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Tyler Perry's House of Payne is a comedy series about a multigenerational, working class family who experiences all of life's struggles with faith, love and most importantly humor. Pops, the uncle and head of the household, has his life and home turned upside down when an unexpected event forces his nephew, CJ, played by Allen Payne, and CJ's kids to move into the house, putting three generations under one roof.

This chaotic living situation takes its toll on cranky Pops, who is reluctant to have his routine disturbed. In addition to CJ's family, Pops and Ella's son, Calvin, a wise-cracking college kid with no money, hangs out at home which makes it impossible for Pops to have any peace and quiet. It soon becomes evident just how wide the generation gap is, as the family tries to find a way to coexist through all of life's hilarious ups and downs.

Putting the family back in family comedy, Tyler Perry's House of Payne tackles real life issues with very funny humor.

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  • TAE

    I HAVE AGREE!!!!! I have watched all episodes of"Thhe House Of Payne". I can truly say not only did my husband and I get aadicted but my children got addicted, too. That show has truly has emotionally touched our lives andn so much like an everyday life in a close-knit family. Just watching those episodes have gave answers and help with everyone's everyday lives. It has definitely bought our lives together and closer. Not to dis "For Better or For Worse", when the show first came on I only watched it for like 5 minutes and I wasn't intrerested, then when the new episodes came on, I watched for 10 minutes and I am still not interested. I'm not knocking the show because there are some people that actually like it. But "The House of Payne" has a more attatchment to everyday lives and marriage then "For Better or For Worse". I Agree with a season finale but not the last show or ending the show like that. Hopefully in the future you would listen Tyler Perry to your fans.

  • Oareh Oshawa Ontario Canada

    I started watching House of Payne mid August 2012 and i finished it today but watching this show not only helped me with my faith but helped me believe in my self that i can do anything i want to do. It also helped me to learn that i can believe in myself and give people second chance this was a black show that showed us the struggles of life, of children, of students but it saddens me to see it end and in the manner at which it ended is just sad state of affair. Pls pls pls Tyler Perry I have watched all your movies, most of your serious am a huge fan pls bring back House of Payne cause you have taken a part of me. I think i be the happiest person to see this show come back again. I hope and pray that the show will get picked up by a network just like the Game. Thanks Tyler Perry for giving all of us your fans a wonderful show. God bless you for all the messages you sent through out your show it was important and effective.

  • Jordan F.l

    Bring the show back!

  • Kealy N.y

    I've been watching this show for YEARS!!! I am really going to miss it I loved the crew please don't end it and think about bringing this show back there are not many family shows and this one was great and talked about realistic problems that people have although I do love the other shows this was THE BEST!!! thank you for you time reading our posts. P.S Pops and Ella are the greatest!!!

  • Carol Ditmer Tennessee

    As this was one of my favorite shows aside from "Meet the Browns" I was truly disappointed in the series finale. I understand all good things must come to an end, however, to leave the viewers hanging like that was just cruel. The show was about family and how family sticks together, so therefore maybe the ending should have been with the Payne's around Calvin in his time of sorrow. I would like if the series can't come back to maybe see a movie made of how Calvin and the family deal with the situation at hand with Miranda leaving him.

  • Ty

    I liked the ending, ppl talk about how sad it was or why couldn't it be a happy ending, well sad fact of life is not all endings are happy. And most ppl loved the show due to its truth and realness and he just made it real.

  • Fred

    I miss the house of payne it was the best show of them all ...Please bring it back thanks

  • Cheryl United States

    We are so disappointed that TBS cancelled House of Payne!!!!!!! Is there a chance that another network would pick up some House of Payne?

  • dani Durham, Nc

    Im totally disappointed in Tyler Perry for the way he ended the House of Pain. How could you end the only African-American show with a horrible ending. We already have very little to look forward too as it is on tv. Be real, you could have given us fans some hope and a positive outlook on troubled relationship. You did good by CJ and Jannine. Why not Calvin and Miranda. Dont they deserve happiness. You have lost a true fan!!!

    • Norma Sloan pennsylvanIa #1746095

      DanI.....of....north...or...south carolIna......BYE!....It dont much to excuse yourself......do not log on to any of tylers websItes sImpke as that...we love u tyler!

    • Maleeka Camden NJ #1746446

      @Norma Sloan STFU

  • Tammy United States

    Please bring house of Payne back on., thank you

  • natasia barbarbados

    love it

  • Dawn Duluth, MN

    I was so upset to set the House of Payne series end the way it did. It just seemed like the creativity ran out and the writers did not know what eles to do. I understand about wanting it to be as realistic as possible, but having it end with Marianda walking out on Calvin was just disappointing!!!

    • S. Carey Virginia #1742887

      I agree. I was shocked by the ending and keep checking to make sure it is actually over.

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