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Meet the Browns follows the misadventures of Tyler Perry’s beloved Leroy Brown. When Brown’s father, Pop Brown, dies and leaves Brown his old house, Brown discovers a letter asking him to “Take care of the old--” Brown later discovers that there was a second page that finished that sentence: “--Thunderbird in the garage”. By then it’s too late, he’s already opened “Brown Meadows”, a home for seniors.

Thinking he’s carrying out his daddy’s wishes, Brown enlists the help of Cora (his daughter), Will (his nephew), and Will’s wife, Sasha, a nurse. Soon, because of a fire at a nearby seniors home, Brown Meadows is filled and Brown is overwhelmed.

His new residents include Miss Daisy (an aging B-movie actress who lives in the past, and the many different characters she played in her career), Colonel Cleophus Jackson (an ex-Marine who won’t give Brown an inch), and Ms. Edna (who’s still very in touch with her sexuality, like “Blanche” in Golden Girls).

Soon, they are joined by the handyman, Jesús, who's studying to be a lawyer and two foster children, Brianna and Joaquin, who have been tossed around from home to home. Brianna and Joaquin finally find refuge in Brown’s house even though it seems to be an odd match. Finally, the gorgeous and not-too-smart London Sheraton (a very spoiled celebrity/heiress) is brought to Brown Meadows to serve her community service for a DUI conviction.

With a lot of laughter and some lessons about life, Brown and the residents of Brown Meadows learn to live with and love each other.

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  • Carrington

    This show is HALARIOUS!! i love it!!

  • Audrey White Chester Va. 23831

    Hello Mr. Perry, You are and awesome individual. The shows you have created has been such and inspiration to me. I love " House fo payne but my favorite is " Meet The Browns'. I don't know why it taken off but i would love to see it back on the air. I off on Friday and I do not schedule any appointment until I have seen my double dose of"Meet The Browns". Please bring them back on the air.

  • dnw nj

    I love the show bring it back on the air

  • Travis wilson nc

    Please bring the series back and If possible allow the new episodes to come on at 9pm. A lot of kids like the show ,but it comes on past their bed times.

  • alice wappingers fall

    hello david and tamela, how are you all doing i just want to stop by and tell you how you have both blessed me in these past weeks. i have you c.d "the live experince" and let me tell you i watch the dvd of you sing live and you blessed me and tamela i watch that dvd every minute of the day before i got to work, before i go to sleep,when i wake up, i play it so much that it i have to get a new on cause it messed up lol!!!! david and tamela i'm trying to hook up with you on fb but you cant accept anymore friends and i want on your other website "tillymannmusic" and i can't get on there either, i want so bad to met you its unreal, tamela we have the same testimony out of my mother's 14 kids i'm the only that's saved i pray for my other family to be saved has well cause it's nothing like the love of Jesus can't nobody do you like Jesus, i'm like you i praise God like it's my last chance, what i did want to ask you if it's not asking to much if you can send me a autograpic pic of you and david cause i will never get to met you both in person cause i don't have a car to get around and i don't travel anywhere by myself and plus i'm on the poor side i'm keeping it real im a 39 year old single lady with no kids and no family my family that i do have they don't want to have anything to do with me cause the life i choose to live but that the world we live in. if you deside to send me a photo my addresse is 3 white gate drive apt 7e wappingers falls, n.y. 12590 in united states. again, i love you both dearly and God bless you and you forever in my prayers.

  • Deborah Zellner Lithonia, GA

    I was in Kroger one day on Flat Shoals Parkway and this guy asked me about a brand of potato chips. This is when I met Tony Vaughn. I knew he looked familiar but could not put my finger on it. Then he was behind me in line at the cash register, so I said, "has anyone ever told you that you look like the guy who plays on Meet the Browns?" He said, " I am." I nearly passed out right there. He asked me to follow him to his car and he gave me an autographed photo. It was one of the most wonderful experiences in my life.

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  • T_Bird FL

    So hold up Friday there's a 2 hour block of House Of Payne. Now Don't get me wrong it's a great show. But U A Lie!! If you don't think Mr. Brown and crew can't hold down an hour block. Bring Meet the Browns back!!! Please Mr Perry!!

    • buffaogal Decatur, Alabama #1658804

      I love the Browns. Someone help me though, why does Cora call her dad (Leroy) Mr. Brown? He's her dad. What's the deal? Did someone blog that they were taking them off the air. Say it isn't so!!! Me and my grandkids can watch this show without worrying about "content". I love Leroy, his character is really a loving Christian disguised as a lunatic.

  • Drew Meridian, MS

    Why was Meet The Browns pulled off TBS?

    • Kelly Calgary, Canada #1661835

      Agree! I have the same question! I loved that show!

    • patty barnes nc #1688968

      I love the Browns I wish you would put them back on. Mr. Brown is a joy to watch. I love all of your show.

    • kermit Marrero, LA #1705412

      i aggree why was that show pull of the air?

    • jose Chicago #1706600

      I am still missing the browns, I really enjoyed it and it was inspirational. Many of my family and friends miss it and wonder why if the ratings were good, why was it canceled. Looks like good shows get canceled - even Harrys Law which was not a TP production but like The Browns, I t enjoyed it ! If the The Browns can come back - please bring it back !

    • c-Glover Akron,ohio #1728484

      why was meet the browns canceled??? i really loved that show and still do....now house of pain going off!!! please bring back meet the browns

    • Sylvia Prochaska Kennewick, Wa.99336 #1761421

      It's great when people are not afraid to talk of what GOD can do in our everyday life. GOD Bless the show and all who work on the show. Sylvia

    • jefferycollier st.alban,s-nfld-canada #1800858

      dear, tyler-perry-i-certainly-miss-that-series-meet-the-browns-and-all-the-other-shows-that-you-created-they-are-a-good-laugh-and-very-talented.-i-would-love-to-see-them-again.tyler-perry-you-are-great-to-i,ve-seen-you-on-pierre-morgan-show-you-were-interviewed-i-certainly-enjoyed-listening-to-you.

  • barbie Pensacola,Florida

    i luv the Browns,I laugh so hard,I really luv what it has become,I record it so I can rewatch,I just luv it and my family loves it also. I noticed that Mrs.Mann has lost a lot of weight since the start of the show!!! and I luv the direction the show has taken,please dont stop. P.S. If u are ever in Florida stop in to see us!!!The Family!!Good Luck!!!!

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