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From prolific, writer, director, producer Tyler Perry, The Haves and the Have Nots is a new television drama that follows the complicated dynamic between the rich and powerful Cryer family and the hired help who work in their opulent mansion set in Savannah, Georgia.

From the outside, the Cryers are the enviable face of success and wealth, but behind the veil the family’s dysfunction threatens to destroy their world of privilege. Cryer family patriarch Jim Cryer (John Schneider) is a powerful judge whose double-life, including tawdry affairs with high-priced escorts, puts his family and political ambitions at risk. His wife, Katheryn Cryer (Renée Lawless), is the ultimate matriarch portraying a loving and dutiful wife, but she is willing to do anything to protect her family’s status. Their son Wyatt (Aaron O’Connell) is a troubled angry jock who cares little for his own image and finds himself in and out of rehab. His sister Amanda (Jacyln Betham), a struggling law student, tries harder to live up to her parents’ expectations, but unknowingly has befriended a scurrilous young woman, Candace Young, with the power to ruin the entire family.

Hanna Young (Crystal Fox) is the Cryer’s maid and the matriarch of her family. Despite having no money, she has found other types of wealth through religion and virtue. She prides herself on her dutiful son Benny (Tyler Lepley), the glue who helps keep the family together. Hanna does have one dark secret, however, her estranged daughter Candace (Tika Sumpter)—a manipulative opportunist who will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

Other characters in the series include the Cryer’s chef Celine (Eva Tamargo), their wealthy friends Veronica (Angela Robinson) and David Harrington (Peter Parros), and son Wyatt’s rehabilitation counselor, Jeffery Harrington (Gavin Houston).

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  • Imani NYC

    Omg I love this show! Does anyone know when the next season starts?

    • DRAVOE United States #1932413

      Sometime in May.

    • mary pogue #1932423

      I love the show cannot wait to see what happen in the next week

    • william kenner 19141 #1932758

      thats was a nice season final but y may

  • Netie Baton Rouge, Louisiana

    Ok , Mr. Perry you've done it this time . Starting last week with chest pains, leaving us under suspense!!! I couldn't hold myself from last of The Haves and Have Nots and you have the nerve to have me shaking. Ok, now let me say this! God has placed an anoiment on your life. We'll, After working 10 hours with my cancer patients today, I could not wait to get home to shower, cook and clean so I could really enjoy the finale of This show. I had to make a quick run before your show came on, what happens trying to hurry back to watch the show, I get into a accident!!!! Nothing major, I begged the other driver to switch names and insurance I couldn't wait for the police to get there to write a report, I had to HURRY back home to enjoy my dinner and watch this final finale!!!!! It was off the chain, now I'm angry because I have to wait until May. Uuuuggghhhhh:( Ok, I'll try and maintain my insanity until then.

  • Josie Queens, NY

    my cable is o/o/o.... D*** you Time Warner!!!! can anybody tell me how i can view the finale elsewhere for free??!?! 2 weeks for the finale and now no cable. Help!

  • Shelly Ross Cincinnati

    Tyler "no" we can't wait that long to see what's going to happen to Bennie.

  • Margaret Ferguson Kansas City, Mo

    The chit is about to hit the Fan....Tyler, u r doing TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!!! I am loving each and every minute of it - Oh, The Have and the Have Nots!

  • Melissa Virginia

    Tyler Perry, Please keep The Haves and Have Nots going! I know a lot of people including Seniors that truly look forward to and enjoy this show. Please don't keep us waiting too long for more episodes! What are we suppose to do on Tuesday nights now!

  • Celeste Columbia, SC

    I love every minute of every show. Tyler you are the greatest. I love Veronica, I see myself in her.

  • Audrey Starkville, MS

    I love the Haves and the Have Nots ! I just wish I could watch it more than just on Tuesday! I wouldnt mind watching through out the week, I still laugh and get mad at the same parts every time I watch! I hate that tonight is the last episode, but very excited! I want to know tho, why did Tyler Perry use either a dummy, or someone who can sit in the sameway without moving? In the episode when Mrs. Cryer came to see Hannah in the hospital . The person didn't move when Mrs. Cryer came through the door and was in the same position when she left! I know there had to been someone who could have played that part! Just saying, Im sure anyonewould have liked to play a part for Tyler Perry! Ready for the season finale!

    • Audrey Starkville,MS #1932288

      I got my hope back for Benny ! Yes! I thought for sure I was going to see more. Once again I have to WAIT!!!! I do not like it! I wanted to see more!

  • Lavonne Ct

    Where can I streamline the season finale of the have and have not

  • carol cummings troy, mi

    the actress that plays Hannah deserves an Oscar. I missed last weeks & am watching it now. I keep crying right along with her, she is so realistic. I love this show!!!!. I can`t believe the season finale is here already.

    • jeb1 NYC #1932564

      can you tell me where you watch previous episodes of Season 3. I missed the finale and would love to be able to see on another site. Thank you

  • Stephon Samuel south carolina

    I can"t wait for the season finale.

  • MJ FL

    HIP-HIP-HURRAY, Tuesday is FINALLY HERE!!! Of course I have mixed emotions. On the one hand I'm elated cuz THATHN is coming on tonight, but on the other hand, I'm deeply saddened cuz it's the last show of the season. Geez, why tease us with 10 episodes, then BOOM no more episodes until god-only-knows how long we will have to wait for the new episodes. Like I stated in a previous post, I hope that Mr. Perry will be so kind as to inform the fans when the show will resume. In my opinion, he owes us that much. Peace....