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Tyler Perry's House of Payne is a comedy series about a multigenerational, working class family who experiences all of life's struggles with faith, love and most importantly humor. Pops, the uncle and head of the household, has his life and home turned upside down when an unexpected event forces his nephew, CJ, played by Allen Payne, and CJ's kids to move into the house, putting three generations under one roof.

This chaotic living situation takes its toll on cranky Pops, who is reluctant to have his routine disturbed. In addition to CJ's family, Pops and Ella's son, Calvin, a wise-cracking college kid with no money, hangs out at home which makes it impossible for Pops to have any peace and quiet. It soon becomes evident just how wide the generation gap is, as the family tries to find a way to coexist through all of life's hilarious ups and downs.

Putting the family back in family comedy, Tyler Perry's House of Payne tackles real life issues with very funny humor.

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  • Topher Rotterdam, Netherlands

    Hey Tyler, Didn't know if you knew, but HOP is worldwide. We don't get TBS, but we try to enjoy anytime we get the chance. We have a collection of DVD's.

  • Sandra Livingston North Carolina

    Please don't cancel House of Payne! It is a great uplifting show that doesn't need to go anywhere. It ended with such a cliff hanger. Like, what is going to happen to Calvin and Miranda? We need MORE episodes! You can't just end it with Miranda leaving. What's next? Please tell me when you get your own network you will put it back on tv. Oh yeah and another thing what about Malik and the new girl that he met in college since him and Summer divorced? We need to see more. Close out the stories so please bring Tyler Perry's House of Payne back on tv. Also, Tyler Perry's For Better or Worse only played one new episode last night. What is that? Can't understand it. Please, Please, Please bring the show back....... Really missing it also do you have any upcoming roles available?

  • Valencia Jackson Milwaukee, WI

    Please bring House Of Payne... I purchased every season except the last season...please please please bring it back...

  • Runette

    I am another fan of HOP that is truly disappointed that the show has been cancelled. I love that show. Please bring it back to TV. If TBS does not want it, bring it back on OWN or some other station. Please.

    • ANGEL NY #1762773

      Oooooh! Just had an idea!!!! Bring Miss Ella and Curtis back as Angela's parents (MJ's grandparents) in FBOW!

    • Top Cat GA #1764116

      You must be kidding! FBOW SUCKS!!!!

    • ANGEL NY #1764296

      Awww Topcat! I love that show!!!

  • Ray Connecticut

    FYI , when TBS cancelled House of Payne, And meet the Brown's, It was the best thing that ever happened to television. I personally think that all of Tyler Perry's shows should be canceled, And I think a lot of people will agree with that. The shows are a waste of very valuable time slots. There is nothing at all funny about any of Tyler Perry's shows, On top of that not one cast member can actually act, Including Tyler Perry himself. Just an FYI also Mr. Perry your shows Insult the African-American race.

    • Pearlene GA #1765299

      I just want to know who the h*** do you think you are. Tyler Perry is one of the best African American actors out there right now. A person shouldn't hate because the man did something that you probably will never do. He sent from the streets to a billionaire. what did you accoomplish probably not a d*** thing. I really hate haters

    • Cherry B #1767135

      You need to be quiet. Where do you get off saying that All his shows were an insult to the African-American race??? Exactly how were they an insult???? House of Payne was the best comedy show I have ever seen. It had everything in it that people love, Drama, bit of action, and comedy, Dealing with everyday life and the struggles that came along with it! ....& Meet the browns was just funny. (For better or worse......eeeeeeeh No) But if you insult House of Payne, that'[s when people get mad. So dont go around talking about how it insults the African-American race because obviously your just talking out of your a$$. You were probably one of the first one's who cried when you found out that House of Payne was coming to a close.



    • demi moore houston #1764038

      yes yes bring back the house of payne. my husband can play curtis payne cousin

  • Darryl G. Tampa FL

    Tyler,Please Bring Floyd to TBS on his own show ''Floyd's Family'' a spin off from House of Payne a lot of us are very sad to see the paynes go after 6 years on tv maybe If you bring this new show to TBS a lot of us fans gonna be cheered up cause in some episodes we might see the paynes return! ;) and Everyone Loves Palmer Williams Jr. cause he is so funny on this show and in your plays

  • LaVonda Robinson Tulsa Ok

    Tyler Perry, thank you so much for producing such family fun tv. You have no idea how many times my husband came home and threw my son an daughter or even me for that matter out of his grand daddy chair lol. It just hurt my heart when they announced the end of house of pain. I was in front of my tv like noooooooo don't do it!!! I'm truly going to miss this show and hope you do a special encore episode or at least the best of. I think I'll even be happy with hearing Curtis sing The Devil Thought He Had Me ......awwwwww but urrrruhhh, sorry I lost myself. Lol Long story short thank you for real black comedy as a whole from The Robinson's

    • ANGEL NY #1762763

      Awwwwwwww but uraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! Love that song!!!!!

  • Tikhia Florida

    Bring the House of Payne back all the black sitcoms always end in a cliffhanger not fair

  • Tawanda Deerfield Beach FL

    Hey Tyler, I do hope you take the time to read the messages your fans and I concur with everyone else about the House Of Payne being canceled my family truly loved the show. Please take in consideration to your fans and bring back HOUSE OF PAYNE. We also miss Meet The Browns.

  • Akeem Washington King William Va

    Hello Mr.Perry im writing to tell you that the House of Payne tv show is by far the best tv program running. Im a young firefighter myself and the tv program has believe it or not inspired me to the fullest. The person that plays Curtis on the program is a exact fit of how I am in real life. So in conclusion I just wanted to tell you of a great job your doing and how much of a inspiration you are to me especially being a young learner and living a hard early childhood and thanks to your words and the plays,tv shows,and movies and I can say you made me a better person. So keep you the good work and you will always be an inspiration to me and others.

  • IRISH GLEE madison,fl

    TP, I was looking forward to seeing some more episodes of House of Payne, but when I found out the show was cancelled, I was even more disappointed. I am still upset with Miranda for even mentioning a divorce from Calvin. How could she? How will everybody know what happens if there isn't another episode. Please bring it back.

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