alley Oop Boise, Idaho #1984939

      Gail, I'm sure OWN will repeat the episode.

    • Lisa Los Angeles #1984959

      ...and repeat it....and repeat it...