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Meet the Browns follows the misadventures of Tyler Perry’s beloved Leroy Brown. When Brown’s father, Pop Brown, dies and leaves Brown his old house, Brown discovers a letter asking him to “Take care of the old--” Brown later discovers that there was a second page that finished that sentence: “--Thunderbird in the garage”. By then it’s too late, he’s already opened “Brown Meadows”, a home for seniors.

Thinking he’s carrying out his daddy’s wishes, Brown enlists the help of Cora (his daughter), Will (his nephew), and Will’s wife, Sasha, a nurse. Soon, because of a fire at a nearby seniors home, Brown Meadows is filled and Brown is overwhelmed.

His new residents include Miss Daisy (an aging B-movie actress who lives in the past, and the many different characters she played in her career), Colonel Cleophus Jackson (an ex-Marine who won’t give Brown an inch), and Ms. Edna (who’s still very in touch with her sexuality, like “Blanche” in Golden Girls).

Soon, they are joined by the handyman, Jesús, who's studying to be a lawyer and two foster children, Brianna and Joaquin, who have been tossed around from home to home. Brianna and Joaquin finally find refuge in Brown’s house even though it seems to be an odd match. Finally, the gorgeous and not-too-smart London Sheraton (a very spoiled celebrity/heiress) is brought to Brown Meadows to serve her community service for a DUI conviction.

With a lot of laughter and some lessons about life, Brown and the residents of Brown Meadows learn to live with and love each other.

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  • unknown mvjgjgn

    Please bring back meet the browns I miss it so much

  • corrine arlington tx

    your awesome


    ...Still waiting

  • Natalie


  • Don Jackson Colorado Springs, CO

    Meet the Browns was so much funnier than any show that Tyler Perry has produced. I was shock that it was canceled. Please bring it back.

  • J** milwaukee wi

    my name is j** i am 14 i always wanted to meet an actor or some one kind of famous and i want to meet you and i watched all of your movies and plays and i am bieng like you and i told a bunch of my firnd about madea and now one out of 9 likes madea goes to jail so ya just please email me

    • timyah zebulon #1965116

      i love him and his shows


    Im a little white girl who misses my favorite T.V show. Really. Please Please bring it back or sell it to Netflix so I can see it again. Thank you :)

  • Joshua california LA

    Mr.Perry please bring back meet the browns it was my favourite show i miss it please i beg u bring it back on

  • Kim New Orleans

    Mr.Perry I know you are very busy, so if you happen to read this, their is this guy in Baton Rouge, LA., that is a splitting image of Mr.Brown. I went to my fiance sisters party and this guy look like, talk like, dance like, and walk like Mr.Brown. If you haven't seen this guy please look him up, me an my friends all said that Tyler could make a movie with those two. Sorry I didn't get his name. But every one told me he's always at the schools in Baton Rouge. lol

  • Gerald Georgia

    Tyler Perry what was you thinking please bring back meet the brown that was a very very good and funny show I enjoyed watching it please bring it back

  • Donna Ford Tyler, Tx

    Hello Tyler Perry, I'm a big fan of yours. I was very upset about you canceling Meet the Browns and The House of Payne. Those two shows was educational and very funny. Please try and bring them back on the air. My grandmother is 91 and look at the reruns every morning and she ask me, do I think you would be making some new shows again. I really hope so cause we all miss house of Payne and Mr. Brown. My granny love to watch Love thy Neighbor with Hattie. Keep up the good work in all that you do!!! We all are waiting on Aunt Bam, Hattie, Mr. Brown and Madea to be all in a stage play or a serious educational movie!!

  • Christopher Prosser United States

    Hey Perry I'm a Big Fan I very love this show soo m**** and so very lot of stuff of lol and so talk about Madea to in the show. I Wish Madea go this show on Meet The Brown for visit. and Happy Holiday Tyler Perry ^___^

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