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From prolific, writer, director, producer Tyler Perry, The Haves and the Have Nots is a new television drama that follows the complicated dynamic between the rich and powerful Cryer family and the hired help who work in their opulent mansion set in Savannah, Georgia.

From the outside, the Cryers are the enviable face of success and wealth, but behind the veil the family’s dysfunction threatens to destroy their world of privilege. Cryer family patriarch Jim Cryer (John Schneider) is a powerful judge whose double-life, including tawdry affairs with high-priced escorts, puts his family and political ambitions at risk. His wife, Katheryn Cryer (Renée Lawless), is the ultimate matriarch portraying a loving and dutiful wife, but she is willing to do anything to protect her family’s status. Their son Wyatt (Aaron O’Connell) is a troubled angry jock who cares little for his own image and finds himself in and out of rehab. His sister Amanda (Jacyln Betham), a struggling law student, tries harder to live up to her parents’ expectations, but unknowingly has befriended a scurrilous young woman, Candace Young, with the power to ruin the entire family.

Hanna Young (Crystal Fox) is the Cryer’s maid and the matriarch of her family. Despite having no money, she has found other types of wealth through religion and virtue. She prides herself on her dutiful son Benny (Tyler Lepley), the glue who helps keep the family together. Hanna does have one dark secret, however, her estranged daughter Candace (Tika Sumpter)—a manipulative opportunist who will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

Other characters in the series include the Cryer’s chef Celine (Eva Tamargo), their wealthy friends Veronica (Angela Robinson) and David Harrington (Peter Parros), and son Wyatt’s rehabilitation counselor, Jeffery Harrington (Gavin Houston).

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  • Martha Goldsboro, NC

    The season is over and I'm sad because there are so many months before it's back on again. I was so happy that Quincy got killed. He only wanted to beat up women and Jeffrey. Quincy was truly afraid of Benny. I know that the Cryers nor the Harrington's will be in jail for long because they are too powerful. It will be business as usual for them. I hope that David shows that he is as powerful as Jim. I'm sure that he will win the election with Veronica by his side. Jim made me angry when he did not even say thank you to David for getting his money back. I hope that Candace does not personally go after Oscar, however, I would like for her to send War and the other boys in the hood after him. She has a son to raise and he does not need to see the down side again, he has seen it from his father and aunt. I do want Candace and Benny to keep their homes, even though they got them in a negative way. If they don't keep them how on earth can Hannah keep her grandson? She need to stay with Candace and give Candace a chance to raise her son. Candace needs to pass the bar, get a job and she, her mother, her brother and her son needs to live close as a family, because it takes a village to raise a child.

    • Glenda(San Angelo, texas) Texas USA #2144656

      Martha I agree with all of your thoughts! I have been hooked since first watched this show love the characters and the show! Long wait until January to see how it all works out!

    • Kris Seattle #2145037

      Who says Quincy is dead? It would be a great twist for him to be alive. Even though he is scum of the earth. I kind of feel like Candace is getting what is coming to her. In the aspect of losing all her money. What do you all think?

    • J rose Ny #2151690

      Quincy did not get killed. I missed that if he did. I watch faithfully!

  • Barbara Murphy United States

    The show is a fantasy. I don't take the show to seriously. I don't double check every fact. I don't care because it is a fantasy straight out of TP's creative imagination. I love waiting for the next episode and wishing it was on longer then an hour. You keep up the good writing TP.

  • Barbara Murphy United States , Simpsonville, SC 29680


  • Laurel Walker

    Will the series be available on DVD and if so when?

    • Yvonne F!orida #2145049

      Will Benny bet a sexually transmitted disease from "Toxic"? Or will he feel like he is bi- sexual know?

  • Tina Meredith Mississippi

    The Finale was the best of this season. I'm glad Jeffrey came to rescue of Candace once again but I just have one incy bit wish that Candace had use more than one Big knife with longer wider blades a Great big Butcher Chef Knife like the kind they use in all 5 versions of "Scary Movies" and "Scream" movies or a Butcher Santoku Knife(the knives should've been big enough but not heavy that she couldn't hold her balance but big enough and light enough that she could maintain a good balance to run after and grab and stab. In addition to the Long Big Chef or Santoku knives, I wish she had gotten more a couple more stabs at Quincy when she tries to defend herself and Jeffrey. Despite the knives, my favorite scenes is as soon as Oscar makes an entrance in Candace house she quickly opens the kitchen draw and gets a knife despite being interrupted by Quincy beating up Oscar, then Oscar escaping, and then Quincy beating her up. Another one of my favorite scene is as Jeffrey hits Quincy with the vase or whatever large breakable object, that was is how fast Candace runs to get a knife again and stabs Quincy at least 1 time or I could be wrong a couple stabs maybe. Candace tries to defend herself and Jeffrey too in the midst of her weaknesses of handling muscle bound Quincy. Another incy wincy wish I just wish that Candace could've kick both Oscar and Quincy in the nuts with them tall stiletto heels. I'm so glad Jeffrey and Candace survived. Another favorite scene is when both the Cryers and the Harringtons getting arrested. And I still want Candace to beat up Veronica worse than she will beat up Quincy's sister. I hoped Candace and Jeffrey dispose Quincy body. Best suggestion will be get some gloves and cut him up real good, and cremate him. And when Candace visit Quincy's sister Quita have Candace to beat her up and warn her and show Quincy's ashes. And as for Oscar make sure Candace go after him even if she has to go all around world to get him and make sure she gets some guns like Pam Grier did in her movies Coffy, Foxy Brown; Sheba, baby. She need them bad. Even Harriet Tubman had a gun she needed to protect herself and the escaped slaves get their freedom and to protect them from their masters and protect them from themselves. Madea got a gun. Please give Candace some guns; pistols, rifles, machine guns. Mr. Tyler Perry, you probably could do The Haves and Have Nots movie and called "the Hunt for Oscar".

    • janie texas #2144107

      Yes, lets start a petition to Tyler. Hunt that mangy dog, Oscar down. I never did like him. Let Candace and war play with him for a while.

    • Madeline Monroe Twp. NJ #2144832

      I love how this woman thinks but she is more than likely my age 63 or so. I hope Candace get the chance to pass the Bar. Take her brother Benny and sue Wyatt for hitting him and leaving him in the street. Suing Veronica for getting Quincy out to kill her that is not a lawyer job. Suing the state for letting Quincy get her address and not informing her. They did not protect her from Quincy and they knew how dangerous he was he tried to hurt the social worker. Remember Quincy told Candace and Jeffrey how he got out. That Candace proof. When he beat Jeffrey with those brass knuckles he called Veronica and she talked to Jeffrey because Jeffrey did not believe his mother would even talk to a person like Quincy. They could pay for all those things Candace purchase, since this is TV land. Life is doggie dog and I would not give them a dam dime back. I hope she finds out it was David that hire Oscar, She is the bigger person. Treat everyone of those people with a long handle spoon.

  • Sandra Myers

    This is absolutely the best show on tv. Can't wait for Season 5. Love the characters. Well drawn and well written.

  • deana cook baltimore

    Bennie and Candace need grandparents! Give some old actors some play:)

  • JJJ123 WSU

    I have to agree with RLY!! I think Candace should get her money back and get the folder out of Jim's office, go after Mr. Oscar and pass the bar to handle them all. She needs her kid and needs to revenge on all evil that has try to stopped her. Candace and Hannah need to come together. Veronica keeps me in suspense all the time with her outrageous evilness. But it keeps me coming back.. I love this show every Tuesday night. Mr. Perry keep up the good work!!

    • jerri #2144075

      she is no different them jim and david...remember how she got that money...but boy I do like her character...even when she was on one life to live..

    • SHIRLEY HARRIS Philadelphia, Pa #2151741

      I agree... Want Candace to become a lawyer too. Get everybody in "check". I'd also like to see Jeffrey do some martial arts. I'd like to see him become the Wesley snipes of this show and if he ever shows any interest in females on this show I'd like for it to be Candace. I love their chemistry together. I think child care services should have realized that Candace's whole demeanor changed to fearful when she was told that Quincy was in the Hospital. Hanna is over the top and needs to be taking down a notch when it comes to Candace. Ultimately...I hope Candace has her day in court. Candace Young Esq.! I love the sound of that.

  • Denda Sydney

    I agree with Shar, we must convince Ms Winfrey/the OWN network & Mr. Perry to bring HAHN before January. Pleeeeease. Lol.

  • Brenda Roots Stockton, CA

    Great show Tyler! Candace you let your guards down but, I know you will be back on TOP again. I love David he's very loyal to his wife and I hope they get back together . I CAN'T WAIT FOR JANUARY !!!

  • sp chicago

    Seriously tyler quincy beat that girl bady,,why when it comes the beating u hold out,,in real life she would have been swollen badly,,he beat her in her face,,cmn,,be real about it,,,,and far as candance being broke.....she was on the phone with the bank..its called disbution,,,to get it back,,,and her opportunity to go to that office and get that file while all of them are in jail,,,, liQ is with the right woman ,,,look at all that mess ,,he should be with his grandma..candance got the boys in the hood to help her,,,,and if I was hanna I would stay at the mansion til everybody gets back ,,,I wander is wyhatt will live at the mansion,,,i cant wait til they get out and kick him out,,,i cant believe the whole cast will end up in jail,,the show would be over,,,the only one I can see that will save them is Maggie,,she will talk to david and do something dirty to get them out....and if tyler shows her face right ,,hanna will come back to candance,,she forgave jim ,,why not her daughter

  • La Verne Wilson New Jersey

    All I can say is Tyler you are gifted and talented. I have enjoyed everything you have put your heart and soul in....in watching the #HAHN I have been totally captivated by all of the twists and turns....but I have to tell you that Oscar played Candace like a violin. I was in shock it seemed as if him and Candace was going to be the "hottest" couple on this show.....She will never forgive him...But knowing you, you will find a way to make that happen...Keep up this amazing and unforgettable television experience. And one more thing, Veronica is either bipolar, has a dual personality or straight up nutty...all of the actors play an intricate part and they all feed off each other....keep us in suspense!!!!

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